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Critically Analyse And Reflect Upon Own Interpersonal Skills

Critically Analyse And Reflect Upon Own Interpersonal Skills




Interpersonal skill is the most significant aspect in case of health care services, as it enhances the assertiveness in the healthcare process. I have found that in the social care service for specially challenged people, the ability of interpersonal skills such as decision-making, problem solving, negotiations and other skills are important in order to deal with patients. Thus, in the current study I will critically evaluate my role in case of Maria’s incident.


In the situation of Maria, while my manager was yelling at her for snatching the paper, my role was to stop manager and to convince Maria politely to back the paper to another girl. According to Agur et al. (2018), in case of autistic children, they need to be calm as hypertension does not work on them and their mental progress can be degraded. However, I was trying to normalise the situation, as what was happening, it was not correct. Thus, in this situation, my action was inappropriate and for this reason, entire situation has become messy. Along with this, it was not good for the other children, as Maria has become violent and she could harm others or herself. On the other hand, while noticing my manager's attitude I could stop him or could take away Maria by diverting her mind.

Critically, I can state that, Maria has become anxious which was not good for her health and rest of the children have been panicked by noticing the aggressive behaviour of Maria. On the contrary, Byford et al. (2015) argued that, in case of autistic patient, interpersonal skills are necessary which affects in the development of understanding of an autistic patient. However, it invoked me as well as the reputation of the manager or the entire nursery as Maria’s mother get offended on the management of the nursery. Along with this other parents and children might scared of Maria’s behaviour, which was the responsibility of my manager and me. Critically, I have observed that this situation has an adverse effect on the reputation of manager, the nursery and me. On the other hand, it is good for me to experience of an unfavourable case, which helps me to enhance my critical analytical skills and act according to the demand of situation. .

So What

In spite of experiencing an adverse situation, I have gathered my knowledge for my present academic and for future professional field. With the experience of this situation, I can understand the feelings of people like Maria and can decision according to the situation. Critically, Lajonchere et al. (2016) stated that, in case of any specially challenged child, the convincing method is the basis of any patient-care centre model. In the patient centred care model, the verbal and nonverbal communication is necessary in a calm vocal tone, which stimulates the attention of the concerned person. However, I have noticed that, at the time when the child was complaining against Maria, I wanted to convince her, although I was unable, as my manager has started yelling. On the contrary, Schreibman et al. (2015) argued that, not only the interpersonal skills, diverting the mind of the Autistic patient could be also controlled. Thus, I would attract Maria by some attractive paper or I could offer other children with another piece of paper.

This can help both Maria and the other child for getting of this situation. On the other hand, from this situation I have understood that, interpersonal skill development is the most essential task in case of differently able people which impacts on the enhancement of their understanding building up and my efficiency in enhancing my sense of negotiation. Critically, I have found that a comparatively greater issue can be raised from this situation (Autismspeaks.org, 2018). Such as Maria can harm herself or she can attack the manager or other children. A serious injury can occur. Along with this, Maria’s mother can file a case against the management of nursery, which could degrade the reputation of the nursery. Along with this, other parents can complain against the nursery for the same reason of mismanagement.

Now What

Thus, in this situation, I can conduct a discussion session with my colleagues and the manager in order to develop interpersonal skills of every employee to make things better. Strategically, I can offer my manager for introducing some training workshops, which is going to be effective for self-development. However, it is not possible to handle the anger in such situation, so the care-giving person can ask other co-workers to handle such situation with strategic management skills. On the contrary, Touzet et al. (2017) argued that in such situation, especially in case of autistic children, a continuous surveillance in necessary. Critically, I can state that, as per my understanding of the situation, this issue is to eradicate with a broad strategic management.

In my teaching and learning experience of achieving interpersonal skills, I have found that convincing and negotiation ability is the key role of a caregiver, which can enhance the overall recovery of specially challenged children. In case of Maria, being an autistic child, she needs special attention and care than the other children. Thus, it is important to look after her with more attention and assertiveness. Along with this, it was not good for the other children, as Maria has become violent and she could harm others or herself. On the other hand, while noticing my manager's attitude I could stop him or could take away Maria by diverting her mind. Agur et al. (2018) argued that commented that, in case of a people Autism, the problem solving and decision making skills are necessary which negotiate them to do any constructive work.


Henceforth, I can conclude that, with the help of effective interpersonal skill development I can provide effective care and treatment to specially challenged children. With the experience of this situation, I can understand the feelings of people like Maria and can decision according to the situation. Thus, I have to control also the inappropriate behaviour of my manager in order to prevent further complications at the nursery.




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