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Critical Appraisal

Critical Appraisal


 Critical Appraisal


The report is about to describe the human factors which affect the work performed in the organization. It also gives the study of the criticalanalysis of the relationship between human efforts and healthcare organization. Human factors that give positive and negative impact on the work performance of the organization whichgives affects to the objective of the organization.The report will introduce with theAustralian Healthcare and Hospitals Association which is situated in the Deakin, Australia. Thisorganizationis a national peak body for the public and it is based on the healthcare provider but not the profit gaining institution. On the other hand, there are various authors who give their point of views on individual job performance and its effects on the workplace.The report provides the study that human factors involved in the various characteristics such as job factor, individual factor, and environmental factor. These characteristics affect the individual’s effort and then individual affects the work performance of the organization.On the other hand, the report provides the recommendation to improve the learning of the human factors to grow the healthcareorganization.


Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Associationis a vastorganization in Australia which provides a satisfactory service to the patients. There are lots of employees which give help to provide a good service to the public. The report is about to provide a study of individual efforts in the organization. The human being is a one who is an inventor of any activity in the organization (Palazzolo & Spingardi, 2018).Thereis lots of influence which affects the working performance of the individual.Work performance of the individual also affected by the qualitative and quantitative elements.The relation between work performances, quality in healthcare, patient safety and satisfaction of the service should be available in the workplace(Salin, 2015). It is essential because most of the time these elements affect the individual and their working criteria.Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Associationis a vast place where lots of employees working in an appropriate way. But some negative elements which affect the objectives of the organization.

According to theGrudin, 2015changing the work environment and standard of livingis an essentialelement to improve the job satisfaction in the employees. If the employees get satisfied then they will provide the best and efficient performance to the organization which is better to attain the objectives of the organization.It is concluded that the factor which affects the performance of the employees should be the focusof the organization and the individual (Grudin, 2015).

In the words ofJeanguenat & Dror, 2018healthcare industry is a very sensitive sector because each person comes to the hospital to take a proper care for their critical disease and if the medical staff is not satisfied with their job then it reflects in their performance to treat the patients.There are five factors which make influence the job performance of the employees such as salary, work environment, reward & incentives, personality,and familiar workplace. On the other hand,the relationship betweentwo factors such as familiar workplace and personality affects the individual job performance the most (Jeanguenat & Dror, 2018).

As per the view ofGrosse, et. al., 2015the better workplace depends on the various characteristics such ascommunication, coordination, the relationship between employees and much. Ifthese features are not in favour of theemployees, then it affects both individual and workplace. The external factors such as competitors and other sources which ready to harm the organization alsoaffect the employees (Grosse, et. al., 2015).

On the other hand, there are some external factors which affectindividualperformancesuch as politics, favouritism,andincrements in salary. These types of factors affect the workplace of the employees which give aa negative impact on the organization (Seva, 2018).It is essential to provide the basic requirement of the employees such as reward, incentives, appraisal,and other financial benefits. The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association(AHHA)should provide the reward facility to make the satisfaction in the individul employees which give good results on the basis of organization.

Alternatively, the best way to make the employees satisfy is to provide them with a good environment and the satisfactory facility which is a right of the employees. The employees should get the better salary according to their work performance. It is also essential for the health organization to provide their employees with an incentive facility for their overtimes and night shifts so that employees take initiative toparticipate in the other activities which give help to achievethe objective of the organization (Hou, et. al., 2017).On the other hand, it is also necessary to provide the good environment to the employees to make more productive results so that AHHA grow in their field.The goodorganization depends on the efficient employeesand if the employees are not satisfied with the organization then it reflects on their work performance. The AHHA should improve the learning of the human factors to grow the healthcare organization. In the end, it alsogives the study that employees get inspired by the time so that productivity should be good in the organization.

In accordance toKarakolis & Callaghan (2014), the human factors are very important aspects which are having a great impact on the performance level of every individual. It is necessary for one to take in consideration about all the factors which are hindering the effectiveness in the performance of workers in an organisation. The human factors are essential and are been used for certain activities and actions in different government agencies and industries. The right use of the factors will be helping in an effective and appropriate outcome and at the same time, the human factors are if not used in the appropriate and required manner in an organisation then there are chances where negative results can be obtained.

The human factors like, stress, distraction, overload all these are the elements which are having a negative impact on the person and this will directly result in poor performance of the person. In a healthcare organisation is highly in need of factors which has to be resulting in a positive manner. It is necessary for the organisation to understand about the human factors and the working culture has to be formed as suitable as possible for the worker so that they can be able to perform their level best in the most desired and required manner. The human factors are having both positive and negative outcomes it highly depends on the way the factors are considered and used in health care homes (Karakolis & Callaghan, 2014).

The cultural safety is also able to get obtained and attained in the appropriate and required manner with the help of human factors. This is also very useful and beneficial for promoting a learning working environment, this is also essential in accepting the changes. As the human factor not always be the treat or taken in a negative way, there are many positive and favourable outcomes that can be able to get obtained by the company (Purce, 2014). The human factors are having a direct impact on the performance of an individual. Basically, human factors are consisting of majorly three main aspects that are individual elements, group elements, and organisational elements. All these are having a great impact on the performance level of the employees in the healthcare organisation.

As opined by Grosse, et. al. (2015), the productivity and performance of every individual are highly getting highly influenced by human factors. The quality improvement practices are also able to get obtained in the health care organisation with the human factors of the individual. The human factor is significantly having a great contribution in influencing the quality, productivity, and performances. Using these factors in the appropriate manner is having a positive impact as the improvement in the working quality in the health care centres in Australia is able to get obtained in the appropriate way (Grosse, et. al., 2015)

The quality and safety in the health care homes in Australia are able to get attain the attain in the appropriate and desired manner as with the help of the implications of human factors the performance can be improved. There is a direct relationship between the human factors and health and safety aspect in the health care homes. The work performance becomes poor when the needs and requirements of the employees are not able to get attained or satisfaction in the required way and on time. These are also the human factor which is very important and essential to be managed and understood by the organisation (Boyce, 2014).

In the healthcarehome, the quality and safety are the most essential factors which are needed to be focused and attained in the appropriate desired way. With the help of human factors and its appropriate execution, the quality in the working of the health care home can be obtained in the appropriate manner. There is a situation where the workload at the workplace is very high which is having a negative impact on the individual (Carayon, et. al., 2014). Working under pressure will make the employee get frustrated and irritated, this will directly be impacting the performance of the person. This is highly needed to be managed as the poor performance of the company will influence the outcome and worth of the health care home. The health services always needed to be delivered and offered in the most required and demanded manner to the service users.

As asserted by García, et. al. (2014), the various factors which are included in the human factor aspect which is very effectively aiding in attaining the job satisfaction at a workplace. In a health care home, it is understood that the factors are playing an essential role in an individual's life especially at workplace. The positive factors will be assisting in attaining the high level of satisfaction with the job and at the same time, there is the situation where the negative factors are leading to a state where the morale of people will get down. This is having a direct influence on performance and productivity. As the input, if is positive and favourable, the level of satisfaction will be as per desired and required this will help in attaining improved work, quality and safety in the workplace. At the same time the input if is not favourable then the output will also be against the set policies and plans (García, et. al., 2014).

Source: (Author, 2018)

According to Dunnette & Fleishman (2014), the individual factors of human being are very effectively considered as this is the major aspect which has high influence in the performance of the person both in positive and negative manner.  The quality and safety are to be attained and maintained by the management of healthcare organisation in the nation, therefore for that, it is highly required by the company to make the workers get highly satisfied with their assigned work and job. This will be helping the worker to contribute to the task and work willingly rather by force or pressure. The act done by an individual with his own wish will always result positively as with the help of this the set plans will able to get attained in the appropriate and required manner (Dunnette & Fleishman, 2014).



The above essay provides the conclusion about the individual performance and its effectiveness in the workplace.Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association needs to spread their organizationwith the help of efficient workers who satisfied with the organization. On the other hand, there are various authorswho give their point of views on individual job performance and its effects on the workplace. The report also provides the study that critical analysis on the effective factors which give negative and positive impact on the organization and the individual performances. It also gives the learningregarding the critical analysis of the relationship between human efforts and healthcare organization.On the other hand,the information provides the details that human factors engage in the variety of characteristics such as workplace factor, job factors, individual factor, and environmental factor.The report gives the details about the advice which give help to improve the learning of the human factors to grow the .healthcareorganizationIn the end, the essay also givessuggestions to enhance the workplace of employees so that the healthcareorganization grows in the worldwide.



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