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Critical Analysis Paper

Critical Analysis Paper

 Critical Analysis Paper



Thisessay provides explanation on the influence of belongingness, emotional intelligence, resilience and the communication in the nursing practices of new registered nurses on their practices (Fedoruk and Hofmeyer, 2014). The essay will primarily focus on the effects of these concepts on the patient outcome and care services. The relationship of the mentioned factors and the nursing informatics and improvement of patient care quality will also be assessed in this essay. The nursing knowledge, skills, attitudes and perceptions come into play in the practices which is linked with the sense of belonging, emotional intelligence, resilience and communication practices (Norouziniaet al., 2016). Theessay will also be supported with literature evidence with respect to the situational analysis and patient outcome.

An explanation of the concepts with examples


Research evidence have showed that the Maslow’s Hierarchy needs have helped the healthcare industry develop healthcare policies and practice protocols to achieve patient centred care and elevated health outcome. An article published by Jackson et al. (2014), in the Journal of Critical Care, showed that the concept ofbelongingness addressed by Maslow is useful to treat intensive care unit patients for provided an all rounded approach to restore the mental, physical and emotional state of health. The engagement of the patient’s sense of attachment to the members of the family, friends are important for gaining the will to recover. Mostly in the case of geriatric patients the nurses can help the patients to restore the self-actualization sense which would in turn help the patient achieve improved motivation to recover (DragesetHaugan&Tranvåg,2017).


Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a form of behavioural competency which exists inside a person apart from intellectual competency that provides the person with the ability to identify the emotional state through non-verbal communication (Norouziniaet al., 2016). It is very important for nursing professionals to possess the ability to recognise the patient’s physical as well emotional discomfort (Snowden et al., 2015). This ability enhances the clinical practice provided by the nurses influences the performances in provided individual care (Fosteret al., 2015). There is an ongoing research about developing care protocols, training, treatment and diagnostic approaches based on the emotional intelligence. The positive outcomes of the emotional intelligence is the improved patient and nurse relationship, increased team work, improved care based on empathy, improved stress management techniques and patient satisfaction. For example when a nurse encounters a patient who is unable to explain when they are undergoing stress then their facial expression can be assessed top understand the discomfort.


It is essential that the new nursing workforce and the whole healthcare servers in generals need to be resilient in their profession (Laschinger et al., 2016). They need to possess the ability to overcome difficulties without going through emotional and physical burnout (Rushton et al., 2015). The profession of care providing is a difficult task where the nursing staffs have to attend multiple patients in one day and attend to the care needs which is a stressful occupational hazard.  It is beneficial for the nursing staffs that are new to display resilience when dealing with difficult situations (Mathesonet al., 2016). Additionally the appropriate patient centric care and minimum clinical mistakes can be achieved if the resilience training programs are included in the healthcare workforce.

Effective communication

Effective communication is also another important aspect of nursing to achieve high levels of patient centred care (Norouziniaet al., 2016). The nurses must be able to convey the patients the care plan and engage the family to obtain the maximum positive patient outcome. According to King  &Hoppe (2013), the importance of patient communication is being researched for support. TheNursing and Midwifery Board of Australia has a set of guideline and practice principle which state that nurses should practice effective co mmunication as reflected in the Standard 7 (Nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au, 2018).

An explanation of person centred care and its principles

There have been many researches to support the philosophical idea that person centred care is the best approach of nursing. The development of care and the delivery of the care plan make sure that the approach respectful to the patient and their families, responsive, need based and preferred by the patient. Consideration of the patient consent as well as their families is very important for obtaining the best possible health outcome. The government of Australia has tried to implement various models and clinical practice guidelines whichare developed specifically for providing the need based care in different health care settings (Newell & Jordan,2015).  

The basic principles that provide the patient centred care in the healthcare systems are valuing the patients with respect and dignity (Epstein et al., 2017). This is achieved by creating awareness about the patient perceptions, values, preferences and personal beliefs that need to be considered before providing the care to the people. The people value is established only when mutual consent of the care plan is provided between the nurse and the patient. Autonomy is also another principle that provides the choice of the care plan is important to be respected by the care givers. The nurses also implement the promotion of self-understanding and consideration of the patient’spast experienceand encourages liveliness(Snowden et al., 2015). It is also important that the nurses develop appropriate relationships with the patients, the families of the patients and their peers. The collaborative efforts in these relationships provide a positive health outcome (Ulrich et al., 2015). The patient care is enhanced if the nurses are able to associate with the patient at a socio-cultural level and engage in meaningful activities. Health care environment plays an important role in the patient outcome when nurses implement the patient centred care. The healthcare organization needs to have a responsive workforce to provide individual care needs. Another important principle that the nurses need to keep in mind is that patient education and information is important to establish trust (Dunn &Milheim, 2016). This principle also includes the engagement of the families of the patient in the care plan. Lastly the evaluation of the mental and emotional stress of the patient is important for the achieving the best possible patient centred outcome along with the physical diagnosis and treatment.




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