Critical Analysis Assignment Help

Critical Analysis Assignment Help

Critical Analysis Assignment Help

Critical Analysis Assignment Help

Critical Analysis Assignment Help

Assessment Task 2A Details:-

Assessment Task 2A:Critical Analysis (Part A):-

Due date: 11:55pm on Monday 28th August 23:55 (Week 5):-

Word limit: 500 words:-

Value: 15%

Assessment Task 2 will comprise two short essays requiring you to identify and critically analyse ideologies in selected texts. For Assessment Task 2A, you will be required to select a source from a selection made available on Moodle and identify the ideologies expressed within it, explaining the reasoning behind your analysis.

Assessment Task 2 is designed to allow you the opportunity to demonstrate your attainment of the following course learning outcomes in particular:

• K2 - Identify the operation of different ideologies in contemporary political debates;

• S2 - Locate and appraise primary and/or secondary sources from an ideologically-aware perspective; and

• A1 - Analyse the operation of different ideologies in contemporary social and political debates.

Presentation requirements:-

Cover page including name, student number, course code and assessment title; formatted using any standard 12-point font, with double line-spacing, margins of at least 2.5cm left and right and page numbers included; all assignments must be fully referenced following one of the recommended citation styles.


Assessment Task 2A will be submitted online via Moodle.

Estimated return date:-

In accordance with school assessment policy, you should assignments essays to be returned within two weeks from the due date for timely submissions, or within two weeks from the date of submission for assignments submitted after the due date.

Assessment Task 2A Sources & Instructions:-

Please follow the instructions below for Assessment Task 2A.

• Read your textbook chapters on 'Liberalism' (pp. 24-61) and 'Conservatism' (pp. 62-94)

o Do this first!

• Select a source from the following:

o Knott, M 2016, 'Tony Abbott Defends 'Common Sense' in Attack on Gay Marriage During Speech to US Alliance Defending Freedom, The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 January

o Wilson, T 2011, 'Equality for All Couples Won’t Destroy Society, Tim Wilson, 25 July

o Grattan, M 2017, 'Free Speech? It Depends Who You Are, in Peter Dutton’s View, The Conversation, 19 March

• Drawing on your textbook, analyse your selected source for expressions of ideologies (e.g. core themes, principles, values, etc).

o These may be the author's own ideological perspective/s, or they may be the views of political and other figures quoted in the text.

• Write 500 words identifying the ideologies expressed within your selected source, explaining the reasoning behind your analysis.

o You should be as specific as possible (by distinguishing between classical and social liberalism, for example)

o You should cite your textbook to substantiate your analysis where appropriate

 You are under no obligation to cite additional sources, but you are free to do so if you wish

o All points/ideas/arguments taken from your selected source and textbook (along with any other sources you draw on as appropriate) must be fully referenced, whether your are summarising, paraphrasing, or quoting directly.

Please click here for full details of this assessment task, including submission dates and presentation requirements, and here for a marking guide.

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