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Criminal Lawyer Assignment Help

Criminal Lawyer Assignment Help

Criminal Lawyer Assignment Help

We are a reputed law firm based in Mumbai having special interests in

Criminal Defence Practices. We represent both national as well as international

clients on all types of criminal cases across all courts and tribunals of India.

Some of the cases we help you in

 Quashing of FIR

 Bail

 Trial

 Criminal Writs

 Criminal Complaints

 Domestic Violence

 Bank or Financial Institutions Fraud and Forgery

 Embezzlement

 Violation of Intellectual Property Rights

 Violation of Cyber Laws

 Piracy

 Dishonour of Cheque

 Narcotics and Drugs violations

 Suspension of Sentence

 Corporate Frauds

 Insider Trading and Market Manipulation

 White Collar Crimes

 Economic Offences

 Misappropriation & Siphoning of Funds

 Revisions

 Appeals

 Defamation Case

 Prevention of Money Laundering Act

 Prevention of Corruption Act




Client-Centric Approach

We firmly believe in the phrase "Customer is King" & hence we give you the

most flexible and approachable service which keeps you away from the hassles

and complexities of legal matters.

We focus on building a healthy relationship with our clients to strengthen our

market repute.

We provide legal services to our client from start to finish right from

registration of case to the time the case is in your favour.

We always are very approachable and accessible from top to bottom of the

hierarchy to give every client a sense of relaxation in clearing his doubts and

boost confidence in us.

We follow strict policies to keep the information confidential in every case.

Thus be assured that whatever information you say to us will be used keeping

your privacy a topmost priority.

We provide remote online services to many Indian and International clients

who cannot personally meet us.

Why Choose Us

We have an excellent reputation & a substantial standing in the bar

committee which gives your case an additional boost.

We operate exclusively in criminal litigation at various stages from the

institution of the case, its pleadings, evidence, investigation, trial, revision,

appellate etc.

We give you the best advice on how to come out of a tricky situation either

through negotiation or through court proceedings, whichever is the best for


We work with a professional approach of top-notch standards and strive to

achieve the best results for our clients through our legal expertise.

In today's highly competitive market, we give you a team that is equipped with

the right tools and is dedicated to providing you with sound advice, practical

legal solutions, and best representation.

We serve clients from various sectors of commerce and industry, and include

multinational corporations, public sector bodies and entrepreneurs.

We have a practice to give every attention to detail, together with the correct

application of our legal expertise with a focus on giving the client the best and

efficient service which makes us a class apart.

We have a practice of continuously upgrading our skills and knowledge, so as

to develop a comprehensive understanding of our client's businesses and


In the present day world economic order, lawyers play a valuable and

constructive role than ever before. The changes in the economic climate in the

world has brought about a change in the traditional role of lawyers from

defending the rights of their clients to ensuring that the litigation is minimized

to favour the client.

In today's times, specialist services like ours are a must in addressing complex

issues of international trade and corporate matters because of the growth in


We would be greatly appreciated if you give us a chance to help you in your

legal matters and I promise you won't regret it.


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