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Question 1

Research has revealed the difficulties of the task which might be a critical factor for any academic writing, so generalization of the results should be limited for the beginners level for tertiary writing instead of general academic writing. A tertiary learner whose source is online and university student, it is crucial to utilize credible sources for academic writing and research It is important for assembling professional, accurate for the studies. This will make the research of a tertiary learner backed up by proper evidence, reliable facts, and believable sources. It will enlarge the approval for ethical and credible knowledge (Strijbos, Narciss and Dünnebier, 2010). The high-quality source will leave positive and major impact over the ideas and work and should be backed by evidence which is relevant to the topic. It will be then trusted as a marker or reader who made the work will surely recognize the efforts which the learner pressed into their work. Readers can then test the sources. They can trust their work as authentic, accurate and ethical which in turn will support the idea and also make the entire unit to be understandable. An individual experience which he gains from writing and even if he gives the evidence to prove that is not valued in the academic writing because using the sources which are credible in the writing and research never relies on the personal opinion only in case of that writing is linked and cited from credible sources. Writers must have the ability to retrieve their knowledge from credible sources before presenting. It has proven that they are ethically correct and credible. In conclusion, an academic university student must be able to understand the tasks he is assigned and covert the understanding and what is being delivered in a relevant and ethical matter for avoiding any plagiarism to earn the trust of their readers through providing quality sources and academic researches.

Question 2

The negative and positive behaviours shown by a teacher determines to some great extent of their effectiveness inside their classroom and finally the impact which they have on their student achievement. It is essential for the future lecturer career of a tertiary learner to learn and use credible sources for writing and referencing, as he or she will be making the trusted bond with their students, and transfer the knowledge they learnt to them. They must make sure that their students will be taught utilizing best practices and ethical methods (Stronge, 2018). Unable to utilize the credible sources can make their method of teaching weaker and that will be disappointing to the student for picking errors. Also, it can put the reputation of the teacher at risk. These factors can affect the colleagues and create difficulties for the further professional career of the students. Their job is about convincing and educating their audiences. So they should present their assistance through believable structure and methods. It is a part of the teacher's duty as a lecturer for paying attention to details and the facts. Spending time over reading books, searching in the Google scholar, researching articles and browsing websites are trusted and have the required credibility. It will come back with a strong prepared program and also with believable outcomes. It is also going to help their other lecturers for sharing and analyzing their knowledge with them. They will also trust that specific teachers work ethics.  They will build a program which will boost their career. Also, they can receive positive feedback from their students and management (Strong., 2018). That will also be shown on that achievement is to be inspired by the side of the duty. Their learning process will be affected by this. The respected teachers are being followed by the students. Confident and thoughtful teachers always attract students by charismatic nature.  A number of students today challenges their respective teachers. Teachers who provide credible sources are acknowledged as effective confident, educated, honest and reliable ones who will make a difference in the mind of their student.

Question 3

The two articles here chosen for the comparing are based on the studies on criminology and are linked to the teacher’s future lecturer on criminology.   “Theoretical & Philosophical Criminology” is the first article which will be used for this understanding.

The first article represents is presented at Swinburne University. It is counted as a trusted and credible source focuses on high-level educational studies. This type of writing is well researched and investigated. Therefore it can be set that it is counted as one of the valid, authentic credible sources. The resource of Wikipedia does not really counted as an academic credible source because of its weak nature (Pishghadam, Seyednozadi and Zabetipour, 2017). This type of document can easily edited by anyone from any part of the world and therefore they are not authentic.  This resource can also be identified as a personal opinion of an individual, which does not have proper investigation source or evidence to maintain the information credibility. For the references, we may find large numbers of references which are acceptable although the ingredients might be edited and the main text might not refer to those references. The first article can assist the teachers or the lecturers for showing their students about the care and efforts are put into their work to assist them in to achieve the goal in their studies. They will gain their students or audiences trust as they present credible and accurate sources in front of them (Pishghadam, Seyednozadi and Zabetipour, 2017). They can successfully deliver their lectures confidently. They know that they have a well-structured source for backing up their beliefs which will boost their reputation in the mind of their colleagues and students.  They can't achieve and establish success with article two as that article is not credible, reliable, and considerably weak and not academically accepted to be relied upon.

The significance of a teacher’s credibility of the source from where they are learning to teach their students and its impacts over the teaching and learning processes the present above comparison is aiming to investigate if there are any significant relationships within the teacher’s credibility. 


Pishghadam, R., Seyednozadi, Z. and Zabetipour, M., 2017. EXAMINING TEACHER CREDIBILITY AND LANGUAGE ACHIEVEMENT IN LIGHT OF EMOTIONALIZATION AND LIFE SYLLABUS. International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning, 12.

Strijbos, J.W., Narcissa, S. and Dünnebier, K., 2010. Peer feedback content and sender's competence level in academic writing revision tasks: Are they critical for feedback perceptions and efficiency?. Learning and instruction, 20(4), pp.291-303.

Strong, J.H., 2018. Qualities of effective teachers. ASCD.



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