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CPCCBC5018A Structural Assessment

CPCCBC5018A Structural Assessment

CPCCBC5018A Structural Assessment

Design brief for use in Assessments 1, 2 & 3


This design forms the basis of the three (3) Competency assessments 9 - 12. The work you are required to achieve is shown later in each of the Competency assessments.

The office you work in has been commissioned to design, document and construct the project shown in Figure 1, Figure 2 and Figure 3 on pages 19, 21 and 23. These drawing are also reproduced on A3 drawings at the end of Resource book 2: Plans book.

The client is a property developer who intends to lease the building to various businesses. Although the developer has already leased floor space to some businesses the developer wants to have a building that can be leased to a broad range of businesses. Office fit-out will be done by the lessee.

Overall requirements

The three (3) drawings provided at the end of this design brief are of the building at a development stage mid-way between sketch and developed design.

 You are to assume that the overall parameters with regard to the Town Plan have been set and approved and that no further action is required to satisfy Town Planning requirements, except for compliance with on site traffic conditions.

All requirements for compliance with the Building Code of Australia must be checked and adjustments made as necessary. You are to ensure that the building does not exceed 25m in height as defined by the BCA.

Position on allotment

The building is located 6 m from both street frontages and tight against the east and south boundaries (zero boundary clearance on these sides).


The basement is to provide carparking for the tenants of the building. Direct access to all floors is to be provided by means of two (2) passenger lifts that will have the Lift Motor Room located on the top floor (Roof) of the building.

 You are to assume that the carparking bays shown on the plan are in accordance with the Brisbane City Plan 2000 requirements (refer to Resource book 3). You will however need to check that the turning circles, gradients and heights are adequate to meet requirements.

 The fire tunnels are to exit the building as shown. You will need to provide suitable egress from the fire tunnel up to ground level in accordance with Brisbane City Plan 2000 and the Building Code of Australia requirements.

 The loading dock is to be a raised platform capable of providing level access into the back of a Medium Rigid Vehicle (MRV as defined by the Brisbane City Plan 2000). The goods lift located on the loading platform is to be a hydraulically operated lift, operating between the basement and warehouse. You will have to adjust the levels in the basement to suit the site conditions. Remember that all gradients must be in accordance with traffic requirements set out in the Brisbane City Plan 2000.

No services are required in the basement other than the provision of adequate ventilation for the basement, with regard to exhaust fumes. You will also need to make provision for stormwater runoff for both moisture entering the basement due to precipitation ,and that carried in by the vehicles. It is expected that the basement will be cleaned regularly by hosing the floors.

The Storeroom will be used by the caretaker for storing cleaning equipment, for minor repairs to small equipment, as well as cleaning equipment. The storeroom will also be used to store small quantities of cleaning agents and other solvents.

The Electrical Switch Room will house the main distribution board. Power will enter the building in this area and be distributed from this area to secondary distribution boards on all the floors.

Ground floor


The Shop and Warehouse will be leased jointly and adequate connection must be provided between the two areas. The wall facing the Forecourt is to provide both access and window display area for the shop. Secondary access to the shop is via a door on the South wall next to the basement access ramp.

 The developer (client) has instructed that the shop only be painted, no carpets or other fittings are to be provided. The owner will do the internal partitioning and other internal planning of the shop.

 Suspended exposed grid ceilings are to be fitted which is to conceal the air-conditioning, and accommodate the recessed light fittings.

Although not shown on the sketch, a kitchen is required, which is to be equipped with hot water, a sink, benchtop refrigerator, microwave oven and a small cooktop.


The intention is to lease out the Warehouse as part of the shop lease. However it is expected that the shop leasee will sublet the Warehouse, or provide storage for other businesses.

It is also possible that the offices may sublease part of the warehouse as the need arises. Access to the warehouse has therefore been provided from both the shop and the office on the ground floor.

The air conditioning (A/C) plant area in the warehouse is to service the shops; no air conditioning is required in the warehouse.

The exact nature of the material to be stored is therefore not known, however no toxic or hazardous material will be permitted. The engineer has provided a flooring system in the warehouse to cater for substantial loads, as a result the concrete floor to the warehouse is 200mm thick with additional reinforcement.

Ground floor office and entry

No internal partitions are to be fitted, the tenants will do this. At this stage it is not known if the building will be leased to one tenant or several tenants occupying part of, or an entire floor. Therefore no internal partitions are to be shown, as this will be done at a later stage to suit tenant requirements.

The toilets however, are to be accessible to staff and visitors to the office, warehouse and shop with a communal entry area around the lift core and toilets.

You are to provide access to the courtyard on the North elevation from the office area.

The kitchen is to be equipped with hot water, a sink, benchtop refrigerator, microwave oven and a small cooktop.

 The ducting on either side of the lift core will be used for electrical, telecommunication and fire fighting services. Distribution boards for each floor will be provided in these areas.

The main air-conditioning plant room is to serve the ground floor with the chillers and exhaust plant located on the service area on the roof.

1st floor

The layout for the 1st floor is to be an exact duplicate of the ground floor office. Again no partitions are to be shown, as the tenants will do these at a later stage.

Roof (service area)

The roof area is to accommodate all the services such as an air-conditioning plant room and an emergency power generator as well as the lift motor room. You will need to research the requirements for the plant and equipment needed to provide the various services for the building.

The positioning of this plant and equipment should be arranged on the roof area according to requirements, and in keeping with the design intent.

A clear unobstructed walkway of a minimum of 1500mm is to be provided on the North, East and South elevations. The area containing the plant and equipment is to be roofed with suitable openings provided to cater for air intake and exhausts for air-conditioning units.















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