CPCCBC4013A Subcontractor quotations

CPCCBC4013A Subcontractor quotations

CPCCBC4013A Subcontractor quotations

CPCCBC4013A Subcontractor quotations

 What you have to do

Refer to the following to help you complete the questions below:
o Project 1 on the OLS
o Subcontractor/supplier spreadsheet attached – One (1)
o Subcontractor quotations attached– Two (2)
You are a small builder and you have decided to tender for the construction of a residential dwelling (referred to as Project 1). The documentation you have received includes a specification, architectural drawings and a site plan.
You have perused the documents and have decided to produce your own cost estimates for some trades and to request quotes for others, as noted below. Some of the trades have been assigned a provisional sum.
Request quotations
Provisional sum
Request quotations
Task 1 (40 marks)
From the tender documents and other information provided:
(a) Complete the Subcontractor/supplier spreadsheet for the trades for which you are requesting quotes, and for the supply of bricks, and aluminium windows and doors. You may use fictitious names and contact numbers for subcontractors and suppliers.

Note that you must complete the columns ‘Trade’, ‘Subcontractor’ (or Supplier), ‘Contact’, ‘Relevant Drawing Numbers’, ‘Relevant Specification Pages’ and ‘Date Sent’, for each of these. Ensure that you include all relevant documentation for each of the trades/suppliers to enable them to give you an accurate and complete quotation.

(b) You would include a covering letter to accompany the documentation that you send; a separate letter format for each trade and supply product.
Prepare a sample covering letter to accompany the documentation that you are sending: prepare a letter for one of the trades and another for one of the supply products.
Task 2 (30 marks)
Included in this assignment are two (2) sample quotations from wallboard fixers to complete the lining of the dwelling detailed on the plans. The quotations are for the same project and the parties have done their own measure during a site inspection. The extent of the works was verbally communicated to both potential sub-contractors by you, the builder, so no variation to the work is anticipated.
The quotations are ‘lump sum’ and contain a number of conditions which will need to be assessed before you make your decision on which quotation to accept.
West Coast Plasterboard is not known to you but Sound Interiors P/L has come highly recommended.
You are to analyse these quotations and choose your preferred subcontractor for this trade. Provide a justification for your decision detailing your concerns by comparing these quotations.
Task 3 (40 marks)
There are many risks involved in preparing a tender.
(a) Identify the main risks that should be considered prior to tendering for a construction project. The risks can be those applicable to all building projects and some will be specific to the nature of this job and the contract documents.

(b) Identify the main risks involved with engaging sub-contractors and suppliers who are not known to you.
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