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The following guidelines detail the University of London International Programmes rules on the presentation and submission of coursework that you complete for the Global MBA modules. These rules may be supplemented by additional guidelines provided by your Coursework brief. It also includes guidance to ensure you provide appropriate references and do not commit an act of academic dishonesty, especially plagiarism.

If you need clarification on any of the rules relating to a particular module, you should refer to the module specific Coursework brief in the first instance. If you still cannot find the information you require, please consult your Online Tutor or the Student Relationship Managers.


Coursework Guidelines

This coursework should be word-processed:

-          in a clear font (Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman)

-          using double spacing

-          using 2.54cm (1 inch) margins.

Number the pages of your text in the bottom right hand corner of each page.

Pay careful attention to the requirements with regard to references and bibliography. Do not use endnotes or footnotes.

Do not exceed the word count, as there are penalties for doing so (please refer to the

Coursework brief for details). The title page does not count towards the final word


Create a title page (not included in final word count), giving the following information:

-          Full name of the module.

-          Your Student Reference Number (SRN). Do not write your name on your text.

-          The title of the specific assignment: Coursework Assignment (1 or 2).

-          The actual number of words used: this includes all quotations and references made in the text but excludes the bibliography/references list.

You may add a contents page if you wish (will not be used towards the final word count). Subheadings are allowed if necessary (they will be included within the word count)

All wording should be in black.

The main body of your text should be followed in all cases by a bibliography/list of references, giving precise details of all the sources (printed, electronic, and other) that you have consulted

We would recommend you submit your work in Word.doc format – do not insert any paragraphs or sentences in jpeg format.

Graphs may be used. The graph image (jpeg) is excluded from the word count. However, any description or analysis will be included in the word count and should not be in jpeg format. Below is an example of a graph where words used will not go towards the final word count:


 Important Information

If you know of something in advance of the deadline that will prevent you from submitting your coursework, you should contact your SRM through the

Student Portal. You must tell the SRM why you expect to miss the deadline. This reason or event is referred to as mitigating circumstances. You must also provide suitable evidence which supports your request for an extension. Extensions can be a maximum of one week.

You cannot defer coursework. Failure to submit coursework will still count as an attempt and you will receive a mark of zero.

If you have difficulty uploading your coursework, please go to your Student Portal and use the ‘Ask a question’ link to contact your SRM through there. In these circumstances, you should make every effort to contact us before the deadline has passed.

Always refer to a Time Zone Converter to ensure you meet the deadline, such as http://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_UTC.aspx

 This is an independent piece of work. You cannot have your work checked by a tutor or any other person in advance of the submission deadline.

 Reference citations made in text do count as part of the word count, but bibliography/references at the end do not count as part of the word count.

 You may also wish to look at the Study Skills module on your VLE homepage for advice on writing coursework. If you cannot access this please let us know.

Referencing and Plagiarism

Information on citing references and sources in your work and preparing a list of references is provided in the VLE, Study Skills section https://mba.elearning.london.ac.uk/

Failure to properly cite and reference material may raise questions about plagiarism, which the University takes very seriously. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the

“Plagiarism” section before you submit your coursework. We are using a number of ways to check for plagiarism, including manual checks from the staff marking your work and electronic tools.

The University of London checks all assessed coursework for plagiarism using the Turnitin software for guidance.

Where this process identifies sufficient concerns about the originality of content within a piece of work, an investigation will be initiated to explore the academic integrity of the work. The mark and feedback will be withheld until the investigation is complete.

The originality report will be used to inform the consideration of whether or not plagiarism has taken place. It is the University of London, and not the software tool, that will make a decision about whether plagiarism has taken place; Turnitin is just one element of the evidence used to make this decision.

You can practice your Turnitin submission in the Getting startedmodule under the ‘Introduction to your VLE assessment’ section.


Am I able to practice uploading my coursework and check the similarity score before my final submission?

Yes, you are able make practice submissions in the

Getting Started module (within the Introduction to your VLE topic). Here the originality report will also be generated.

What if I cannot submit my work by the submission deadline? 

If you know of something in advance of the deadline that will prevent you from submitting your coursework you should contact your Student Relationship Managers through the Student Portal. You must tell the SRM why you expect to miss the deadline. This reason or event is referred to as mitigating circumstances. You must provide suitable evidence which supports your extension request. 

I have missed the submission deadline. What do I do 

Contact your Student Relationship Managers immediately. Please go to your

Student Portal and use the ‘Ask a question’ link to contact them. You should upload your coursework immediately and explain why you did not do so via Turnitin (i.e. access issue or missed the deadline due to unforeseen issue). All late submissions will require an explanation/evidence and this will then be considered. Late submission will, without an accepted reason, result in a mark of zero 

I have difficulty uploading my coursework. What do I do? If you are having problems with submission: 

-  Check the size of your file. The upload limit on Turnitin is 20MB.

-  Make sure you are submitting an acceptable file type (Microsoft Word) 

-  You are trying to upload more than one file. You can only submit one file per assignment so you need to make sure all your work is saved under one file before submission.

-   If you are still having problems contact your Student Relationship Managers (you should upload your coursework immediately and explain why you did not do so via Turnitin).

I have not received an email receipt what do I do 

First, check your spam account/junk mail folder. 

-          Check the information in VLE and ‘Submission Inbox’ to see if your piece of coursework has been recorded as submitted. 

-          If the submission is not showing, please contact your Student Relationship Managers. Please note that you will not be able to access your submission after the deadline has passed. 

I have made a mistake and uploaded the wrong file. What do I do? 

You should contact your Student Relationship Manager via the portal immediately and attach the correct document. You are permitted one upload only in the final submission area.

I have got an extension for my piece of work. What is the hand-in process?

The Turnitin submission area will be closed. Therefore you should submit your coursework via the Ask a question link in your Student Portal for the attention of your Student Relationship Managers.





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