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Cost Control Management Accounting Help

Cost Control Management Accounting Help

Answer to Question 1:

Part 1

 Cost accounting assignment help

Part 2

 Cost accounting assignment help

Cost accounting assignment help

Part 3:

As there huge difficulties in finding the full time Academic staffs for the teaching job the university must follow the stated options:

1. Appointing the Casual or temporary academic staffs with the permanent staffs .

2. Increasing the Number of students accommodation in single class or session.

3. Increasing the Number of shifts.

Part 4:

In the given case, the university had asked about to prepare the other coordinative budgets in relation to the other related cost of the Operations. The deputy vice Chancellor had asked to make the budgets on the basis of the Academic staffs indeed as there are the key driver without them the function could not be processed. In the given case the DVC has ignored the implication of the Student and the other staffs of the university. The academic staffs perform a key role but not the only factor that is to be considered. In addition to that in the given case scenario there is factors that are more relevant are presented to prepare the other budgets is that the students. The pupils of the university are accessing the greater accesses to these facilities.

Question 2

Part 1,2,3:

Cost accounting assignment help

Cost accounting assignment help

In the given case the for the preparation of the Flexible budgets the number of clerical hours are to be considered e respective of the application process as the number of clerical hour is fixed in nature on per hour application process therefore that is to be considered in the decision making process and attributing the overheads or fixed cost.

Part 4




The standard budgeting process enhances the different components of the manufacturing cost of a product. In the production of goods and services there are some cost that are directly attributable to the units and some that are being paid as an essential part of production but directly not forming related or attributed in the components. The standard costing Mechanism is the tool that will allocated the cost in the best possible manner hence the actual cost can be ascertained. The cost will help the company to make valuable decisions like sales price, volume and others.

Question 3

Accounting assignment solution

Part 1

College accounting homework help

College accounting homework help

Part 2

College accounting homework help

Part 3

College accounting homework help

Part 4

College accounting homework help

Part 5:

In the given case the absorption costing and the marginal costing are showing different valuation as in the absorption costing the fixed cost are regarded as the product cost and the cost is allocated in the cost of the product . Whereas the marginal costing does not hold the fixed cost as the product cost. This is the reason that the product cost of the said two is different.

The Marginal costing technic is advised to be used as even if the company is selling a single unit or a million unit the fixed cost will not be altered. In addition to that in the absorption costing even selling a single unit the company is able to earn profit but it not correct. therefore the marginal costing technic is used by the company to show and project the greater inherence decision to decision making process.

Part 6:

College accounting homework help

Question 4:

ToThe managing Director,

Coolpool Limited,


The letter is addressed to you to shelter the financial analysis of the project and to recommend thereon.

In the given case the process costing is applied to understand the costing and the decision making process. In the given case in the process costing shows that in the processing of the Xenite and the Banoliode from the GSX there is no loss in the productions. Further the sales value of the Banoliode in the split of time is considered to be more profitable as after the process it is incurring losses and the loss after further processing incurring more losses therefore it is recommended to sell them at split point.

The said recommendation is made with best of my knowledge and for further information I am at your service:

Thanking You,

Question 5

part 1:

Cost and management accounting assignment help

Cost and management accounting assignment help

Cost and management accounting assignment help

Part 2:

The absorption costing is projecting higher profit as the total fixed cost is allocated to all manufacturing units and the cost of production is showing the COGS for the sold units only.

Part 3:

 Cost and management accounting assignment help

Part 4:

The absorption costing method is advised to be followed as in the absorption costing method the cost related to a particular manufacturing period is considered and allocated to the manufactured units. In the current period the fixed cost of the company are higher than the variable cost therefore allocating them in the unit produce will lower the burden and this also will reflect the assumptions of the matching concepts.

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