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Contemporary Legacy of Pablo Picasso in regions where Spanish is spoken



Western art have great account of Spain artists, cultural influences and Spanish work pieces. Spanish language has been spoken in more than 21 countries and is in practice till yet; these countries share art, culture, values, versatility and language. Even Spanish is considered as an art language because of so many creative artists’ contributions towards it. History of Spanish speaking region has roots in art and history has mastered itself in connecting ancient and modern art in surprising manners. When we talk about Spanish artists and culture Pablo Picasso is the name that comes to our mind in just first flashback.

Historian says that “We view Picasso not as a curious historical figure but as a living force, accessible, universal. What makes him so contemporary?” To answer this question just one phrase is enough that is, legacy of Pablo Picasso, his tremendous creativity and art roots make him even live today through his art. Because whenever and wherever we quote Spanish art culture, Picasso is there because of his contemporary legacy in modern art and Spanish culture.

Contemporary Legacy - Picasso has his hands even on contemporary Spanish regions           

It's no wonder when you go back a hundred years to before Picasso developed his cubist painting, the most progressive and extreme of the chain of styles from which he lost to history fact and re-made it. Previous modern painting now appears irreversibly 19th century similar to abstract art: only Picasso's original blue-period drawings appear in an earlier generation. While we think about Spanish artists and history Pablo Picasso is the name of the first reference that immediately springs to mind. Art will never be the same again, following cubism. And therefore, no artist, not even Picasso, who enjoyed the majority of his career playing with the possibility of this different way of thinking that has ever made classical art more reasonable than cubism.

Most of the modern artists and buyers are exposed to Picasso through a number of art forms. At school, someone attends an art class here, a history class on the other side, and one’s explores art and life. His work is used as a medium for interaction through video, advertising and mass media. His artwork is elaborately merged our lifestyles in terms of many diverse networks, art forms those really know scarcely, and the impact he holds. Nevertheless, Pablo Picasso's impact is so evident in contemporary creative minds who aim and imitate Pablo’s artwork, explore his methods, and redefine Pablo’s creativity in form of own way. Through Pablo’s remarkable collection containing more than 20,000 pieces of work, sketches, drawings, designs and photos, there's something to pick among. (MFA)

Art must not occur in a closed area, split off from other cultural innovations. Although Picasso was just a pop art, Einstein was practically relativized. There is a near similarity among Einstein's dissolution of Newtonian theories' logical, organized environment, and the disruption of the simple, entirely artificial world of viewpoint image by modern art as it had evolved since the Revolution. And for the sake of that, neither Einstein nor Picasso were rationalists. What they have created in both situations was not disorder. That was a better definition of reality, and more complicated. Just as many artists become, and will continue to have influenced by Picasso's work.  While they try to explore Picasso's mobility and activity by approaching his creative pieces ad paintings in depth, they accept Picasso's innovative criminality and reinterpret painting in their own context.

New media are reorganizing the world once again in this century, influencing our view of reality. Lives will never be more complicated and actual fact and will never be more difficult to convey. But I don't really accept that Picasso's popular culture is a surprise, or just a style. He is the artist who just in modern history has most bravely articulated, by modern art, the artificiality of human relationships, the complexity of the simplest observations, the challenge of understanding the fullness of life. (J. Jones, 2015) When we are gradually acutely aware of the complexities of fact in a world of scientific and technological transformation, it is Picasso's experimental and meaningful art that connects to us in a way that only reality can do.

Picasso appears to stupefy, annoy, encourage, and taunt almost half a century after his death. Through his earlier days as an artist, with his distorted faces and fragmented perceptions, Picasso has destroyed our most fundamental view of the universe. He has been working eagerly, remaking his style at a fast speed. His cycles of blue and rose, the African age, modernism, expressionism that produces thousands of paintings, sketches, calligraphy carvings, pottery, and paints. Just the same as Albert Einstein guessed gravity waves in the stars, in the world in which we live, Picasso saw ripples long before we get to see them ourselves. (C. Kalb)


Spain is renowned for having great cultural preservations and sanctuaries throughout the history. That is the reason why artists who contributed in this region have their legacy even yet after centuries. Even more his present times, people and especially artists are inspired by him today and many more will continue to be. Artists’ legacy is followed by his art, and still Pablo I followed and showcased by thousands of artists throughout Spanish region and culture.  Artists will continue to be inspired by Pablo Picasso’s work because of his versatility and contemporary liveliness, and this again make him live in form of artists work and inspirations in Spanish culture. In modern Spanish cultural arts Pablo is quoted as instance of making masterpieces and vast creativity in art culture of Spain.




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