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Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing

Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing


Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing



Ideal number of references used 10-15 references from peer reviewed journals, recognised web sites.


YOU MUST include:


1.    REM Framework,


2.    UTS Graduate Attributes,


3.    AHPRA National Standards for RNs


4.    ABCD Cultural Assessment Model and,


5.    Gibbs Model of Reflection, AND,


6.    Three (3) specific examples from YCs


Students please note:


As this is a reflection – you can and should write in person first (I and me) language.


This is your reflection, about what you have learnt, and how it has changed your decision making in relation to Indigenous Australians.


Introduction (this is the same as ‘coming attractions’)


Tell the reader/marker what your essay will be about – 250 – 275 wds (approx.). If you get stuck and cannot start your introduction – Forget it – and come back to write it when you have finished the rest of your essay. Just start writing something!!





1.    Using Gibb’s Model of Reflection, discuss your own attitude throughout the subject. Reflect on any biases or assumptions you might have had.


In your answer think about what you thought about doing this subject on day 1. Maybe other students had coloured your perceptions already, before you had started about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders?? Had you thought about some of the myths that exist?


In your answer the academic language should portray people sensitively in writing and be culturally appropriate.


In your answer you need also to have intext references to support your discussion.


For example what is the definition of reflection? Or what is the benefit of reflection in relation to professional practice?





2.    Using Gibb’s Model of Reflection, discuss the impact of the subject on own your future nursing practice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Give 3 specific weeks of examples from Yarning Circle activities you participated in during the semester.


Your answer could include the card game, lecture summary, allocated article activity, Barbekuaria and group work, speed dating and practice workshop simulation, the actual simulation workshop, and watching program about Thursday Island and Kahoot quiz, learning about yourself during group work activities.


N.B. You do not need to include big sections from each of these reflections – just extracts or summaries from them, providing one resulting conclusion.


In relation to the simulation workshops – you do not need to remember the name of the ‘Experts By Experience’ (EBE), you could call them EBE 1 and EBE 2.


This section should provide one clear explanation as to how your nursing practice has/will change as a result of your new learning.


Your sentence to start this could be something like:


‘As a result of my new learning I will make sure I am clear with my……..or,


‘I was surprised I had these attitudes, so in the future I will need to check I have said


or asked my patient……………..


‘As a result of these experiences………………………….


HINT: How does your new learning fit with the National Standards for RNs? Consider Standards 2,3 and 4 as starting points.


Additional references: NMBA - Code of Conduct could be a possibility.


In your answer, write in the first person.


In your answer the academic language should portray people sensitively in writing and be culturally appropriate.


In your answer you need also to have intext references to support your discussion/data.


Task 3 – In text references


Task 3 – this relates to providing supportive evidence throughout your reflections and discussion;


3.    The embedding of the UTS GA, and National Standards for RNs, REM Framework into your reflective essay (you will find these in the folder for assessment 2)


In your answer, you need to have used these references to support your discussion as to why your decision making in relation to Indigenous Australians has changed.


Task 4 – Reference List


Task – this relates to the actual checking of your reference list to make sure you have included these references below, in addition to the ones you have found yourselves, in your reference list.



(i)            REM Framework


(ii)          UTS Graduate Attributes,


(iii)         AHPRA National Standards for RNs


(iv)         ABCD Cultural Assessment Model and,


(v)          Gibbs Model of Reflection





You are at risk of failing if you have not:


1.    used intext references,

2.    attached a reference list,

3.    used person first language, and,


4.    if you have submitted your essay into the wrong Turnitin portal, especially for the wrong subject – this is your responsibility – not your tutors or the coordinators!



Conclusion (150-200 words max)


Tell the reader/marker what you have told them.


Your conclusion should not include any new information or use of references.


If you have introduced new information in your conclusion (and you believe it is important), I would recommend including it in the body of your essay/discussion.


Reference list (not a bibliography)


You should have attached a correctly formatted UTS Harvard reference list at the end of your essay, commenced on a new page.

It should not have numbers nor bullet points nor asterisks at the beginning of your documented references.

Each entry should have the authors’ surnames, first followed by the first initials.

It should be in alphabetical order going down the page.

You should only use peer reviewed journal articles (not much older than 5-6 years) and recognised web sites and reports.




At the top of the first page, you should have the declaration:


The following paper is my own work and is original and has not been submitted for assessment’.


The font size should be no smaller than size 12 pp.


You should have margins on both sides, top and bottom of each page.


There should be 1.5 – double spacing in between lines.


There is no indent in the first line of paragraphs, just a larger space in between the paragraphs.


Your assignment should be a word document.




Please ensure you have checked you have used correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.


Please ensure that you have used capital letters, for the first letter of the words – Aboriginal person, Indigenous people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.


Please do not use ATSI abbreviation.


Remember, punctuation ‘saves lives’. See an example below;


‘Let’s eat Grandma’ means something different than ‘Let’s eat, Grandma’.


If a sentence is too long to read in one breath aloud, it is too long – either,


Write it in several smaller sentences, or,


Use commas and semi-colons. (These are both low GI, 99% fat free and limitless supply available to all).

Before you submit your essay to Turnitin for the final time…………………


Have you checked everything listed above correctly?? Yes??






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