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construction information and project assignment

construction information and project assignment

 LO1. Evaluate different types of construction information in the context of diverse project types.

The uses of construction information are as follows:-

Construction information is prepared as to give information of how construction should be made regarding size and design. This can show the details of design which will be made and also shows the appearance of the drawing, this drawing may also called as working drawing or production drawing. They can also show the details of the type of materials used, dimensions, etc. This drawings are also made for machines which are called as detailed drawing and assembly drawing.

The buildings are designed by an architect / engineer with the team of technicians and surveyors to help plan and produce the drawings.

Type of drawings are,

1.      Engineer drawing.

2.      Architect drawing.

3.      Technical drawings.

4.      Built drawings.

5.      Shop drawings.

6.      Construction Drawing.

1.    Engineer drawing: - these drawings are made regarding requirements of engineered items. The main aim of these drawing is to capture geometrically.

2.    Architect drawing: - these drawings are used to fig rout over all structure which will be useful for execution. They may also use for taking definite measurements by seeing plan and also where the electric supply, plumbing placements etc.

3.    Technical drawings: - the lines and symbols which are made graphically which are used in mapping and architectural drawings.

4.    Built drawings: - Because of circumstances that emerge on site some changes to be made during construction these drawings will reflects all the changes made during construction.

5.    Shop drawings:- It is the set of drawings prepared by fabricator, contractor, sub-contractor. These drawings required pre-fabricated components. Shop drawings includes connection details, staircase details, elevators, truss details. 

6.    Construction Drawing:-construction drawings provides graphical representation of a structure (which is to be built). Construction drawings are form of agreement between employer and the contractor.

LO2 Develop construction drawings, details, schedules and specifications in support of a given construction project.

Refer CAD drawings.



French or Twin Doors


Bi-Fold Doors




Pocket Doors




LO3 Interpret different types of construction information in order to explain a construction project

The different plans to be known such as:-

1. Location plan.

2. Sill level plan or floor.

3.  Site plan.

Detailed drawing: - This drawing gives details of parts of drawing, such as size shape and many more. They are also called as component drawing.

Assembly drawing: - It shows the details of construction made and what materials are to be used in construction. They shows plan, section and elevation etc., these drawings may use for making designs, finding location of every parts, and also where and how to install the structure.


Construction drawings are been made to identify the arrangements to be made to construction how to be made as per as code book standards to maintain the quality. Construction drawings are very useful for taking contract from the tender so that the tender would find out the how the work will be carried out of construction. Construction drawing shows all the measurements, materials which is used, height of building, finishing details, type and size of the slab, etc.,

In floor plans drawn from 1:20 to 1:200 and indications are made in more ways by changing colors etc.

LO4 Assess ways in which construction professionals collaborate in the production of construction information.

Roles of CAD and BIM are as follows:-

CAD is used only in designing plan and elevation of a structure whereas BIM used formodeling of a discrete parts of a structure.BIM gives conceptual and detailed architecture drawings. CAD is based on 2D drawing elements and evolved to 3D and whereas BIM involves 3D modeling with parameters being assigned to individual members. BIM integrates both drafting and design of structures to make projects more efficient in achieving the project deliverables CAD 3Ddrawings are graphical entities only whereas BIM carries more detailed information about the building for example plumbing, electrical work. 





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