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Here in this report, the researcher will try to critically analyze 1st Communication Limited’s use of various social networking sites as a part of their marketing communication attempts. The company tries to provide communication services to its target customers by maintaining a proper external as well as internal marketing communication processes and by fulfilling its relationship marketing objectives. The researcher through this report will try to evaluate to what extent 1st Communication is successful in achieving its relationship marketing objectives by utilizing various social networking sites. In the concluding part of the report, the researcher will also make some effective recommendations for the company with the help of which the company will be able to more effectively utilize social networking sites in its marketing communication.

Literature Review:

Before entering into a detailed discussion about 1st Communication Limited’s marketing communication and relationship marketing initiatives through various social networking sites, it is important to have a theoretical understanding of the concept of marketing communication and relationship marketing. A brief discussion should also be rendered on the various entrepreneurial approaches to marketing communication and the role of social networking sites in the marketing communication of small entrepreneurial firms.

Marketing Communication:

Marketing communication is basically considered as a tactic or a strategy in order to deliver the marketing message to the target customers. In other word, marketing communication is related to the element of promotion mentioned in the Marketing Mix which consists of four Ps – Product, Price, Place and Promotion (Percy, 2008). Therefore, it is often observed that marketing communication is referred as the Promotional Mix. It is simply because of the fact that Promotional Mix successfully highlights the elements which are mandatorily needed in order to formulate a marketing communication strategy for any business organization on earth. Marketing communication stands in direct contrast against corporate communication in which the primary focus of the communication solely rotates around the organization itself (Kotler and Armstrong, 1991). In reality, marketing communication is seen to be practicing marketing activities like advertising, publicity, promotion and branding. For example, it can be said that marketing communication has a solemn objective of creating brand awareness with the help of which customers become able to differentiate a particular product from other look-alike products available in the market. A discussion on the marketing communication mix will enable the reader to gain a good understanding of the different activities related to marketing communication.

Marketing Communication Mix:

Marketing communication mix illuminates majorly six effective ways through which a business firm can communicate its marketing messages to its target customers. The ways are:

Advertising is a paid form of product promotion imitative through which consumers are acquainted with a new product available in the market. Advertising usually provides a picturesque presentation of a new product or a service in order to easily attract the attention of the target market. It follows a non-personal form of communication generally delivered for a large number of customers (Belch and Belch, 2009). However, it is necessary to mention that it is an expensive marketing communication initiative generally not suitable for small entrepreneurial firms.  

Sales Promotion is basically conducted with a vision to encourage customers for purchasing a new product or service available in the market (Kotler and Armstrong, 1991). Through this, customers are usually given short-term incentives so that they feel encouraged to give a trial of the new product of service.

Organizing Special Events for the successful launch of a new product or service is considered to be an effective marketing communication activity through which the concerned organization gains an opportunity to interact with its different stakeholders. Since this is an interactive communication activity, consumers get a chance to resolve their queries related to the new product or service directly from the representatives of the firm (Percy, 2008). This very marketing communication activity plays an important role in creating brand awareness amongst the masses.

Public Relation (PR) is an important marketing communication activity with the help of which a producing firm becomes able to protect or promote its image in the front of the masses. The promotion of the firm’s new product can be successfully done through its PR activities.


Reference List:

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