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Computing Project

Computing Project

To design an efficient network infrastructure for an educational institute connecting worldwide campuses

This research will help to understand the benefits of the implementation of networking infrastructure in the educational system and the ways that both the students and the faculties enjoy the outcome of the same.

This research is based on the data or the information which has been generated from various journals and articles associated with networking infrastructure in the educational system. The information will be gathered through secondary source along with assessing the benefit of implementing networking infrastructure in educational institutes.

Research Method

The 21st century is the era of networking technology. The young generation rely on the use of communication technology and they find it as the best option to communicate with others. The main reason for this research study is to design an efficient networking infrastructure. The researcher has chosen this project to build a network infrastructure for a hypothetical educational institute that would connect different campuses of a single university. In this research, secondary data will be considered. The sampling method of this research will be continued through a survey.

Data collection method

Secondary data will be required to complete the entire research. The common and useful sources of secondary data can be gathered from the vital information of social science. Secondary information includes organizational records, information from censuses and government reports etc. Researchers also collect information from some authentic journal sources, newspapers, articles to get the most appropriate information (Johnston, 2017).As the current research is about the influence of networks, the researcher will get informative data and the recent news from online sources. For conducting the research, the researcher needs to collect information about the usage of social media. It can be gathered from existing data and articles regarding the same research.

Sampling method

Sampling is required in a research to determine the statistical analysis. To implement the research through sampling methods, researchers mainly do a survey with a large portion of people. Various types of sampling processes are observed in a research. The selection of sampling can be done after analysing the factors and data collection technique of the research (Taherdoost, 2016).Researchers mainly follow a random sampling process which is simple enough. In the random sampling process, a certain number of samples is chosen from a large sample. As per the requirement of the research, sample selection is done. Many researchers prefer systematic sampling to receive more appropriate results from the research samples (Janacek and Jirak, 2019). Multistage sampling process is complex enough and it is also a time-consuming approach. If the researcher follows a multistage sampling method, it makes a delay to get the proper result. In this method, researchers need to deal with multiple operations and activities to get the proper result. Cluster sampling process is also noticed in some research. In this research, the researcher will concentrate on the “random sampling process” which is easier enough and also cost effective. This approach will save the overall time of the research.

Research Outcomes 

This research will be implemented considering various academic as well as financial benefits for both the students as well as the educational institute. The research will be based on the data which has been derived from various articles and journals to consider the implementation of networking. The data which will be derived from research will help to determine the need of the networking infrastructure in the educational system. The students and the faculties will get the opportunity to interact with other campuses without relocating from one place to another. Moreover, they can be able to share their views among themselves and get to gather knowledge about the happenings and the events on the other campuses. This will also guide the students to know about various information about the market worldwide so that they have the opportunity to prepare accordingly. Moreover, through this data the educational institutions will get an approximate idea about the cost involved in the same and can differentiate whether it is more cost effective or not. The implementation of the networking infrastructure will also provide a world class infrastructure to the students as they will get the facility to learn from the faculties located at the other parts of the globe.

Details of External Organisation

You indicated that you require permission from an external organisation. Please indicate the name of the organisation, the nature of the permission you require, and the expected date at which you will obtain this. Please note that you will need to submit a letter on headed note paper or a formal email trail from the relevant parties.

 5. Human Participants

What are the main demographics of the sample? 

(e.g., age, gender, and so on)

How will participants be recruited 

(e.g., from where and how will they be asked or invited)?

What will be the target sample size?

(Indicate the numbers in any subgroups, such as number of males, number of females, etc)

How was the sample size determined?

6. Key Question Checks:

Type the word YES or NO

6.1 Is there any reason why you cannot provide an information sheet?

6.2 Is there any reason why participants will not be asked to sign a consent form?

6.3 Is there any reason participants will not be informed of how their data will be used?

6.4 Will participants be informed the research is not mandatory (and therefore voluntary)?

6.5 Is there any reason why participants will not be able to withdraw at any time if they wish?

6.6 Is there any reason why participants will not be able to omit any question that they don’t want to answer or any part of the task that they do not wish to do?

6.7 Are you using an external research instrument or validated scale (e.g. survey or psychometric)?

6.8 Will your research involve online data collection?

6.9 Will you be using survey software (e.g. Survey Monkey, BOS)

6.10 Is there any reason why the participants’ data cannot be kept completely secure and confidential?

6.11 Are you dealing with sensitive data (e.g. personal data, organisation data, those with vulnerable groups)?

6.12 Is there any reason that the data will not be destroyed within 3 years of the end of the project?

6.13 Is your research dependent upon ethical approval or other form of consent from another organisation?

6.14 Does the study require DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks?

6.15 Will the investigation involve contact with ANY of the following:

  • Students or staff from Arden University
  • Students or staff from another educational institution
  • Persons under 18
  • Adults who are unable to give consent for themselves
  • Prisoners or those remanded in custody or on bail
  • Young offenders
  • Anyone in a subordinate role to that of the researcher
  • Anyone who has a dependent relationship with the researcher (e.g., those in care homes, etc)
  • Other vulnerable groups

6.16 Will the investigation require the co-operation of a gatekeeper to access participants (e.g., teacher, self-help group leader, nursing home director, parent or guardian)?

6.17 Will deception be necessary (i.e., deliberate withholding of information that could have caused participants to decline to participate had they been given the information beforehand)?

6.18 Is there a significant risk that participants may disclose the harming of others or harming of themselves?

6.19 Will the investigation involve discussion or presentation of images or information of a sensitive nature (e.g., sexual activity, illegal activity, drug use, disturbing images, and so on)?

6.20 Will drugs, placebos, food, alcohol, nicotine, vitamins, or other substances be administered to participants?

6.21 Will the investigation involve invasive, intrusive, or potentially physically harmful procedures?

6.22 Will blood or tissue samples be obtained from participants?

6.23 Will pain or any discomfort for the participants be likely to result from the investigation?

6.24 Will the researcher be exposed to any conditions that may be distressing or harmful or present any conceivable personal risk?

6.25 Will participants face any risk (e.g., physical, psychological, social, legal, or economic) in taking part in this research?

6.26 Are payments or incentives being offered to participants?


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