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Task 1 - Be able to negotiate industry experience


Trought(2012, P:1) opensher book with this powerful statement saying that“not just a degree, a brilliant degree.”What she does stress outhere by the terms asbrilliant degree…!Whatever, she attempts to pin point, itwas wellsaidby the following author Jones in his statement.

Jones (2004)supportsit that obtaining degree is not sufficient because the employers are expecting more than just the knowledge of a degree. They predominantly value the abilitieslikeleadership, team working,communication, and problem-solving skills. The job applicants who are able toreveal that they have developed suchabilities wouldget anactualbenefit.

Consequently, attainingthe work related experience is so critical part beside the curriculum which, empowers the graduates to gain the workpractise and be fortified for achievingit in the actual job arena as soon as they completing their degree as a brilliant degree. Along with their academic qualificationit equips that the graduates, for gaining the required skills, abilities and experience to stand firm as employable and fit well in the working environment. 

Task 1.1 Research and evaluate suitable organisations that could provide industry experience

As soon as we started the current semester, we were introduced this particular module called Work Based Experience as one of the subjects. In this context, I have prepared the following report for my assignment which wasbasedon the activity work placement.

First, I wanted to choose a placement which is related to any kind of computer related work in order to build up my future career in Information Technology (IT). Subsequently, I have applied for a few voluntary IT jobs and also,personally asked a few ITprofessionals with the intension to get a placement in their organisations.

Initially, I hunted to find a better computer related company online for placement. When I googled I havefound a few vacancies. Among them I was attracted by the volunteer Web Designer job for the volunteer organisation called ‘Building Hope’which is one of theUK Registered Charitieswho works for the improvement of the lives of the most disadvantaged communities in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, it did not work out because the closing date for the job application is on the 21 February 2017 and the assignment handover deadline was on 19February 2017, However, I have applied for this particular job and if I will have selected I am anticipating to transfer the interpersonal skills which I have gained from this project.

On top of that, I have spoken at least with two Information Technology (IT) professionals for getting placement in their organisations. Among them, one is from the IT section of Department of Work and Pension (DWP) at Wembley Civic Centre. When he talked to the head of the department regarding me, he replied thatthe procedure is to go through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checkand a few other formalities before selecting someone for placement. Since these proceduresmay take more than six weeks, it was also, not helpful to me. Besides that, also, the another professional whom I have requested for placement said that the policy of the company haschanged recentlyas no moretrainees for placement.

Therefore, I have decided to select one of the projects which I normally do with my colleague Ram. Since he is a professional electrician we do contract jobs together. The project which I have chosenwas involved redecorating and modernising a mini supermarket and this project is ideal for providing me the industrial experiences.

Task 1.2Negotiate with work and academic supervisors a proposal for the work experience

Therefore, at the moment and time I decided to select this project to be benefitted from this module with the hope of using the skills and abilities in the long run in my IT job career. Though, I was desperate to do this job for meeting the ends financially, I have needed to do some negotiations too.

This particular job project was involvedabout two-weekworth of work. Since I need to attend the college on Wednesdays and Thursdays I wanted to negotiate the working time with Ram and as well as the shop owners.

According to the agreement, we went on the Friday to assess the work. Since the location of the business is inGloucesterwe left London about 8:00 am and reached there about 10:30 am. As soon as we reached the shop we started to take the estimation for the work. According to the requirement of the owner, the shop was needed two modern display shelves and needed to replacedthirty Led ceiling lights.

At the end of the negotiation, my employer Ram and the shop management has agreed with all of myrequirements so that we could started and completed the work smoothly without interruptingto my college attendants.

Task 1.3Recognise the business constraints on the work experience offered

Constraints means the barriers which are limiting the capability to grow, and reduce the revenue potential. When we carried out this project, we were faced a few business constraints which are either overcame or adjusted.

Duggan (2017) recognises the barriers when the business offered the work experience to the trainees as follows “While training provides vital benefits to both the business and the employee, constraints on instructor availability, a worker's time and company budget often limit an employer’s ability to offer comprehensive developmental programs.”

Need to be fully trained: Duggan (2017) reveals that“Developing effective training requires time and effort. To develop training, these projects require funding like any other project.” It is a practical statement given by the author Duggan. Generally, to being expert in the profession is costly and it demands time and money for attaining the proper training. Since I do not have a lot of experience in this project, it takes more times than an expert to complete the taskseven though,I have worked with Ram for the last four months.

Supervision time: After the tuition time is over, Ram allowed me to carry on each task.In order to complete the tasks correctly,I always took a bit of an extra time.Since I was an auto technician, the skills which I have already achieved helped me to use it in these tasks as interpersonally.

Adherence to the quality system:Though, Ram is an expert electrician, he does not have the appropriate licence to approve the work according to the laws and regulations of the UK.In order tocertify and approve the electrical tasks such as re-wiring, we hired a professional. So, the professional came and worked with us for the last two days. By using his special modern gadgets, he tested our workwhich we have completed already, without much pain and certifiedthe project.




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