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Communication Skills for Business

Communication Skills for Business

 Communication Skills for Business


Communication is needed in every part of life, so it is equally significant in the workplace.   Developing an excellent communication skill for business is as much important as developing good content about the business. Excellent communication skills are crucial to the success of any business.  Communication is the bloodline of the business organization. It acts as a bridge between the managers and employees and allows the flow of information in the organization (Bemycareercoach.com, 2018).

The purpose of the assignment is to present an understanding and knowledge of how business communicates. It will highlight the important skills that are required for working in the business. The assignment is divided into three tasks. The task one is about the theory of communication. In this, various communication models and type of communication system that can adapt to business will be discussed. Task two is oral communication. In this part, different methods of communication used by organization benefits of formal as well as informal communication will be discussed along with that use of technology in communication will be highlighted.  The third task is communication in writing discussing principles of effective communication and barriers in its paths.

Task 1 theory of communication

Linear model: this model is a one-way model to communicate with others. The model is comprised of a sender who encodes a message and channels it to the receiver in the presence of noise.  The disadvantage of the linear model is that it assumes that there are a sharply defined beginning and an end to communication existing between the sender and receiver.  Besides, the model also shows that this form of communication does include any kind of feedback or response from the receiver end (Jackson, 2014).

Shannon and Weaver model

This model was developed by Shannon and Weaver to present a replica the functioning of radio as well as telephone technologies.  The initial model that was developed by them comprises of three fundamental parts: sender, channel, and receiver.  The sender is the person on the one end of the telephone who spoke into, the channel represents the telephone itself and the receiver is the other person who hears the messages of the other person. Shannon and Weaver also identified that there is some sort of distortion or interference experienced when one listens to a telephone conversation which they called as noise. The presence of noise in telephone conversation means that there is the absence of or weak signal (Bargiela-Chiappini and Nickerson, 2014).

The features of Shannon and Weaver are generality, simplicity as well as quantifiability. The model of Shannon and Weaver are structured on the following elements:

       An  Information source  which generates a message

       A transmitter where encoding of message into signals take place

       A channel which  is used for transmission of signal

       A receiver where decoding and reconstruction of signal back to message occur

       A destination referring to the place  where  the message arrived

According to Shannon and Weaver, there is three level of problems existed in the telephonic communication. These are

  1. Technical problem is referred to effectiveness in transmission of message
  2. Effectiveness problem is referred to impact on behavior on receiving the message
  3. Semantic problem is referred to the preciseness of the meaning of the message conveyed.

Communications system in business

VoIP Phone system

Voice over Internet Protocol is an excellent alternative for business communication in comparison to the landline phone system in the organization.

This communication system operated through digital connection combining the style of landline phone calls with speed as well as accessibility of the internet (Hashim, 2015).

Benefits of VoIP Phone System

       Special features such as voicemail, caller ID,  call waiting

       International call facility providing user to make international calls at a cheap price.

       Convenience to use small devices making easier to carry and travel with.

 Video conferencing

Benefits of Videoconferencing

  1. Reduced travel time as well as cost
  2. Structured meetings  with enhanced communication
  3. Employee retention
  4. Increase productivity
  5. Optimized attendance
  6. Help to sustained competitive advantage

Video conferencing has reached a level where it is seen as the necessity in the business environment for communication purpose. In addition, with the introduction of cloud-based video software, it offers scalability, flexibility as well as cost-effective benefits which help to fulfill the increasing the needs of communication in the business domain.

Methods used by business for communication


Benefits of written communication

       Easily distributed

       All the recipients are able to receive the same information

       Help to create  a permanent record

        It is permanent method of communication  as it is useful for maintaining records

       Helps to lay down apparent principles, policies as well as rules essential for the functioning of an organization.

       Allows to store information and data for future references

Written methods are the most common method for communication in the business organizations.  It is a representation of language and words to convey messages through the textual medium. It is used by the management of the organization in order to communicate lengthy messages or n informed the workforce as a whole.  The effective written communication helps to develop as well as to improve the image of the organization. This method of communication is more precise as well as explicit. Some of the examples of written communications are:





       Internet websites



Verbal communication methods required the use of words while conveying a message.

Written communication and oral communication come under written communication.

Spoken words are the form of verbal communication in the organization.

It can be either face to face conversation or interaction through phone, video conferencing, voice chats, etc.

 Written communication

It consists of paper letters, SMS, written or typed document, email, text chats,  or anything other formats that convey a message through written language or symbols.

The effectiveness of this form of communication is based on the style of writing,  use of vocabulary and correct use of grammar and spelling.

Oral communication

Oral communication is used for discussion and casual meetings and for informal conversations in the organization.

The effectiveness of this form of communication is dependent on modulation of voice, the speed of speaking, clarity of speech, the volume of voice, body language, the pitch of the sound as well as visual cues.


Nonverbal communication is referred to a process of communication which involves conveying of wordless messages.

Types of non-verbal communication are

       Body language


       Touch language

       Time language

       Space language

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