Communication Skills Assignment Help

Communication Skills Assignment Help

Communication Skills Assignment Help

Communication Skills Assignment Help

 Demonstrated high level interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.

My current role, as a team leader in an aged care facility, requires excellent communication skills . These skills continue to improve Day by day. I liaise with residents , their families, managers , registered nurses and my colleagues. This can either be  through face-to-face contact, over the phone or via e-mail. Additionally , I have been taught the importance of building  a therapeutic relationship with patients , one that will  focus on their holistic care . I have learnt to be empathetic, non judgemental , listen to their needs and observe
Non verbal cues and body language. 
I am a high achiever  in the University of Wollongong ,this requires advanced levels of written and verbal communication skills ,  through essays, group projects and visual presentations. I have obtained a Diploma in Community Welfare Services  from TAFE and have now completed my degree in nursing. These  both have greatly helped to improve my communication skills .My verbal and written skills  assist in the collection of  patients past and current medical history. l have the ability to clearly document these findings in the patient admission forms and progress notes to ensure continuity of care. 
I am an Australian citizen who was born in Bangladesh. I am privileged to be able to speak two languages. This has greatly assisted me to communicate with people from diverse cultures.  I have also pursued my education and studies despite this not being advocated for women in my culture. This required a lot of persuasion and very good communication skills for my needs to be respected and understood. Finally, my effective communication skills have always been reflected in my performance appraisal by my clinical facilitator, supervisor, and  employer. 
Demonstrated clinical knowledge and clinical problem solving abilities.
I developed strong clinical knowledge through working as an assistant in nursing and studying towards my nursing degree. My clinical knowledge and critical thinking abilities have improved as I have gained more experience. I look forward to further developing these abilities. I  no longer see a fast pulse as just a tachycardia. I have learnt to trouble shoot and search for reasons why . For example could someone who has a tachycardia and hypotension be bleeding  or could they be dehydrated ?  What other signs and symptoms do they have ? . I have learnt through working in aged care that confusion is not just a symptom of Dementia . Increased confusion can also indicate to me that a resident is constipated or that they possibly have a urinary tract infection. My experiences have taught me to incorporate all signs and symptoms and not just accept information at face value. 
My clinical problem solving abilities have  been  widely used in my role as an Assistant in nursing and during my clinical placements. I  have incorporated the nursing process of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluating. Effective pain management  is a good example of this .When I have worked alongside a registered nurse ,we  have assessed  a patients level of pain  , administered analgesia or  a heat pack   and then evaluated  the effectiveness of the intervention. I always follow PQRST( provoke, quality, radiation, severity, time)technique to assess the patient’s pain level. 
Demonstrated ability to work within a team.
Both my university studies and my job have involved working within a team. My team leader position in a nursing home requires working collaboratively within a  multidisciplinary team. My duties have involved coordinating and assisting team members with residents care. I work closely with a Registered Nurse and fellow assistants in nursing. We share ideas and responsibilities and everyone is respected. There is a clear understanding that we are each accountable for  our actions . Additionally, my role includes liaising with physiotherapists, dieticians, speech therapists  clinical coordinator and senior management. I understand  that in the nursing profession good teamwork is essential . This  ensures high quality  patient care, improves patient  safety and can result in better health outcomes. 
Additionally, I have been involved into several group projects and visual presentations during my university studies . This involved communication within a team, regular meetings, discussions, research and liaising with a subject coordinator. Our team was always awarded very high marks for their group projects.
A Registered nurse should comply with ANMC competency standards, the code of ethics and the code of professional conduct. Nurses must have professional accountability and responsibility. I understand and adhere to  the legal requirements of a registered nurse, such as working within my scope of practice, duty of care and  gaining informed consent. At my workplace and during my clinical placements I always treat personal information as private and confidential. Additionally I work within my scope of practice. For example, during clinical placements, I was aware of my scope as a student nurse and practiced only under the direct supervision of my RN. Ethically, I respect customs, culture and spiritual beliefs of  individuals and treat all patients equally. When I perform nursing care, I always explain a procedure and obtain informed consent. Furthermore, I ensure privacy and dignity are maintained by  closing  the door and or curtains during  a procedure.
An understanding of the professional, ethical, and legal requirements of the Registered nurse
The fundamental responsibility of a Registered nurse is to promote health, prevent illness, to restore health and to alleviate suffering. I understand that as a Registered Nurse l need to practice in a safe and competent manner in accordance with the standards and laws of the nursing  profession. Some of my  ethical  requirements will include respecting dignity, culture, ethnicity, values and beliefs of patients while treating personal information as private and confidential. I will be expected to practice and comply with relevant legislations. I fully understand that a breach of professional codes and conduct such as confidentiality and consent may lead to civil or criminal liability. I also understand to maintain my registration with APHRA, I will be required to continually update my knowledge and skills and be able to provide evidence of continual self development. 
A demonstrated understanding of the role of the RN or RM in applying continuous improvement, quality and safety.
As a Registered nurse I will be required to  provide high quality nursing care in accordance to  ANMC standards. It will be my responsibility as a registered nurse to access  and obtain knowledge of relevant policies and procedures that relate to my work. I will be required to continually participate in appropriate in-service training, seminars and presentations and to share my knowledge with other team members. I understand that the learning opportunities for any Registered Nurse are never complete.  Medications are constantly changing , policies and procedures are frequently updated . I understand the necessity of reflecting on practices and following best practice guidelines in order to improve quality of care. 
Included in the role of a Registered Nurse is identification, minimization and reporting of risk and hazards. It will be my responsibility to comply with work health and safety policies and procedures and participate in safety education. As a registered nurse I will adhere to the infection control standards,  to minimize the spread of infection. For example, I will comply with strict hand hygiene, adequate use of  PPE and segregate waste into the correct waste management stream.
A demonstrated understanding of NSW Health’s CORE Values-Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment.
Collaboration. In order to provide the  best health outcomes,  I understand the necessity of everyone working together as part of a team. It is  important for everyone within the team to share ideas and responsibilities . Being supportive , non judgemental and open minded are other necessary requirements . Everyone’s contribution will be respected and a culture of continual education and improvement promoted . The only way to continuously improve best quality care and maintain safety is to remain informed with up to date information. 
Nurses facilitate open communication with other team members. It is necessary to be  confident in our work, take responsibility and be accountable for our actions. Sharing idea’s within the team, communicating clearly and accurately in an objective, non judgemental manner to our customers is also very important . Patients and staff  are encouraged to give feedback and receive feedback constructively.
Nurses respect all people as unique individuals,  to be treated equally without discrimination on grounds of  race, religion, disability, gender, age or social status. We respect people’s right to make their own informed health decisions. Lived experiences and feelings of our  patients and their families are respected. Actively listening to our  customers and taking action from what we learn is very important . We are inclusive  and proud of our culture and diversity. We  create a safe environment to work in  both physically and emotionally. We demonstrate integrity in all we do. We also show concern for the needs of others.
Empowerment is the heart of growth. Nurses encourage and educate patients and colleagues to make informed independent decisions about their lifestyle, care and treatment. We strive for innovation , encourage and  recognise  achievement and performance. We pursue individual excellence and work hard to deliver the best possible services. We recognise that our work is important. 
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