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1.1 Introduction

The process of communication is one of the fundamental parts of a business organisation that contribute to the overall success of the company in considerable manner. Top-down communication process of a business organisation emphasises upon the managerial hierarchy and transfer of the information within the business organisation from the higher level of management to the staff in systematic manner (Haken, 2013, p.35). Employee engagement on the other hand can be explained as a property or element of a business organisation that determines the relationship of the company with its employees. Engagement of the employee with company is measured through their level of enthusiasm and involvement that an employee exhibits with organisational processes (Shuck et al. 2013, p.12). Thus, business organisations apply several different kinds of measures for ensuring the engagement of employees with the organisational processes. Determination of information flow is a part of such measures.

In this particular study, the researcher has attempted to evaluate the influence of top-down communication and information flow upon employee engagement of a business organisation. Two different variables of this study are top-down communication and employee engagement. The researcher would evaluate both secondary as well as primary data relevant to the topic for evaluating relationship between these two variables of the research. For primary data, the researcher has approached sources from Tesco Plc. Through completion of this chapter, the researcher intends to generate complete awareness of the knowledge that the researcher needs to acquire for completing this study in appropriate manner.

1.2.1 Background of the topic

Top down communication is the method of communication in which the information or instructions within an organisation are issue from the higher level of organisational hierarchy and the nature as well as amount of information varies based on the level of organisational hierarchy (Daft, 2012). Each tier of the organisational structure receives information from the exactly upper level of the hierarchy. The information filters down to the employees as per the managerial structure of the company, which proves to be effective in ensuring a systematic flow of information, power and authority within the company. Then again, employee engagement refers to the involvement and enthusiasm among employees of a business organisation that enable them to feel associated with the business organisational in deeper level which enables them to work hard for contributing to the organisational development (Cole et al. 2012, p.1552).

Higher level of employee engagement enables the employees to associate the development and growth of the company with own wellbeing and growth which often leads to increased contribution in part of employee towards achievement of the organisational goals. Truss et al. (2013, p.2657) argued that a organisation with higher level of o employee engagement stands higher chance of improvement in business performance compared to the ones that possess lower level of employee engagement. In addition, communication is one of the key factors that influence the employee engagement within the company (Shuck et al. 2013, p.12). Several different studies have emphasised on the influence of communication style of business organisational on the employee performance. Yet, very little discussions have been found concerning the role of communication style upon the engagement of employees with the company. Through completion of this study, the researcher attempts to hade light upon this aspect of the employee and company relation.

1.2.2 Background of the company

Tesco is the leading grocery and merchandise retailer of the United Kingdom that operates in 12 different countries across Asia and Europe. The organisation is headquartered is Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire of England, United Kingdom. Currently the organisation possesses leading position in the UK, Ireland, Malaysia, Hungary and Thailand’s grocery market. Within UK, the organisation possesses 28.3% market share (Thisismoney.co.uk, 2016). As per the record of 2015, the organisation employs around 500,000 people in its 6,814 stores that are spread in 12 different countries across the world (Tescoplc.com, 2016). For the conduction of the study, Tesco has been chosen as recently the organisation has gone through downfall in business due to lack of authority and scope for communication in part of the staffs during the decision-making process. The study serves as providing effectual remedies in order to enhance appropriate communication measures to ensure employee engagement and improve overall performance in the marketplace. 

1.3 Rationale of the study

What is the research issue?

Business organisations often apply several different kinds of communication procedure for establishing effective communication between the work force and management, which is essential for the success of organisational procedures. As the level of involvement of employees in the organisational procedures and decision-making process depends on the communication process of the business organisation, thus determination of an appropriate communication method for the company is essential for acquiring intended level of employee engagement. Andrew and Sofian (2012, p.502) argued that top-down flow of communication and information within the business organisation avails the organisational leaders, opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of employees in using the information availed by the company for improving the quality of their work. While Beer (2014, p.142) stated that such communication procedures avails very little scope for employee feedback and both way communication which is essential for involving the employee’s opinion in organisation’s decision making process. Thus, it is essential to identify if top-down communication process can develop employee engagement before applying it as communication process of the company.

Why is it an issue?

This is an issue because determination of appropriate communication measure for the company is essential for the achievement of organisational goals and for communicating the disciplinary and behavioural expectations of the company from its employees (Cooren, 2012, p.17). Conversely, the communication procedure and style also determines the level between the organisational and its employees, which is essential for encouraging the employees of a business organisation to engage into its process of growth (Porter and Derry, 2012, p.39). Tesco in its organisational policies emphasises on the necessity of communicating with its employees for establishing an effective relationship with the employees yet the organisational communication procedures highly stress upon delivery of brief and feedback for improving the performance of employees, which exhibits certain traits of top-down communication during the regular interactions (Thisismoney.co.uk, 2016). The lack of scope for both way communications might cause downfall in the morale among the employees of the company, which might reduce their level of engagement of organisational procedure.

Why is it an issue now?

Currently the performance of the workforce of Tesco has decreased in considerable manner, and critiques have identified this as the outcome of the lack of authority and scope for communication in part of the staffs during the decision-making process concerning organisational procedures (Indeed.co.uk, 2016). In 2014, the market value of the company faced down fall by billions of pounds for which the organisation suspended four of its executives including its MD in UK. The organisation’ market hare faced considerable level of downfall in 2015 as according to the report of the renounced research firm Kantar its share in the UK market reduced from 58.8% to 28.3% this might be identified as the outcome of inappropriate communication measure undertaken by the organisation (Thisismoney.co.uk, 2016). Employees play crucial role in influencing the perception of customers towards the business organisation through the quality of service that they avail to customers. Thus for restricting any further downfall in the market share or sales of the company the organisation needs to address the issue of its communication system within the organisation.


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