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COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis and Design

COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis and Design

COIT20248: Information Systems Analysis and Design

Term2, 2016

Assessment 1 - Systems Development

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1. Introduction

For the purpose of this task as Systems Analysis and Design, I have assumed that I have been appointed as a consultant to undertake the responsibilities in Systems Analysis and Designing of the Logistics Information Systems (LIS). This is for the given project as outlined in the case study, related to Australian Labs. We are informed that Australian Labs offers lab testing service for different type of clients, out of which mostly come from the doctors’ offices and from other small medical businesses throughout the country.

So for the purpose of this project, my main project objective is to plan & manage the project and investigate & document the systems requirement. After understanding the project requirements, the attempt will be made to ascertain the cost of the project and present a cost benefit analysis. The main stakeholders of the project will be identified and the project schedule will be drawn. A report will be presented for this task and the aim of the report will be to:

·       Initially present the two approaches of the system development for the project

o   Describe and compare at least 6 sources of software.

o   Present the logic for deciding on the available out-of-box solutions

·       Report the functional and non-functional requirements for the system.

·       Present the costing for this project and the cost benefit analysis.

·       Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and a project schedule that shows how the project will progress

·       Finally present the System Information Requirement Investigation Techniques
2. Approach to Systems Development

The Application at hand is the Logistics Information Systems (LIS). This is for the given project as outlined in the case study, related to Australian Labs. There can be 2 approaches which can be used to develop this system. First one is the traditional approach and the other can use prototyping. Prototyping uses the Rapid Application development methodology to develop the application (Meredith and Mantel, 1995). So broadly we can categorize the development as:

1.     Traditional Approach which use the conventional Software Development Life Cycle model and normally uses the Waterfall Technique.

2.     Rapid Application Development is based on early development and presentation of the prototype so that the client has a look and feel of what product s/he would get.

Traditional approach is also termed as waterfall approach. Here first stage is the Planning stage. Then the project progresses to the design phase where the actual blue print of the project is prepared (. Once the design is complete, the next stage is the implementation which requires lot of programming work, Testing and completion of the coding.  In the modern adaptive methodology, the life cycle of the project development is changed. Here the prototype of the project is readied rapidly and then it is demonstrated to the client. Next stage ends with preparing next version of the prototype with more features and this cycle repeats till the client is happy with the final version as per the initial requirements and scope of work.

Another method is to get the out-of-shelf product which matches with the clients requirements and is deployed with the client with minimal configuration. The 6 sources of software are (1) IT service firm (2) package software provider (3) vendor of enterprise solutions (4) application service provider and managed service provider (5) open-source software & (6) in-house development.  The sources (2), (4) & (5) are for out-of-shelf solutions and the rest of the options are bespoke or tailor made solutions. Based on the requirements and the survey conducted from the various products offered by different clients, one can decide as to which solution closely matches the requirements. There are some out-of-shelf Logistics Information Systems (LIS) available in the market and we should go for the closest one as it will be much cheaper option and will save time.

3. Systems Requirements

Logistics Information Systems (LIS) needs some activities and tasks to be performed. It should be able to automate its logistic process which is comprised of several tasks. From the case study it is clear that Australian Labs offer lab testing service for different type of clients, out of which mostly come from the doctors’ offices and from other small medical businesses throughout the country. Typically a Client would send a test vial having blood sample or different test request to the testing centre of Australian Labs. So the sending of the vials can be organized by the company and this is an important functional requirement in the context of logistics. Another functional requirement is that the Lab also performs the test request and then sends the result back to the client through fax. So this is to be coordinated by the company’s logistics and ensure that the reports are delivered on time as it is very critical (Kerzner, 1997).

 Another functional requirement is related to the problem where the lab technician rarely provides the client an answer as to where would his or her request fall in the testing queue. The system should be able to resolve this issue. The existing manual entries, records and manual registers which are very troublesome in the search will be put online so that the client gets answers accurately and quickly. We also find that there is hand written labels put on each of the incoming test vial and a physical logbook with entry per vial is made at every stage of the testing process. This process can be automated and the vial is given a barcode sticker to be pasted in real time and the barcode reader can immediately acquire the data from the vial and an online tracking is maintained.

An important non-functional requirement from the system is to improve the turnaround time for the clients’ requests. Currently the turnaround for clients’ requested tests has been lengthening. So the system should improve the manual process and provide a better solution. Other non-functional is the 24X7 operations as the logistics is a critical application. 

4. Project Cost Benefit Analysis

It was proposed that the Logistics Information Systems (LIS) to provide solution to Australian Labs can be handled through off-the-shelf solution. The requirements, both functional and non functional, can be met through the purchase, installation and deployment of the selected product (Bentley, 1997). It is possible that some slight configuration is required before Australian Labs may start using the solution. So the product price, installation, configuration, deployment and training have a cost factor involved. But, the overall cost is expected to be lower than the bespoke or outsourced solution. For one, the former one can be used almost immediately as there is no development time lag. There are chances that the new software made recently hits some unforseen bugs and produces the costly outages (Batrol and Matin, 1992).




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