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CO7313 Assignment Brief Part 1

CO7313 Assignment Brief Part 1


University of Chester - Undergraduate Programmes Assignment Specification

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science

Module No


Module Title

Data Visualization

Academic Year


Assessment No

Part 1 of 2 (30%)

Submission Date

Friday 3rd  April 2019 by 17:00

Feedback due by


Assignment Title

Assignment 1 –Prototyping of a Data Visualisation Interface


Learning Outcomes Assessed

  1. Critically analyse the opportunities, challenges and pitfalls of data visualisation.
  2. Demonstrate how to create effective visualisations, employing principles of human perception and cognition.
  3. Create prototypes using sketching, conceptualising visualisation ideas and interaction techniques.
  4. Critically evaluate data visualisations and suggest improvements and refinements.
  5. Develop self-confidence for addressing data visualisation challenges.

Submission Information

Thiswritten assignment must be submitted online via Moodle Turnitin submission.

This written assignment must be completed in either Microsoft Word format (.docx) or as a PDF (.pdf).

Information presented within the report should be concise, with supporting current and relevant evidence that must be referenced and cited using the APA referencing system. Grammar, spelling and punctuation should all be used correctly throughout.

The word count equivalent for this written assignment is 1200-1650 words.

Extensions and Plagiarism


Extensions can only be granted by Dr Linda Rayner, Head of Departmentat least 48 hours in advance of the deadline (by appointment through the Departmental Administrator), and written evidence will be required. Late work is penalised at the rate of 5% per day. 


The material you submit must be your own work.  The penalties for plagiarism are severe.  The minimum penalty is usually zero for that piece of work.
Further information is available at Portal > Support Departments > Academic Quality Support Services > Academic Malpractice

Excessive word count will be penalised according to University Regulations.


Assignment Brief 

Note that both parts need to be submitted within a single document. Images should be embedded within the text as necessary. 

Written Report on the Theory of Prototyping a Data Visualisation Interface 

1200-1650 words

This first assignment is part of a project whose goal is to design an interactive visualization solution to a given scenario, prior chosen by the student. A list of the available scenarios can be found on the Moodle. 

The report should contain a detailed description of the preliminary prototype of the data visualization software interface related to your chosen project. The main goal is to design a robust system which later can be implemented and used to solve the given scenario. 

The written report needs to contain brief descriptions of the following topics:

  • Introduction/Problem setting – what it’s provided by the scenario and what is the context?
  • Motivation – why it is important to solve the provided situation? Limitations?
  • Challenges/Ideas – how complex is the problem, which are the best ways to approach it?
  • Prototype/Solution – a brief description of the chosen idea.
  • Discussion – further comments and future work.





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