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CMU 202 Marketing Communications Plan

CMU 202 Marketing Communications Plan

 CMU 202 Marketing Communications Plan


Marketing communication is known as the basic parameter and the intricate factor of a marketing strategy of a company. It is a strategy by mean of which the company communicates with the market and the consumer. This project is about the strategy of marketing communication of Apple (Lindgreen et al. 2012). Since Apple is a well known electronic devices organization, it has to compete with a lot of other brands. In this age of digitization, in order to deal with the market standards, Apple has to come up with new ideas which are effective and innovative. The advantages of Apple’s strategy are dependent on various factors like the financial position, innovation and superior data access management. The disadvantages of Apple are changing management and ineffective cloud usage. This obviously affects the marketing procedures of Apple (Baroto et al., 2012).

2. Company Background

The Brand Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Wozniak in 1976. Although a vital reason behind its huge popularity was Ronald Wayne. He was Apple's 3rd founder. He was the person behind various famous Apple products like iPad, iPhone and iMac (Teece, 2012). Slowly Apple started creating new innovations. Visicalc is the first application from iOS platform. It was a calculator that could be visualised. Later Apple came up with iMac. It had colour graphics.  Thus Apple's journey of being a famous brand started.

3. Objectives of IMC:

IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) is the most renowned organisation which is well known for its effective approach to deal with the fast changing market (Teece, 2012). For a well coordinated and consistent marketing communication, Apple maintains several objectives which are stated below:

Brand awareness:   Apple's most common and major objective is to maintain standards. Before selling a product a brand must create awareness in its targeted market. This is done to make people know about the product and the brand. It helps the company to understand its consumer strength and its own market (Lindgreen et al. 2012). 

Favourable Attitude: After the brand awareness is created successfully, a company should get started with attitude handling. Attitude handling is a major objective. In the marketing campaign, the company must show favourable attitude so that the customers can be persuaded by them.  This objective can be reviewed pre or post marketing campaign by executing a general attitude regarding the company. Favourable attitude campaigning is a vital campaigning as it helps the company to understand the intention of the consumer.

The loyalty towards the brand: A loyal relationship needs to be maintained between the brand and its core customers. Most of the well-known company’s IMC objective is to maintain the loyalty of the brand. This is done to grow the customer database. It is hoped that customer database will increase monthly by 20%.

The objective of sales: All the priory mentioned objectives are communication objectives and for long-term goals. But sales objective is short time income. It is simple and is dependent entirely on the time span.

In this modern era when the demand for Smartphone and smart devices is constantly growing, Apple is one of the best organisations for electronic devices in the market. It has the best marketing standard. The above-mentioned objectives are strictly followed by Apple. These strategies have helped Apple to reach this platform. To gain more and more core customer the Apple's IMC objective is to maintain brand loyalty. This will help them to gain more core customers in the long run (Teece, 2012).

4. Segmentation of Market: 

Marketing segmentation depends on the orientation of the customers. Segmentation of market is done to target a specific group of customers or a specific lot of people. A Specific group of consumers are targeted for this project. Apple's marketing segmentation is performed in this project. A lot of strategies are used by Apple to implement in the market targeted. Among the various strategies, the effective ones are discussed here (Lindgreen et al. 2012).

4.1 Segmentation of demography: Demographic segmentation depends on factors such as gender, family size, occupation, education, nationality and race. The target market is achieved by dividing the customers into various groups.

4.2 Segmentation of geography: Totally different factors are required for this segmentation. The region and its density are the factors on which geographic segmentation depends.

4.3 Segmentation of psychographic: Customer’s lifestyle and social class are the factors on which psychographic representation depends. It is another kind of segmentation.




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