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Cloud security generally stands for the protection of application and data along with the infrastructure included within the cloud computing. The cloud security helps in doing successful cloud  successfully. It  helps in computing along with data and system protection. The entire study mainly focused on the impact of cloud security issue within the different aspects. Besides, it also sheds its light upon the making of research questions regarding cloud security. The concept of cloud computing is very useful as it helps in the development of the company through communication of the business , processes which involves the security of the data . it also includes the pliability of the business. The core aim of the study generally lies in the analysis of cloud security and its impact over the organisational data security and system security.

1.1 Research background

The worldwide market of cloud computing generally expected to the growth of $194 billion within the year of 2020. The cloud computing generally holds lots of benefits such as lower cost, along with the faster time to the market, which results in the increase of employee productivity (Sahafizadeh and Nematbakhsh, 2015). Besides, cloud security also influences the data security and system protection of an organisation. Therefore, various organisations of Australia focused on the adoption of cloud within their IT departments. Adding to it, it can also be said that the banking and financial organisations specially  face lots of issue regarding the security of their customer data (Carniceret al. 2015). Moreover, the organisations were unable to prevent the branching of data from their banking services such as commonwealth bank. The system of the organisations was hacked through the other networking portals and results in monetary losses. However, based on cloud security, it has been found that organisations losses their control over the internal networking server of their company. The breaching of data also impacts negatively on the revenue generation of the organisations (Ouchi, 2016). Therefore, to protect the breaching of data and unauthorised access within the organisational server, most of the organisations started to adopt the cloud security within their organisational process. It will be beneficial for the company or any organization to produce a protection that will be better in maintaining facts and informatios of a company that are personal and cannot be shared. This can clearly be done by incorporating the process across the activities and doings of the business in the firm.

1.2 Aim of the research

The main motive behind the research is to examine the influence of cloud security on the data protection system of the organisations.

1.3 Research question

      What is the concept of cloud security?

      What are the influencing factors of Cloud security?

      What are the core challenges of cloud security?

      What is the impact of cloud security on the data protection system of the different organisations?


Terminology or keywords



2.1 Concept of Cloud Security

Security done through the clouds actually means the safeguard of those facts which are kept kept online in the web from being stolen and any sort of leakage. On the other hand, cloud security also helps in maintaining confidential data of the customers and organisation through utilising various computing method such as firewalls, big data analysis, tokenization and so on (Kaushik and Kumar, 2016). Thus, it can be said that it has become a very popular notion that this technology will be applied by many organizations so that the growth or the enhancement of the business takes places leading to various profits which will eventually help the company in staying in competition with it’s other competitors in the business market.  This medthod or process of technology actually makes the business a creative one. It brings new forms of innovations, creativity and discoveries in the organization. Besides, cloud security also associated with some significant risk or challenges which can impact negatively on the organisational growth and brand loyalty. Moreover, cloud security deals with wide range of factor which influences the system both positively and negatively. Besides, the most significant method of cloud security generally lies on the virtual private networks along with public internet connection avoidance (Bansal et al. 2015).

Sources of various cloud service

2.2 Chaos theory on data security

The core concept of chaos theory generally lies in the specific area of deterministic proposing of dynamics which seemingly the random events. The events can result in the normal equation based on the complexity within the involved system (Shankar et al. 2018).the chaos that is based by the algorism provides a good form of capability which leads to many forms of benefits for the organization. .However, in the context of IT-related concept, the chaos theory mainly stands for various significant application including

      Fuzzy logistic

Fuzzy logistic is a method that deals with the process which is totally dependent on the degrees of truth in contrast to the general standard of living  whether it is true, accepted or even false. The concept was exceptionalized by Dr Lotfi Zadeh who belongs the University of California that is in Berkeley in the year 1960s. The person who was involved with the issue of comprehending the characteristics of  language is Dr Zadeh . language that is commonly used like in  many different daily activities that one uses through out the life of everyday existence isnot the one that can be made into the total ietm of 0 or of 1. In the end, if the case of everything is taken into account, everything can be described in terms twice which is an inquiry that is highly moral and full of value to look after yet if it is applied in the real time, when a lot of informations are being spoken , oe must develop the pc which is in some condition in the middle regularly which is considered as the after effects of one’s processing. We might consider that fluffy in the manner in which our brain actually works. However, one exception is there that is of the two fold of Boolean.

It is considered that that the fuzzy is more closer or even near in which everybody’s cerebrum;s actually operates. The total information and the structure varies a half way which becomes facts that we in general totally extend into higher or larger realities. Thus, when few limitations are being passed through it it, it causes many other results. For example we say say about the the responses of the engine. A procedure of the comparable sort is being used in a system that is not partial  and in a framework  which is of the mastered form and it is also applied in applications that are made by the ma or the humans. The logistics of the fuzzy is primary to the enhancement of the capabilities of the human life which also suggest to be as a fake yet common knowledge: the actual representation of the intellectual capacities of the human in making so that it must look with new sort of errand. The framework of the AI can actually reinvent an answer to it.

      Big data analytics

Examination on many informations is the procedure of observing of the large and varying facts  indexes, or the large informations to express the facts. For example designs that are of veil, relationships that are obsure  and patterns that are of the showcase and the inclinations of the client. It helps an organization to concentrate on choises that are related to education as well as business oriented.  On an extensive scale, examination based on the informations extends and processes provides a way to examine collections of informations and it even helps in reaching determinations regarding them that actually helps the associations to finally concentrate on choices that are related to education as well  related to the business. The insight of the business asks about answers that are important questions that is focused on the tasks of business and it’s execution. However, examination of the enormous information belongs to the category of deducing edges of examination which includes applications that is complex with materials. For example, predictive models , calculations that are measurable and which considers the possibility of the examination that is being controlled by the investigation of framework.

      Social Networking

Communication that is interpersonal done via the medium of social networking sites is a action of enhancing the amount of an individual’s the same old thing along with it’s social contacts  by creating associations through people that is done regularly through the locales of the networking sites for example, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. In respect to the detachment idea of the six degrees  , the communications that is not formal sets up the combined networks that works online ( few of them are know as the social diagrams) helps  individuals to create contacts that will actually be a source of profit for them to know, and yet they are eventually ot going to meet something else either. It is because of the help of such interet, that people can contact with other people as well.  In other cases, people can actually communicate with people with whom they have associations with. However there are few administrative systems  other than individuals who have contacts with previous associations. While communication of one person to the other has totally gone away because of the existence of the social order, the capability of the web that canot be matched by none for the publicity of such associations, has given an hint for the enhancing progess of the Marvel.

      Business intelligence

Busiess intelligence is an creation that is taken from a procedure for examining facts and displaying facts that are worth noting. It eventually helps the administrators, the supervisors and other corporate clients at the end to settle on end their matters and ocme to a fix conlusion matters related to the choises that are related to education and business. BI includes a wide range of devices , applications and strategies that will enhance the associations to take information from frameworks that are interior and of the sources that belong to sources that are of the outside. It is often used to set up for examination, create and run queries against the information and even in makig reports, dashboards. It is also used for the representation of informations to make the outcomes that are scientific accessible to the chiefs of the corporate world who are just as the operational specialists. Business intelligence is important as it is used in enhancing the accessibility of firm’s data.

2.3 Hybrid Cloud Model:-

The Hybrid cloud model generally stands for a significant cloud computing type that is integrated. The hybrid computing model is the mix of two or more cloud servers such as private or public community but remains individual entities (Patel et al. 2016). Based on the core concept of a hybrid cloud model, it can be found that the non-critical task such as test and development of workloads can be done by utilising the public clouds. On the contrary, the critical tasks which are sensitive like organisation data handling were done using a private cloud.This is provided with increased scalability, lower costing as well as lower business expenditure and improved business reliability. However, the most common benefits of the model generally include flexibility, cost-effectiveness. On the contrary, the disadvantages of the model also exist, which includes security compliance along with complex networking problem (Chang et al. 2015). Therefore, it can be analysed that by utilising the concept of the various model, organisations such as Woolworths can develop their network security system through proper controlling of network access. On the contrary, the application of the model also impacts negatively on network simplicity and security compliance.

Hybrid Cloud model



The problem of the research mainly based on the financial data breaching of the customers, along with unauthorised access within organisational systems. Moreover, it also has been found that the transaction details of the bank and financial organisations were also hacked by hackers (Arpaciet al. 2015). The financial data breaching from the organisations results in money from the bank accounts to the unauthorised account.The financial data breaching from the organisations results in money from the bank accounts to the unauthorised account. On the other hand, it also has been found that the government authorities of Australia also facing the issue of unauthorised access to their system for breaching their confidential data(Ali et al. 2015). Therefore, the organisations faced lots of issue regarding the development of their revenue generation along with security.


4.1 Research problem formulating

The core problem of the research mainly lies in the data branching from a different organisation. Therefore, the organisations were facing lots of issues and challenges regarding the maintenance of their data confidentiality. On the other hand, it also has been found that various Australian firms were started to lose their revenue (Gai et al. 2016). Apart from this, the organisations were also started to lose their competitive ability along with customer trust. Therefore, it also has been analysed that the negative effect of the data breach also impacts negatively on the reputation of the organisations.

4.2 The technique of data analysis       

The data analysis technique generally refers to the utilisation of collected data in the context of forming results with respect to the research questions based on a specific topic. On another hand, the data analysis technique generally refers to the selection of a significant technique for analysing data based on the collection process of the data. The data analysis technique mainly divided into two types such as

  Quantitive data analysis

Quantitative data is described as the estimation of data as counts or numbers where each datum set has an exceptional numerical worth related with it. This data is any quantifiable information that can be used for numerical figurings and truthful examination, with the ultimate objective that authentic decisions can be made reliant on these logical inductions (Hui, and et.al., 2015). Quantitative data is used to address addresses, for instance,What number and "What amount" of data which has been gathered.. This data can be affirmed and can in like manner be favorably surveyed using logical techniques.

Quantitative data makes assessing various parameters controllable due to the straightforwardness of numerical derivations they go with. Quantitative data is commonly assembled for quantifiable examination using studies, studies or surveys sent across over to a specific portion of a people (Bak, and et.al., 2016). The recuperated results can be set up over a people. There are different kinds of Quantitative information examination strategies which are as per the following:


By and large, reviews were coordinated using paper-based procedures and have bit by bit progressed into online mediums. Close completed request structure a huge bit of these surveys as they are progressively ground-breaking in get-together quantitative data. The investigation makes consolidate answer choices which they accept are the most reasonable for a particular request (Groeneveld, and et.al., 2015). Concentrates are essential in social affair contribution from a horde of individuals which is greater than the standard size. A fundamental factor about diagrams is that the responses assembled should be to such a degree, that they can be summarized to the entire masses without basic mistakes. There are further arrangement of study techniques based on time are longitudinal and cross-sectional strategies. Logitudinal are commonly executed for pattern examination or the exploration thinks about where fundamentally essential point is to gather and anlyze the example of information. While cross-sectional strategy is a kind of observational research where fundamentally statistical surveying use to direct studies in a specific timeframe over the objective example.

Personal  Interviews:

This quantitative information accumulation strategy was additionally generally directed eye to eye however has moved to telephonic and online stages. Meetings offer an advertiser the chance to accumulate broad information from the members. Quantitative meetings are enormously organized and assume a key job in gathering data. This method is measurely divided in three sections i.e. Face- to- Face interview, online/ telephonic interviews and Computer assisted personal interview (Henretty, and et.al., 2017). Face- to- Face interview is an interview in which interviewer asks direct survey questions to interviewee. Also, interviewer can clear all his doubts by asking all unclear questions to interviewee and vice- versa. Online/ Telephonic interview is interview in which survey questions are asked participants either through online or telephone. Third and last interview method is computer assisted personal interview in which particular questions are imbedded in computer. In this all participants are asked random questions imbedded in computer to participants.

In this case, the researcher will be using the quantitive data analysis technique which is appropriate is the survey method. In this also, researcher is going to further going to implement cross- sectional method because it is time limited method targeting small sample consisting of participants (Fedorov, and et.al., 2016).   

·   Qualitative data analysis

Qualitative research is characterized as a statistical surveying technique that spotlights on acquiring information through open-finished and conversational correspondence. This strategy isn't just about "what" individuals think yet additionally "why" they suspect as much. For instance, consider a comfort store hoping to improve its support. An orderly perception presumes that the quantity of men visiting this store are more. One great strategy to decide why ladies were not visiting the store is to direct a top to bottom meeting of potential clients in the classification (Williams, and et.al., 2015). Thus, Qualitative research mainly allows for in- depth research and further on probing on the responses of participants that took part in research study. By observing the partcipants responses, researcher also tries to understand the feelings, and motivations. There are various methods of Qualitative data analysis which are explained below.

One- on- One interview:

Directing inside and out meetings is one of the most well-known qualitative research strategies. It is an individual meeting that is done with each respondent in turn. This is absolutely a conversational strategy and welcomes chances to get details inside and out from the respondent (Fedorov, and et.al., 2016). One of the benefits of this strategy gives an incredible chance to accumulate exact information about what individuals accept and what their inspirations are. On the off chance that the analyst is all around experienced posing the correct inquiries can support him/her gather significant information. On the off chance that they should require more data the scientists ought to ask such follow up inquiries that will enable them to gather more data.

One- on- One interview

Focus Groups:

A center gathering is moreover one of the normally used subjective research methods, used in data amassing. A middle assembling more frequently than rejects a foreordained number of respondents (6-10) from inside your objective market. The principle point of the center gathering is to find answers to the why, what and how questions. One favored situation of center gatherings is,  don't generally need to participate with the social event eye to eye (Williams, and et.al., 2015). Nowadays focus social events can be sent an online examination on various contraptions and responses can be accumulated at the snap of a catch. This technique for subjective strategy is over the top expensive when contrasted with different strategies for Subjective research.

Case Study Research:

The contextual analysis procedure has progressed over the span of ongoing years and shaped as into a critical subjective research methodology. As the name suggests, it is used for explaining an association or a venture. This kind of research strategy is used inside different zones like guidance, human sciences and practically identical (Michie, and et.al., 2015). This procedure may look hard to work, nevertheless, it is maybe the least troublesome techniques for driving assessment as it incorporates an easiest way of directing and cautious perception of the data aggregation systems and actuating the data and different information.


The significance of the research mainly based on the understanding of the importance of cloud security. On the other hand, the analysis of the study will help the readers to gather information about various challenges and influencing factor of cloud security. Moreover, it has also been analysed that the research also helps the readers to understand the positive impact of cloud security in the context of saving confidential data of the organisation. The research was helpful to understand the process of using this cloud security process throughout the business activities of the organisation.Besides, it will also help the researcher to form a preventive strategy in respect of decreasing data breaching from the personal server of the organisations.


Based on the above discussion, it can be concluded that cloud security can impact positively on the data security increase of the different organisations. Moreover, it also has been concluded that the breaching of confidential data of the can cause financial losses along with the decrease of the competitive ability of organisations.This can improve the business flexibility, employee communication, business data storage processes and so on.The study also helps in concluding the proper utilisation of various theories and model in respect of data breaching prevention through making a potential strategy. In this research study, researcher has used Quantitative and Qualitative data analysis i.e. under quantitative method, survey is used in which further on cross- sectional method is used. Under Qualitative method, one- to- one interview method is used. These methods are used in order to analyze the data because they are less expensive as compared to other methods and also gives more clear decisions as compared to other methods. Besides, the entire study also helps in concluding regarding the intensity of the influencing factors of cloud security in the context of data protection and system security.

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