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Assignment Brief



40%: Assignment 1 (Including a reflective report)

Note: To pass this module

: • You must attempt all pieces of assessment and you must achieve at least 40% overall.

• If you have a re-sit, you must attempt all the elements you have failed as failing marks cannot be carried forward.

Word count: 1500

For written assignments, students need to state the word count at the end of the assignment. 10% over the stated word count is permitted without penalty. If students go beyond this, then there is a penalty of 5 marks for every additional 10% beyond the word count. The word count includes the Abstract or Executive Summary and all in-text citations. The word count excludes the Bibliography and Appendices. Please note that Appendices should only include supplementary information not provided in the main text. There is no specific penalty for submitting a piece which is below the word count, but please note that shorter written submissions are likely to attract poorer grades, particularly where they lack the necessary depth of analysis.

Feedback will be provided via Moodle.

Assignment support:

Although you will be guided throughout the module by your lecturer, you can get extra support for your assignment. You can m0061ke an appointment with the ACE team for any language, research and study skills issues and/or contact the Computing ACE expert for any advice on how to approach your assignment. REMEMBER: they are not here to give you the answers!

Specific requirements for the assignment: Amazon EC2 Services (Student version is available and free)

Reading List: Cloud Computing:

Theory and Practice, D.C. Maninescu (Morgan Kaufmann, 2013)

Distributed and Cloud Computing (From Parallel Processing to the Internet of Things) K. Hwang, G.C. Fox, and J. Dongarra (Morgan Kaufmann 2011)

Urs Hoelzle and Luiz Andre Barroso. 2009. The Data-canter as a Computer: An Introduction to the Design of Warehouse-Scale Machines (1st ed.). Morgan and Claypool Publishers.

Assignment 1


Retail4Profit is expanding business lines and strategy and as an online e-commerce company established ten years ago, the aim of the business is to make profit. The aim of the company is to ensure quality services to its customers. It has grown over the years into a company with a turnover of £50 million. The company is headquartered in London, where the company was originally founded, with regional offices across the country in different provinces.

They are looking to develop an effective e-commerce and product management solution using Amazon Cloud to meet the needs of their growing business. As a junior Cloud Consultant, you have been asked to develop and deploy an effective e-commerce solution for them.

Tasks / Deliverables of the Assignment 1:

Marks are awarded for producing a properly documented system that meets the requirements as specified below:

Task 1: [30%]

In this task, you are to write a comprehensive report critically discussing Cloud Computing Technology and its services:

1. You are required to write a proposal to the company discussing the different cloud providers (Amazon, Azure), their services and deployment models for the advancement of the company’s functionalities [10%]

2. For the enablement of cloud computing technology, the importance of virtual machine cannot be over emphasized. In the report to be sent, you should critically evaluate the Amazon EC2 Web Service's features and create a virtual machine (Amazon AMI) using admin user in the AWS cloud for the company. You should demonstrate how to launch an Amazon EC2 Instance; configure and select Amazon AMI; create a new security key pair; connect to instance, among others. [10%]

3. In the report, critically evaluate IAM services and create 2 groups (admin, non admin), 2 users and allocate them appropriate group(s) and role(s) for the required personals of the company. You are expected to critically illustrate this with illustrations and images. [10%]

(Please note that screenshots are necessary with explanations)

Assignment 2

Attempt all the following tasks set in the assignment. Marks are awarded for producing a properly documented system that meets the requirements as specified below.

Reflection Report:

1. Critically evaluate IAAS (infrastructure as a service), SaaS (software as a service) and PaaS (platform as service) models, and which features of the SaaS model can help to access local and remote data from various data sources. [40%]

2. Critically evaluate and justify selected AWS cloud services for Retail4Profit company and the impact on the company's performance [40%]

3. Provide recommendations for further enhancements of your solution [15%]

Referencing and Bibliography [5%]

You are required to follow the Harvard referencing system when citing others' work. An accompanying list of references must also be provided as part of your report.

Assignment Checklist


Assignment Preparation Guidelines

1. All components of the assignment report must be word processed (hand written text or hand drawn diagrams are not acceptable), font size must be within the range of 12 point to 14 point including the headings, body text and any texts within diagrams.

2. Standard and commonly used fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri should be used.

3. Your document must be aligned left or justified with line spacing of 1.5.

4. All figures, graphs and tables must be numbered and labeled.

5. You must provide screen shots of working SQL statements and their output.

6. Material from external sources must be properly referenced and cited within the text using the Harvard referencing system.

7. All components of the assignment (text, diagrams, code etc.) must be submitted in one-Word file.

Extensions to Assessment Deadlines and Late Submission

You may apply on grounds of mitigating circumstances for an extension to the deadline for this assessment. Applications for extension must be made sufficiently in advance. Extension may be granted where among other conditions the mitigating circumstances and supporting evidence are judged to be sufficient. Late submission, where the student submits work seven calendar days after the deadline up to 2pm, will be accepted and marked. The percentage mark for the component of assessment will be capped at 40%.

Plagiarism and Collusion

Any act of plagiarism (presenting another person’s published or unpublished work e.g. from a book or the web in any quantity without adequately identifying it and citing its source) or collusion (copying another learner’s assignment or work submitted by others in previous years and submitting it as your own effort) is considered academic misconduct and will be dealt with according to the regulations.

Marking Criteria:

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