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1. What do you want to achieve. What will your methodology chapter in the dissertation contain, and what will your results chapter contain?

Goal :

Cloud Computing forms an attractive research field and there have been a tremendous growth in the number of educational institutions all over the world which have either adopted or are considering migration to cloud computing. However, there have been many concerns and reservations about undertaking conventional or public cloud based solutions. A new pattern of cloud based solution is the private cloud based solutions, which becomes an attractive choice to educational institutions. This paper presents the adjustment and implementation of private-based cloud solution for multi-campus educational institution, namely, Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU) in Jordan. The rapid development of information technology and its wide application in the field of education for the college education informatization has provided a broad space. In this paper, by analyzing the connotation and the present situation of college education informatization, and discusses the related problems about the construction of digital campus, in order to promote the development of college education informatization.

Methodology :

The methodology is based on Cloud Computing which plays a big role in E-learning and relies on Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It provides a better solution, higher performance, applications, educational tools, instant software updates, providing low cost solutions, educational tools and applications.

Various types of Cloud Computing services that can be implemented are inclusive of DaaS, SaaS, ITaaS, PaaS, IaaS, server hardware and cloud environment. Different forms of Cloud Computing are Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. It has been recognized that Cloud Computing is well suited for multi-campus educational institutions; as it provides high availability, scalability, higher performance, up-to date hardware, instant software updates, and a wide access to different academic resources, applications, and educational tools. It also provides cost-effective solution to the learning process, more agility, foster development by improving collaboration between students and educators, more efficient administration and less expenditure on operation, maintenance, and management. Furthermore, Cloud Computing opens a new era and improves the quality and effectiveness of social applications in universities, such as a cloud-based storage of social academic networks between members of higher education: professors, students and researchers. They can share common conference interests, peer review relationships, joint publications, and locate academic library resources effectively.

2. You say that you will be collecting data from articles. Share 2 articles with me before our meeting tomorrow that you will use to collect data from. Also state explicitly what data you will collect from those papers and put/use in your dissertation. You need to give me a practical demonstration of what data you will collect from the articles or organisational reports, how you will process data, and what will your results be.Just one example !

Answer :

(i) Cloud Computing is defined as the delivery of computing resources including hardware and software which is a service rather than a product. It is a platform whereby resources are provided to users as a metered service over the internet. Cloud computing consists of mainly three services which are (i) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), (ii) Platform as a Service (PaaS), and (iii) Software as a Service (SaaS). Newer types of Cloud Computing services have also been introduced which include Data as a Service (DaaS) and Information Technology as a Service (ITaaS). DaaS is a cousin of SaaS. All of the above services can be accessed through one of two types of basic cloud-based solutions, which are private and public cloud solutions. Private cloud is the same as the public cloud delivering the same services along with same advantages, except the fact that it offers services through a proprietary infrastructure offering more security and privacy as compared to public cloud.

Educational institutions can significantly be benefitted from Cloud Computing technologies and many financial, operational, maintenance, management, and administrative operations can be performed smoothly faced by educational institutions, and end-users, e.g., students, faculties, staff, etc. needs to maintain high satisfactory Quality-of-Service (QoS). In this research, it has been estimated that how multi-campuses institutions can be benefitted of the evolving Cloud Computing models in providing high quality cheaper IT services.

In this problem, I am going to focus on information construction in various universities on the basis of investment of hardware development, light application platform and software development. Hardware development produces results faster, relative software inputs, financial and associated manpower is low. This leads to the fact that teaching, scientific research and management related functions fail to materialize. This imbalanced non-coordinated process has put a barrier to the process of informatization development of college teaching.

Digital campus construction goal is to build an office automation, computer assisted instruction, modern computer campus culture as the core, which is based on modern network technology, advanced technology, strong extensibility, the webmaster do network covers all the main building of campus, the school of all kinds of PC workstations, terminal equipment and LAN to connect, can access to information resources on the Internet, and on this basis to establish the teaching, scientific research and management, the software and hardware environment needed for the school each of the teachers and students to provide adequate network information service.

3. You stated something about methods of sampling. What will you apply this sampling on ? Are you conducting a survey where you select some people from public and give them a questionnaire to fill out? If not, explain it to me.

Answer : Questions about sampling are infact necessary to get informatization education from different angles and levels to explore, from the point of view of angle of hardware, university education information belongs to the development of information infrastructure, from the software standpoint, relevant regulations and systems, development of teaching resources and platform and development of talent groups etc., software and hardware interaction, mutual interconnection and promoting each other. Questions on these aspects can be framed.

4. You say in the last section that you are creating a network "The implementation of the networking infrastructure will also provide...". Will you be using a simulator for that purpose ? If you do, send me a logical network diagram of your proposed institutional network before our meeting tomorrow. Also justify to me in the meeting how yours is better than any other available online.

Answer :

The logical network diagram for proposed institutional network is given as follows,

References :

1. Alzoubaidi, A. (2016). Multi-campus universities private-cloud migration infrastructure. IJCCSA.

2. Shi, Hong-Yan & Jiang, Lin & Liu, Man & Chao, Hu. (2016). Exploration of informatization and digital campus in college. Destech Transactions on Engineering and Technology Research. 10.12783/dtetr/ssme-ist2016/3960.

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