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1 Introduction:-

NOTE: read the whole assignment brief rst before implementing it contains very important information

In this assignment you will be tasked with building your rst PaaS applica-tion which will be a database or Electric Vehicles. You will be required to deal with users who login and logout and alter the functionality for each.

In the application users should be able to add and update cars that are in the database. They should also be able to perform comparisons of multiple cars in the database.

Be aware that the main issue you will run into here is the use of the NoSQL database. You will be fairly limited on the kind of queries you can run against the database, thus you will need to think very carefully about how you structure and store your data to make it easy to query.

NOTE: This is an individual assignment. It is not a group as-signment. You can discuss ideas/algorithms but you cannot share code/documentation

 2 Submission and Penalties:-

You are required to submit two separate components to the Moodle

An archive containing your complete Google App Engine Python project. The accepted archive formats are: zip, rar, 7z, tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.xz. The use of any other archive format will incur a 10% penalty before grading.

A PDF containing documentation of your code. If you do not provide documentation your code will not be marked. Copying and pasting code into a PDF does not count as documentation.

There are also a few penalties you should be aware of

Code that fails to compile will incur a 30% penalty before grading. At this stage you have zero excuse to produce non compiling code. I should be able to open your project and be able to compile and run without having to x syntax errors.

The use of libraries outside the SDK will incur a 20% penalty before grading. You have all you need in the standard SDK. I shouldn’t have to gure out how to install and use an external library to get your app to work

An omission of a git repository attached to your email address that is registered for GCD will result in your application and documentation not being graded.

The standard late penalties will also apply

You are also required to submit as part of your archive a working Git repository.

When I unpack your archive there should be a .git directory as part of it. This should be a fully working local git archive. It should not require access to a remote repository

You are not permitted to upload your work to Github, Gitlab, or any other publicly visible git repository (assignment will be marked as a zero if it is)

If you need a remote git repository the only permitted one is the college provided Gitlab which can be found at gitlab.gri th.ie

There must be a minimum of seven commits in the git repository, one per completed bracket.

Very Important: Take note of the grade brackets listed below. These are meant to be completed in order. If you skip a bracket or do not complete a bracket following brackets will not be considered for mark-ing. You should be well capable of producing strong and generally robust software by now. For example if there are six brackets and you fail the third one, then the fourth, fth, and sixth brackets will not be marked. Documentation brackets will be treated separately from Coding brackets. You should also be aware that I will remove marks for the presence of bugs anywhere in the code and this will incur a deduction of between 1% and 15% depending on the severity. If you have enough of these bugs it is entirely possible that you may not score very many marks overall. I want robust bug free code that also validates all user input to make sure it is sensible in nature.

Also note that the percentage listed after the bracket is the maximum mark you can obtain if you complete that many brackets without error. Everything in all brackets is mandatory.

3 Plagiarism:-

Be aware that we take plagiarism very seriously here. Plagiarism is where you take someone else’s work and submit it as if it was your own work. There are many di erent ways plagiarism can happen. I will list a few here (this is not exhaustive):

Finding something similar online (full implementation or tutorial) that does the same job and submit that.

Finding something similar online (full implementation or tutorial) and transcribing (i.e. copying it out by hand)

Working together on an individual assignment and sharing code together such that all implementation look the same.

Getting a copy of someone else’s code and submitting/transcribing that Doing any of the above and attempting to conceal it by moving function-ality around and renaming functions and variables. Paying someone to do your assignment

I’ve had to deal with many cases of plagiarism over the last six years so I can spot it and diagnose it easily, so don’t do it. To prevent plagiarism include but not limited to the following:

Do all your code by yourself Don’t share your code with anyone, particularly if anyone looks for a copy of your code for reference.

If you need to nd information online only query about very speci c prob-lems you have don’t look for a full assignment or howto.

Be aware that if you submit your assignment you accept that you understand what plagiarism is and that your assignment is not plagiarised in any way.


4 Coding Brackets (70%):-

1. Bracket 1 (10%)

Write the shell of an application that has a working login/logout service.

Add in a datastore object to represent an EV it should have attributes to represent.

{ name, manufacturer, year, battery size (Kwh), WLTP range (Km), cost, power (Kw).

2. Bracket 2 (20%)

Add in a seperate page for adding an ev to the database.

{ Bracket failure if ev with same manufacturer, name, and year can be added.

{ This should only be accessible to a logged in user bracket failure if not.

3. Bracket 3 (30%)

Add in a form for querying the EV database. it should be able to lter on all attributes. { Attributes that are string based should have a single input string.

{ Attributes that are numerical should specify a range with upper and lower limit (limits included in search).

{ This should be accessible regardless of login status.

{ Display a list of EVs that satisfy the query as a list of hyperlinks. { If nothing selected on the form then show full EV list

4. Bracket 4 (40%)

When a hyperlink has been clicked go to a seperate page showing the information of that EV.

{ Add the ability to edit that EV.

{ Add the ability to delete that EV (bracket failure if edit or delete does not function properly).

{ Editing and deleting should only be available to a logged in user.

5. Bracket 5 (50%)

On a seperate page add in a comparison feature.

{ This should take 2 or more EVs and display all of their attributes side by size.

{ Bracket failure if 0 or 1 EVs can be selected and comparison triggered. { For all attributes show green for highest value and red for lowest. do the opposite for cost.

{ Names should still be a hyperlink that leads to the information of that EV.

6. Bracket 6 (60%)

Add in the ability for a logged in user to submit a review of an EV including a text eld (limited to 1,000 characters) and a rating out of 10.

The reviews should be visible to all users even if logged out

7. Bracket 7 (70%)

On the information page for an EV this should show the average score of all reviews.

On the information page for an EV the reviews should be shown in reverse chronological order.

On the comparison page for EVs the average score should be added in and highlighted green if highest and red if lowest.

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