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Clinical Reasoning

Clinical Reasoning

Clinical Reasoning


Ageing and the promotion of healthy ageing remains the main area of focus in today's world. Modern practice environments are unpredictable, much dynamic and reactive too. There remains higher increase in the number of adverse patients in Australia. This essay had highlighted an interview with an elderly person, named Mark Thomson, and aged 55 for promoting healthy ageing who had been residing in Australia.


Healthy Ageing

The topic itself says in advancing towards the opportunities required for older persons to take an active part in the society which is required for good health. Though ageing is not necessarily a burden, it also does not necessarily decrease the ability in contributing to the society of a person, still older people are sufficient enough for valuable contribution to the society. It helps them in enjoying a good quality of life and they feel relaxed when they take part in any activities of the society. By concentrating only what they are able to do rather than not highlighting what they are unable to do helps to create the right condition in the environment and also boost their moral support. It drives them to do more by participating in regular healthy diets, physical activities, participation in meaningful activities, fulfilling social responsibilities and several other activities.

Clinical Reasoning

Clinical reasoning or clinical judgment is often the most used words which are quite often used interchangeably. However, this essay has highlighted the term Clinical reasoning which includes the process performed by nurses to collect cues, analyse the information, and understand the condition or the situation of the patient. Then plan accordingly to implement the interventions, after that calculate and evaluate the final outcomes which basically reflect in the process. Most importantly, this process highly depends on a deep critical thinking process termed as “disposition”. Though clinical reasoning is not at all a linear process but simultaneously it can be capitalised as a spiral or network series of ongoing and linked clinical encounters.

Clinical Reasoning Cycle

The cycle consists of a diagram which is shown below with a cycle which begins at 1200 hours and thereby gradually moving in a clockwise direction (Latorre-Pellicer et al. 2016, p.561). The circle basically explains the movement of clinical ongoing nature of the clinical interventions and the significance of reflection and evaluation (Beard et al. 2016, p.2150). There are eight primary phases in the cycle of clinical reasoning; however, the differences between the phases are also not seemed to be that much clear. There is no such strict rule to follow these process in a continuous clockwise cycle, however, the nurse can overlook one step and can combine it to the next one. The nurses have the feasibility to go even in anti-clockwise direction too (Segaert et al. 2018, p.12). The steps of clinical reasoning can be broken down as below:


Firstly, the nurse needs to look after the patients about the condition.


Then the nurse will collect data about the seriousness of the patient.


After that, the nurse processes them and consults with the doctor.


On consulting with the doctor, the nurse decides further strategies.


Further plans are established which are required to execute henceforth (McCluskey et al. 2018, p.80).


It's the time to execute the plan; hence the nurse needs to act accordingly.


At the same time of the process, the outcome of the strategies and plans need to be evaluated.


On processing these new learning’s, the nurse gains effective knowledge which helps in performing better in future.

Importance of Clinical Reasoning Cycle

According to the Australian Health Survey Report of 2016, the health condition was found pretty bad in older age groups of people (15%) whose ages were 65 years or over out of total 3.7 million Australians. This is comparatively higher with respect to 5% of people faced health ageing problems in 1926 and 9% people in 1976. However, this number is expected to grow more. It is projected to 8.7 million by 2056 where 22% of the people are going to get affected if this continues like this.



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