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CHCAGE001 Facilitate empowerment Assignment Help

CHCAGE001 Facilitate empowerment Assignment Help

CHCAGE001 Facilitate empowerment Assignment Help


Throughout this unit, you will be expected to show your competency of the elements through observations or demonstrations. Your instructor will have a list of demonstrations you must complete or tasks to be observed. The observations and demonstrations will be completed as well as the activities found in this workbook. An explanation of demonstrations and observations:

Demonstration is off-the-job

A demonstration will require:

Ø  Performing a skill or task that is asked of you

Ø  Undertaking a simulation exercise

Observation is on-the-job

The observation will usually require:

Ø  Performing a work based skill or task

Ø  Interaction with colleagues and/or customers

Your instructor will inform you of which one of the above they would like you to do. The demonstration/observation will cover one of the unit’s elements.

The observation/demonstration will take place either in the workplace or the training environment, depending on the task to be undertaken and whether it is an observation or demonstration. Your instructor will ensure you are provided with the correct equipment and/or materials to complete the task. They will also inform you of how long you have to complete the task.

You should be able to demonstrate you can:

1.      Develop relationships with older people

2.      Provide services to older people

3.      Support the rights of older people

4.      Promote health and re-ablement of older people

You should also demonstrate the following skills:

Ø  Language skills

Ø  Literacy skills

Ø  Numeracy skills

Ø  Employment skills


Activity 1A

Estimated Time

20 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to conduct interpersonal exchanges in a manner that promotes empowerment and develops and maintains trust and goodwill.


How can you establish rapport?

 We can establish rapport for following

We are trying to find something in common with ourselves.

 General Chat Lounge Use active, supportive, calm and trustworthy language.

People are interested to say it and ask questions to demonstrate it.

Be aware of cultural differences (verbal or non-verbal) by considering body language, that is, responding to their messages.

What is active listening and how can it promote empowerment, trust and goodwill?

Active listening is also known as empathetic hearing. This is a type of conversation that requires the listener to explain and listen to the speaker. This is a device that is being talked about, between the consultant and the client. Active listening techniques help people really understand what they say in conversation. It acts as a bond between the active audience and the client. In addition, it shows respect and appreciation for the client / service provider.

This increases their self-esteem, which makes them less comfortable and relieved and less likely to fence. Active listening highlights what can be achieved with confidence, empowerment and goodwill.

Give three examples of negative or disempowering communication.

The three examples of negative or disempowering communication are as given bellow

Questioning the client each and every small detail results irritation.

Speaking too harshly or too politely may result miscommunication because of fear or excitants.

Absence of eye contact, positive facial gestures etc. leads towards demotivation to the clients and it results the communicator to loose their trust and respect.

Activity 1B

Estimated Time

15 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to recognize and respect older people’s social, cultural and spiritual differences.


What does the Equal Opportunity Act say about aged care providers and people’s social, cultural and spiritual differences?

Social, cultural, spiritual

When working with a client, the care must should be aware of their cultural upbringing, religious background, and personal preferences. They should be handled with great care and respect. Any type of discrimination and negligence in the workplace is unacceptable. As a career, clients should be offered equal care regardless of their race, skin colour, gender, and nationality.

EQUAL opportunity Act

Equal opportunity act replaces the equal opportunity Act 1995 and strengthens discrimination laws by changing some key definitions, creating new responsibilities. The objectives of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 are to encourage the identification and elimination of discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation and their causes and to promote and facilitate the progressive realisation of equality.

It is still against the law under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 to discriminate against a person on the personal characteristics listed in the equal opportunity act 1995.

It is also against the law to sexually harass someone or to victimise them for speaking up about their rights, making a complaint, helping someone else make a complaint or refusing to do something that would be contrary to the Equal Opportunity Act.

Its unlawful to disadvantage employees and job seekers in any way because of their:

•             Race

•             Colour

•             Gender

•             Sexual Orientation

•             Age

•             Physical and mental Disability

•             Marital Status

•             Family or carer’s responsibility

•             Pregnancy

•             Religion

•             Political Opinion

•             National Extraction

•             Social Origin

What is the ‘Living Longer Living Better’ aged care reform package?

The living longer living Better aged care reform package was announced on 20 April 2012. It provides $3.7 billion over five years to build a better, fairer and more nationally consistent aged care system. The living longer living better reform package was developed based on the work of the productivity Commission and the national Aged Care alliance ‘s Blueprint. It represents a ten-year plan, with a major 5-year review point to ensure Australia’s aged care system. Meets the changing needs of ageing population. The reforms being pursued in the first five year deliver important benefits for older people and the aged care sector, while also laying the foundation for longer term, sustainable reform of the system.

The full details of the plan can be found on the website of the department of Health and Ageing. 

Activity 1C

Estimated Time

30 Minutes


To provide you with an opportunity to maintain confidentiality and privacy of the person within organisation policy and protocols.


What are your organisational policy and procedures on privacy?

Ø  Knocking the door and waiting for the invitation before entering the room shows respect and autonomy.

Ø  During treatment, closing the doors and curtains helps maintain privacy             and dignity. It is also a sign that the treatment is taking place

Ø  If we get approval at the beginning of treatment before touching clients, the voice of the clients will improve.

Ø  A separate private room where they can have fun and talk on the phone or discuss personal matters helps maintain privacy.

What are your organisational policy and procedures on confidentiality?

My organisational policy and procedures on confidentiality are as follows:

Ø  Not discussing client’s information in social circles.

Ø  Document information must be only to service delivery and related sector    not more than that.

Ø  Documents that are confidential must be stored in private documentation centre keeping out of reach of public and unauthorized personnel.

Ø  Not to share names and detail of clients in public forums e.g. meetings, seminar etc.

When can you breach confidentiality?


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