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CHCAGE001 Empowerment Of Older People Assignment Help

CHCAGE001 Empowerment Of Older People Assignment Help

Assessment 1: Underpinning knowledge questions

Instruction to Students:

a) Answer the queries below within the areas text box provided.

b) Ensure all references area unit documented underneath every individual question.


c) Answers area unit to be typewritten or for written submissions, use black or blue ink and guarantee your name is connected to the responses.

Question 1:

The impacts/effects of unimaginative attitudes and myths on the older person

Tick that of the subsequent area unit supported stereotypes?

a) All previous folks area unit is leaky of excretory product.

b) All folks over seventy have insanity.

c) All previous men area unit is crabby.

d) All previous girls' area unit is fussy.

e) All kids haven't any logic.

f) All folks that area unit homosexual have AIDS.

g) All migrants cannot speak English.

h) All males area unit smarter than females.

Which of the subsequent comments is ageist?

a) Old folks cannot learn something new.

b) She should be leaky, she’s over ninety.

c) He cannot get it on, he is 78.

d) Mrs. Daring cannot parachute as a result of she is just too precious.

Which of the subsequent area unit myths?

a) Most of the people over seventy sleep in nursing homes.

b) He's blind thus is maybe deaf furthermore.

c) She cannot do something – she is unhinged.

d) Previous folks don't get it on.

Briefly justify your understanding of the term ‘positive aging’.
Answer: (Min one hundred words)

Question 2:

Initiate social exchanges with shoppers as applicable (PC1.1)

Read the situation below and complete the task.


Today you have got been given a shopper WHO has been receiving care and support from your organization for five years, from an identical carer, however the carer has simply finished operating together with your organization. you have got scan over your new client’s care arrange. Mr. Zappala has been living severally for several years, knowledgeable the previous carer last week that his sister, WHO he sees each week, had suddenly passed on to the great beyond.

Today he appears distant, and ineffectual to speak clearly, typically speaking in his natural language, Italian, that he apparently doesn't do throughout his visits. there's a really unhealthy smell in his home and you notice that there area unit some significant boxes within the hall that create it troublesome to induce to the lavatory simply.

He appears to not be thus clear in his responses and communication, and he doesn't stand up and create a cup of tea for you each as he typically likes to try and do. you're involved concerning his health and safety. you create a cup of tea for you each and sit and speak with him. whereas you're within the room, you notice that the component on the stove is on however nothing thereon. you furthermore might have a light sneak in the room from a puddle of water.

How would you build a relationship with Mr. Zappala?

Answer: (Min one hundred words)

What social skills would you use?

Answer: (Min one hundred words)


Recognize and respect older people’s social, cultural, and religious variations (PC1.2)

How would possibly an associate aged care employee demonstrate respect for diversity of race or cultural, spiritual, or sexual preferences in an exceedingly residential care organization?

Answer: (Min one hundred words) 




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