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CE512 Concrete Technology Assignment Help

CE512 Concrete Technology Assignment Help

CE512 Concrete Technology Assignment Help

CE512: Concrete Technology and Design of Reinforced Concrete structures


          1) Students have to design a Pined Reinforced Concrete frame which should satisfy the following requirements.

                  The maximum load that the frame can withstand (Pmax)

                           needs to be equal to (60 + group number) kN

           (i.e. for group number 4, Pmax = 64 kN);

 2) The concrete mix needs to have strength fck  = (25 + group number) MPa at 28 days (i.e. for group number 4, fck  = 29 MPa);

  3)  Limits for dimensions, geometry and weight of the frame are presented below and in the following figure:

i)  Breadth (b) and depth (d)  <0.15 m

ii)  Max weight = 55 kg 

              4) Steel reinforcement details:

i) Longitudinal Reinforcement diameter = 8 mm   (yield strength 500 MPa)

ii) Stirrups diameter = 3 mm    (yield strength 400 MPa)

              5)  Additional information for the mix design:

i) 2.5 % defective rate          k = 1.96

ii) Portland cement class: 42.5

iii) Slump required: 1030 mm

iv) Coarse aggregate size = 10 mm

v) Maximum freewater / cement ratio = 0.65

vi) Minimum cement content = 290 kg/m3

vii) No previous control data of cement strength

viii) Fine and coarse aggregates are uncrushed

ix) Relative density of aggregate unknown, assumed 2.6

x) Fine aggregate: 70 % passing 600 μm sieve

Detailed instructions on the content of the report and the submission procedure

This report should be approximately 4,000 words. The design report should contain:

·       Introduction

·       Analytical calculations for the design of the structure:

-Concrete mix design;

-Shear Force and Bending Moment distributions and selection of appropriate forces and moments;

- Preliminary design and selection of columns/beams dimensions;

- Design of beams;

- Design of columns.

·       Description of the expected failure mode:

Describe in detail what is the expected failure mode of the frame and provide a justification based on your design calculations. Also prepare a drawing of the frame where the expected cracks at the failure loading stage will be clearly illustrated (justification for the location and type of cracks based on your analytical calculations is also required).


·       Discussion and conclusions.

                ·       Contribution of each member (between 300-400 words for each student, in addition to the 4,000 words).

       A single submission of the report for each group is required, but each member of the group will be marked separately. For that reason every group has to submit a summary of the contribution of each member (student) in the preparation of the report


All the required calculations and graphs should be included in the report electronically and not handwritten and/or scanned.

Submission Procedure:

All coursework should be submitted electronically by 12.30pm on the submission date (15/05/2020) via the ‘Assessment’ link on the module page on StudentCentral.  Full instructions for submitting work electronically are provided on StudentCentral under the Assessment link.

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