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Case 7 BP in Russia: bad partners or bad partnerships

Case 7 BP in Russia: bad partners or bad partnerships

Case 7 BP in Russia: bad partners or bad partnerships?  


This case is regarding the difficult circumstances coping with BP in Russia throughout 2011. It illustrates the difficulties of managing problems related to cooperative ways, particularly complicated cross-border alliances. The case opens with background on the refining industry in Russia and provides a timeline of the investments and strategic alliances created by BP to access the market. The company’s recent conceive to type a partnership with Rosneft is then represented, followed by a proof of the 5 basic alliances that ar common within the refining industry. it's not a full strategic analysis however rather one that concentrates on alliance theory. within the wake of unravelling relations with cooperative partner, AAR, and also the unsuccessful alliance try with Rosneft, ideal strategic conditions in Russia appear implausible for the world company. so as to maximise outcomes in such Associate in Nursing imperfect business climate, BP must absolutely live situational opportunities against environmental risks, perceive the dynamics and motivations driving neutral behaviour, and establish an inspiration which may satisfy the interests of all parties. the subsequent Associate in Nursingalysis is meant to form an hip to call regarding the way to proceed and manage the company’s Russian business holdings during this unsure atmosphere.

define the challenges of conducting business in Russia’s refining industry. Why is it strategically vital for BP to secure a footing during this market?

b WHO ar the distinguished stakeholders during this state of affairs, and what vital psychological feature factors underlie their behaviour?

Review the terms, nature, and temporal arrangement of BP’s strategic alliances in Russia. What ar the advantages and prices of the arrangement for every party

Why is that the TNK-BP partnership experiencing most internal conflict? What will BP do to salvage things in Russia? does one consider BP’s call to dam a TNK-BP cooperative arrangement with Rosneft? 


This is a targeted analysis of the govt. part of the overall atmosphere. Reforms within the early Nineties displayed Russia’s oil and gas trade to non-public enterprises. International environments generally carry political and economic 

risks for companies with business interests outside of their domestic markets. however coming into and navigating Russian markets is especially hard thanks to the subsequent the subsequent Institutional instability management Indefensible property rights  Weaknesses within the judicature judicature judicature regulative and licensing uncertainty  Recent political actions to regain central management  Conflict with close and Western nations Expectations that Russia would eventually adopt international rules of trade haven't been absolutely complete. Since the Nineties, political leaders have vacillated in their positions, judicial rulings are reactive to dynamical policies, and accumulated instability in several regions has light-emitting diode to volatile interactions with the remainder of the planet.  The oversight of a nation’s very important natural resources is usually intense, particularly within the energy sector. The importance of crucial oil and gas provides to native and international economies makes this trade extremely susceptible to major shifts in government policy. moreover, the interaction between powerful nations influences choices created concerning friendly nations similarly as countries with poor relations. National leaders use crude oil production and gas exports as a method of achieving policy objectives and manipulating international political events. Thus, it's not shocking that the govt. would wish to retain serious influence or management over oil and gas corporations in Russia. Recent aggression by the state toward close Ukrayina and actions by Gazprom (the largest socialist gas company) to require bigger management of oil comes across Russia ar 2 specific circumstances that heighten insecurities during this market. National policy and regulative actions in Russia also are wedged by complicated relationships between officers and company principals. Labour laws are exploited to drive out foreign managers and specialists from international corporations making an attempt to try to to business within the country. beneath the government’s management and thanks to the influence of the business elite, visa renewals for BP managers ar in peril in the least times. BP is additionally regularly susceptible to the loss of existing exploration and production licenses. in progress conflict among major trade players has got to be resolved through legal disputes, wherever foreign-owned interests have very little influence. the corporate is aware of from past expertise that authorities will manipulate legal needs to force the transfer of possession management to state-owned companies or to utterly dismantle out-of-favour companies. Russia's weak judicature offers foreign interests very little legal recourse to confirm property rights or to fight against state-sanctioned company predatory practices. the power to manage operations and safeguard investments is incessantly in danger during this atmosphere





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