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The types of work and its context are changing rapidly and are creating different challenges like the high rate of absenteeism among the employees due to their children's Sickness or for some work that is left undone at their homes. Home based work is now a vast concept and is implemented by many companies all over the world so that the issues like absenteeism are eradicated, and the traditional ways of working are changed.

This assignment would show the use of home-based work for the employees that are working in the AKC Architectural Firm. It will be analysed whether the company have appropriate access or software so that the employees can work from home. It would also be seen whether the company has to purchase some additional resources and if any, what would be the cost to the firm. It would also shed light on the fact whether the company would need their employees to be educated so that the employees can do their work from home. The total time that an employee can work would also be determined along with the issues that would affect the working system adversely.


The company has operated in the market for the last ten years, but the employees were not authorised to continue their work from home in any circumstances. The company has now understood that there is a need for providing the employees with the option for them to work from home. Most of the tasks that are performed by the company except the production and logistics process can be done from home if there is a working computer at home. Almost every company has its operations digitalised, and everything is based on the software that is designed by the company (Allen et al., 2015).

The need for software and accesses.

The most important thing that a person needs while working at home is excellent and capable software, which have many options in it. A customised knowledge management system is the best for the company. A single online system has to be created which would be available through the cloud and can be operated with the help of the internet. All tasks including accounting, finance, sales, online practice, online operations, increase business productivity and increase business intelligence analysis (Yao et al., 2017). This software would also be a part of a portal that would be created by the company, and every employee would have to log in the software with the help of the internet and work through this portal. This will help the company to be in touch with each other and with the managers and leaders of the company, and relatively, the supervisor would have the chance to check the work periodically, being able to eradicate the flaws in the work (Bernardino, 2017).

The people would have their perusal phone connected with the systems. This software would make the billings and arrangements much more comfortable than the traditional method. Not only can this software be used from the office but also from any corner of the world. Thus, any work that is done will not be lost and would be stored in the cloud (Kim et al., 2015). This would also increase the privacy as no third party would have access to the accounts and employees can share the documents quickly and easily. This would help to improve the virtual team working, and people can work from any place and at any time. This would decrease the absenteeism of the employees, and the company would be able to make their employees work when they are at home. The business has to provide certain goods and equipment so that the employees can work efficiently (Leung and Zhang, 2017).

Additional resources that have to be provided by the office

The business must be providing the employees with certain types of equipment so that the employees of the company can work comfortably. The first and foremost thing that has to be delivered is the access to the cloud of the company or the portal that will host the knowledge management software. This will help the company to make their employees work on almost all days, even the employees would be able to get their desired salaries, and there would be no unpaid leave for them (Analytics, 2015). The companies have to provide the employees with a small laptop or a notepad so that they can work on these devices. Some of the employees can be given a raise just because these people would be working from their home and these people would be using their pieces of equipment for their work.

The laptops have to be brought in bulk so that the overall cost is much less, these laptops would have all the necessary software loaded in it, and these laptops will have the permission so that the employees can work in the device. The employees that are related to thesales and logistic s department have to be provided with a PDA so that they can update their tasks easily (Jafroodi et al., 2015). All the laptops and the PDA's have to be loaded with an antivirus and security services so that the products can be kept away from damages. The PDA's will have the latest GPS system, and thus, the company can keep track of the people who sales the products and services.

Cost savings

There is an advantage for both the employees and the employers with the option of telecommuting or working from home. The company will be able to get away with the extra costs like the cost of foods for the employees and thus, the company will save a lot of money each day. The company can even lease a part of their office to some other companies, or the company can also perform different parts of their operations in these areas. The company would not have to pay for the rent of different places, and the company can bring up the productivity due to the flexibility in the structures. Increase in the workplace flexibility would help to increase the profits in the long run as the company would be able to employ all the resources at all points of time and when the telecommuters are productive, the company will save a lot of money (Milliman, 2015).

Moreover, the company would be able to focus more on the recruitment and the retaining the workers. Telecommuting would help the companies to focus more on their employee behaviour and the productivity of the company. The company would be able to deal with the work interruptions and less absenteeism of the employees. The company can also hire some part-time workers as well as some remote workers so that they can ramp up without spending much on the recruitment during peak seasons.




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