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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction


In the context of the financial performances of Brexit the structure of the financial department of the organisation has helped to increase the organisational value, globally. Retention of the ethical customers can be kept constant and increasing with the help of the sound organisational operations. This eventually leads the customers to be loyal for the respective organisation and also maintains the confidence as well as the trust of the customers. In the preparation of a business research project, the financial performance of the organisation plays a crucial role to generate higher competitive advantage for the organisation in the global market of providing service. This performance of the respective organisation also leads the organisation to develop the sustainability of the organisation. Competitive advantage and sustainability (long-term) of the organisation are found to be aligned with the factors influencing the performance of financial department. This alignment helps the organisations to make the international business processes as simple as possible.

1.2 Research Background

The focus of the project has been on the industries of the financial service providers after Brexit has to be figured out. The financial performance of an organisation can be affected by the customers’ requirement for change and the lack of cooperation. This issue has been analysed in the respective project of business research. The roles that have been played by the financial departments of the organisation have been found to have various impacts on the image of the organisation (Bryman and Bell, 2015, p.10). The respective research work has been found to be helpful for increasing improvement of the competitive advantage of the organisation globally. Brexit has been considered as the real possibility related to the hypothetical departure of UK from European nation.

1.3 Research Rationale

The rationale of the research work has been found to be focused on the investment for the maintenance and the constant improvement of the organisational culture to reach the point of soundness. It has been found to be important to research over the topic of the impacts of the investors on the financial organisation after the Brexit in UK.

It has been seen that the sound organisational culture of the financial department helps to introduce the objectives and the goals of the organisation in a same direction. However, if there have been found any less of commonality in the set objectives and the goals of the respective organisation, the differences of the organisational culture can be addressed as an organisational issue (McFadden et al. 2014, p.24). This issue can be found to be affected by the performances of the financial department of the respective organisation.

The ethics of the respective organisational culture has been found to be helpful for reducing the competencies of the performances of the organisation. To attain the competitive advantage in a successful manner to ensure the long-term sustainability for the respective organisation, the organisation needs to adopt the competence culture. Hence, the updated norms and the ethics of the organisation have impacts over the existing ethics and norms of the organisation. This eventually leads the organisation to the circumstances of conflicts.

1.4 Research Aim

The main aim of the respective project for business research is to encounter the potential impacts of the perspective of the investors on financial performance related to Brexit issue.

1.5 Research Objectives

The objectives of the business research project can be addressed as follows:

        To evaluate the impact the perspectives of the investors on the financial industries in terms of Brexit issues.

        To analyse the issues faced by the organisations related to financial industry due to the impacts of  Brexit on the perspectives of the investors.

     To identify the mitigating processes for overcoming the negative impacts of Brexit on the perspectives of the investors.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.1 Introduction


In the context of literature review of the research project will show how the financial operations can be determined on the basis of the impacts of the perspectives of the investors. According to Low (2017, p.19), the typical framework of the respective potential impacts will show the organisational competitiveness of the financial industries which has the ability to gain long-term sustainability (Kar 2017, p.20). In accordance with the long-term sustainability this study will show how the organisation can reach to the target objectives of the financial industries (Brinckmann et al. 2017, p.6). This chapter of literature review for the research project for business of financial industries will explain the models, theories, impacts and the respective issues have been discussed. As per the statement of Antwi and Hamza (2015, p.220), the structural concept regarding the competitive advantage, internal culture of the respective organisation will be highlighted. The sustainability of the financial plans will be found to be associated with developing the link among the mentioned factors (Kovach 2015, p.43).

2.2 Investors’ perspectives

The investors of UK equity have been found without any shortage of respective things that have been addressed in the year of 2016. The UK market of the financial industries has been seen to be fretted about the economies of the other regions. This has been addressed at the time when the marketability has been found to be raising high in a subsequent manner for a certain period of time. It can also be seen after the event of Brexit, there has been found the fears of getting negative events regarding the respective market. It has also been found that there arises the consensus for prevailing of less probability of competitive advantage in the respective market (schroders.com, 2018).

The outcomes of the potential impacts of the perspectives of the investors on the financial industries after Brexit event have been found to be as awful as response of the respective market (Wallace and Sheldon, 2015, p.270). On 23rd June 2016 on closing of the pole, all the share indexes of Financial Time Stock Exchange (FTSE) has been found to be rose up to 11% at the end of the end of the respective year of 2016. Since the day of the Brexit vote the equities of UK has been found to be reached up to 4% as a whole.

The reaction of the marketers to the plans of the other regions of UK market have been found to be reformed in the December of the respective year of 2016, has been relaxed as the equities of UK reached to 6% upto the next year (schroders.com, 2018).

For the further orientation of the domestic view of the FTSE index, the realisation of the economy of UK market has recovered the negative impacts of the perspectives of the investors. As stated by De Massis and Kotlar (2014, p.20), the investors’ perspectives have the potential impacts on the financial industries of the UK market after Brexit vote:

1.      The respective market of UK has become more accessible to welcome new investors

2.      The requirements of strong funds have been increased continuously

3.      For the potential investors there have been found more supports in UK market

4.      There has also been found the provision of entering the market for the retail investors

5.      The impact over the measurement has been improved, which has been turned to the ethics for the organisation

2.3Concept of Brexit in UK financial industry


The UK took a decision to leave the European Union on the year of 2016 and in order to “British Exit” abbreviate Brexit. Global market got roiled as an effect of the result of the vote which as a result made the value of british pound to fall in relation to dollar.  Close analysis of the Brexit and the recent changes done by the Brexit on global world has helped in determining the areas where investor’s perspectives has been affected. As mentioned by Wadsworth (2016), the fall in the value of British pound was seen in the lowest level which was for the first time in last 30 years. There has been a difference in context to support the Brexit in between the countries of EU. The percentage of Brexit support is England 53.4%, Wales 52.5%, Ireland 44.2 %, Scotland 38% and the UK 51.9%.

2.4 Theories related to investors preferences

2.4.1 Traditional finance theory


The assumptions made in these theories are investors are rational, operating in area where the investors have self interest, the markets are efficient, and processors of information’s are well informed. As suggested by Philippon (2015, p.1408), in this theory the factors like ‘Risk’ and ‘uncertainty’ are taken as the functions of the volatility and covariance. According to the theory market naturally tends toward the state of equilibrium when Limit to arbitrage results in the inefficiency in market pricing.

2.4.2 Behavioral Finance


This theory in concerned about the decision making of the investors. In this theory the assumptions are,  investment by the investors are uncertain regarding the future, the investors are   cognitive biased,  the investors have cognitive limitations making decisions. As suggested by Mahmoud (2015,p.12), the difference of the Behavioral Finance theory and the Traditional finance theory are in Behavioral Finance the judgment is fallible, one set of investors can affect the others by their behavior and decision, market is unstable which in inherent. Finance along with behavior of the investors is taken into consideration in this theory.  The behavioral finance reads the mind of the investors, which further can be used for identifying the changing perspectives of the investors arising due to Brexit issue.

2.5 Challenges


Maintaining unity among the EU27 – common negotiating approach

Maintaining the unity among the countries of EU is the biggest challenge for Brexit.  Michel Barnier who was former Internal Market Commissioner has been heading the negotiations which were instructed by the EU27 to the European Commission. As suggested by Sverdrup (2017,p.2), the EU27 the Commission initially gave a limited mandate. The negotiation of the key issues of the withdrawal agreement included (i) affected citizen’s rights on both sides and (ii) the UK’s obligations on finance.

Preserving the integrity of the European Union and the single market

Another key challenge for the Brexit is maintaining the integrity among the markets of EU. There should be a good balance of rights and the obligations of the relationship in between the UK and the EU which was the main challenge. As mentioned by Juncker et al. (2015, p.25), the challenges for the countries that which one will withdraw from the European Union in comparison to the position by remaining cannot be in the same position.




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