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Business plan (excerpt) Assignment Help

 Business plan (excerpt)

From Max Lionel Realty business plan FY 2012/13
About Max Lionel Realty
Max Lionel Realty (MLR) was founded in 2008 by property developer Max Lionel. The company currently employs approximately 100 people, 80 of whom are licensed real estate agents.
Through its client agents, the organisation manages property sales and rentals (both residential and commercial) on behalf of a range of clients. The organisation also separately engages in investment activities, such as property and land development. 
Max Lionel Realty has been a member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) since 2008 and proudly follows the REIV Code of Conduct.
a) to achieve the highest returns for our clients and to deliver a client experience that is second to none in the industry. 
a) to establish, within five years, the MLR brand — the highest ethical standards with best-in-breed performance for clients.
a) integrity
b) client-focus
c) active  encouragement of excellence, innovation and continuous improvement
d) recognition of the diversity and expertise of MLR employees and agents.
Strategic directions:
 The strategic context in which Max Lionel Realty will achieve its mission and vision is through:
a) engaging with customers and clients
b) building goodwill and reputation for integrity
c) supporting innovative thinking, management and leadership skills.
d) creating a high-performing, highly profitable organisation.
Chapter 2 – Organisational chart and management profiles
Max Lionel Realty organisational chart
Chapter 3 – Management responsibilities
Max Lionel, CEO
Max is responsible for working with the Board of Directors to oversee the business, set overall strategic directions, manage risk, and authorise large financial transactions.
Riz Mehra, Chief Financial Officer
Riz is responsible for preparing quarterly financial statements and overall budgeting. Riz Is also responsible for overseeing budgets for cost centres and individual projects. At the completion of financial quarters and at the end of projects, Riz is responsible for viewing budget variation reports and incorporating information into financial statements and financial projections.
Kim Sweeney, Operations General Manager
Kim is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company. Kim oversees the coordination, as well as the structural separation, of the Residential, Commercial, and Investments centres. Kim is responsible for sponsoring projects which affect operations of the organisation as a whole. Kim works with the Human Resources Manager to coordinate systems and projects in order to achieve company-wide synergy.
Les Goodale, Human Resources Manager
a) Les is responsible for the productive capacity and welfare of people at MLR. With the Operations General Manager, Kim works to coordinate projects and management systems such as performance management, recruitment, and induction. Kim will need to ensure aspects of the recently launched WHS management system, such as risk assessment, management, consulting, reporting and continuous improvement, are coordinated with all subsequent activities.
Sam Lee, Manager Residential Realty
Sam is responsible for the management of all aspects of residential realty. Sam manages the activities of residential agents.
Pat Misfud, Manager Commercial Realty
Pat is responsible for the management of all aspects commercial realty. Pat manages the activities of commercial agents.
Peter Mitchell, Manager Investments
Peter is responsible for the management of all aspects investment realty. Peter manages the activities of investment agents. Peter works with the Operations General Manager to ensure separation of investment from obligations to residential and commercial clients.
Chapter 7 – Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy
Max Lionel Realty WHS policy
Max Lionel Realty recognises its responsibility to provide a healthy and safe working environment for employees, contractors, clients and visitors. Max Lionel Realty is committed to the continued wellbeing of its employees and to ensuring that all employees are safe from injury and health risks whilst undertaking work-related duties, including home-based work.
Chapter 8 – Anti-discrimination policy 
Max Lionel Realty Anti-discrimination Policy
Chapter 9 – Procurement policy and procedures
Max Lionel Realty procurement policy
14 Principles governing the Max Lionel Realty procurement process
1. Probity and ethical behaviour
The principle of probity and ethical behaviour governs the conduct of all procurement activities. Employees who have authority to procure goods and services must comply with the standards of integrity, probity, professional conduct and ethical behaviour. Employees or directors must not seek to benefit from supplier practices that may be dishonest or unethical.
2. Value for money
Value for money is the core principle underpinning procurement. Contracted organisations must be cost effective and efficient in the use of resources whilst upholding the highest standards of probity and integrity. In general, a competitive process carried out in an open, objective and transparent manner can achieve the best value for money in procurement.
3. Non-discrimination
This procurement policy is non-discriminatory. All potential contracted suppliers should have the same opportunities to compete for business and must be treated equitably based on their suitability for the intended purpose. 
4. Risk management
Risk management involves the systematic identification, analysis, treatment and, where possible, the implementation of appropriate risk-mitigation strategies. It is integral to efficiency and effectiveness to proactively identify, evaluate, and manage risks arising out of procurement related activities. The risks associated with procurement activity must be managed in accordance with the organisation’s risk management policy.
5. Responsible financial management
The principle of responsible financial management must be applied to all procurement activities. Factors that must be considered include:
the availability of funds within an existing approved budget
staff approving the expenditure of funds strictly within their delegations
measures to contain costs of the procurement without compromising any procurement principles.
6. Procurement planning
In order to achieve value for money, each procurement process must be well planned and conducted in accordance with the principles contained in this document and comply with all of the organisation’s policies and relevant legal and regulatory requirements. 
When planning appropriate procurement processes consideration should be given to adopting an approach that:
ensures that rules do not operate to limit competition by discriminating against particular suppliers
recognises any industry regulation and licensing requirements
secures and maintains contractual and related documentation for the procurement which best protects the organisation
complies with the organisation’s delegations policy. 
7. Buy Australian Made/support for Australian industry
Employees who are involved in procurement activities must make a conscious effort to maximise opportunities for Australian manufacturers and suppliers to provide products where there is practicable and economic value. In making a value for money judgement between locally-made and overseas-sourced goods, employees are to take into account:
whole-of-life costs associated with the good or service
that the initial purchase price may not be a reliable indicator of value
the quality of locally made products
the record of performance and delivery of local suppliers
the flexibility, convenience and capacity of local suppliers for follow on orders
the scope for improvements to the goods and ‘add-ons’ from local industry.
8. Pre-registered list of preferred suppliers
Max Lionel Realty shall maintain a pre-registered list of preferred suppliers, following a request for expressions of interest and an evaluation of the submissions. Suppliers can request to be evaluated for inclusion on the existing pre-register list at any time. 
All purchases under $5,000 may be made from preferred suppliers without undertaking a competitive process. Purchases above $5,000 where a preferred supplier exists should include a competitive process if practicable.
This list is reviewed at regular intervals with admission of interested parties on a rolling basis. Care should be taken to ensure that such lists are used in an open and nondiscriminatory manner. Max Lionel Realty encourages new contractors to provide information on their experience, expertise, capabilities, pricing, fees, and current availability. It is in the interest of the organisation that the pool of potential suppliers is actively maintained and updated. Employees should be encouraged to provide reports of their experiences in working with each contractor/consultant to assist future decisions concerning commissioning suitable contractors and consultants.
9. Avoid conflict of interest
Employees and directors are required to be free of interests or relationships in all aspects of the procurement process. Employees and directors are not permitted to personally gain from any aspect of a procurement process.
Employees and directors shall ensure that to the best of their knowledge, information and belief, that at the date of engaging a contractor no conflict of interest exists or is likely to arise in the performance of the contractor’s obligations under their contract.
Should employees or directors become aware of potential conflicts of interest during the contract period, they must advise the CEO and the Board of Directors immediately. 
Prior to any situation arising with potential for a conflict of interest, complete disclosure shall be made to the CEO and the Board of Directors to allow sufficient time for a review.
10. Report collusive tendering
Employees should be aware of anti-competitive practices such as collusive tendering. Any evidence of suspected collusion in tendering should be brought to the attention of the CEO and the Board of Directors.
11. Competitive process 
It is a basic principle of procurement that a competitive process should be used unless there are justifiable circumstances. For purchases under $5,000, the list of preferred suppliers may be used. The type of competitive process can vary depending on the size and characteristics of the contract to be awarded. 
12. Direct invitation (selective or restricted tendering)
A process of direct sourcing to tender may be used. This may involve:
an invitation to organisations deemed appropriately qualified for a particular product or service (this may be appropriate for specialised requirements in markets where there is a limited number of suppliers or service providers)
an invitation to tender to organisations on MLR’s pre-registered list of preferred suppliers if applicable.
13. Evaluation and contract award
For projects being awarded, consideration will be given not only to the most economically advantageous tender, but also to the track record of the tender respondent and the degree of confidence that the panel has in the quality if the bid. It will be the normal practice to have the evaluation of tenders carried out by a team with the requisite competency. 
14. Results of tendering process
All tender respondents should be informed in writing of the result of a tendering process immediately after a contract has been awarded. 
Summary of procurement policy delegations
Chapter 10 – Max Lionel Realty current tenants list
Chapter 11 – List of pre-approved suppliers
Max Lionel Realty
List of preferred suppliers and contractors
Ace Consultants: Project managers, IT technicians, technical writers, marketers, subject matter experts for short or long term human resourcing needs.
Innovative Travel: Business travel bookings
Melbourne Car World: Fleet sales and service
Ready Office Supplies: Computers, photocopiers, etc.
Coffeeville: Business function catering 
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