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Business Plan : Abu dhabi Coffee shop

Business Plan : Abu dhabi Coffee shop

 Business Plan : Abu dhabi Coffee shop

Product& Services

Abu-Dhabi Coffee bar will offer its clients the best tasting coffee refreshments in the range. This will be accomplished by utilizing top notch fixings and entirely taking after readiness rules. The store format, menu postings and showcasing exercises will be centered around amplifying the offers of higher edge coffee drinks. Alongside the coffee drinks, prepared coffee and teas, and also some refreshment drinks, will be sold in the coffee bar. Abu-Dhabi Coffee bar will likewise offer its customers baked goods, little servings of mixed greens and sandwiches. For the gourmet customer base that likes to set up its coffee at home, Abu-Dhabi Coffee bar will likewise be offering coffee beans.

The menu offerings will be supplemented by free books and magazines that clients can read inside the coffee bar.

The menu of the Abu-Dhabi Coffee bar coffee bar will be worked around coffee based coffee beverages, for example, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, and so forth. Each of the coffee based beverages will be offered with entire, skimmed, or soy drain. Each of these coffee drinks depends on a "shot" of coffee, which is set up in the coffee machine by driving warmed water through ground coffee at high weight. Such coffee shots are joined with steamed drain or potentially different added substances like cocoa, caramel, to set up the coffee based drinks. Appropriate arrangement methods are of foremost significance for such beverages. A minor deviation from the measure of coffee in the shot, the extent of the coffee particles, the temperature of drain, and so forth, it can contrarily influence the nature of the readied drink.

Two thousand brochuresand leaflets will be circulated in the adjoining neighborhood, on the University grounds, at the shopping centers and in the chose office structures inside two weeks before the opening of Java Culture. Hence, free postcards with Abu-Dhabi Coffee bar underwriting will be printed to build the organization existence among the supporters.

Abu-Dhabi Coffee bar baristas will deals with the business exchanges. To accelerate the client benefit, no less than two workers will be overhauling customers - while one representative will be setting up the client's request, the other one will be dealing with the business exchange. All business information signed on the electronic purpose of-offer terminal will be later broke down for showcasing purposes. So as to develop its customer base, Abu-Dhabi Coffee bar will utilize flags and fliers, use client referrals and cross-advancements with different organizations in the group. In the meantime, client maintenance projects will be utilized to ensure the clients are returning and spending more at the coffee bar.

Problems faced by new entrepreneurs

·  Inability to advertise their business

Time after time individuals' concept of a showcasing system is to post about their business on Facebook, give out flyers and business cards. While those things are alright to do, a promoting procedure should totally be a great deal more refined, clever, and cover numerous more alternatives. Every business needs a showcasing arrangement that suits the uniqueness of that business and addresses the objective client for that business. The themes of understanding your objective purchaser and making a promoting procedure that best suits your business are all the more completely secured inside the Marketing, Social Media and Blogging classes here on The Social Media Hat.


As one of the world’s fastest growing destination for leisure visitors UAE is full of (coffee) beans, lately. This brand conscious region is jostling with independent cafes and roasters. Herein, amidst all this we Abu-Dhabi Coffee bar pave in our way. Globally, the consumption of coffee is rising, strongly. 82% of the country’s population claims to consume soluble coffee. Coffee in Middle East is a lot more than a drink; it is part of the culture and also a business pre requisite. With continuing rise in the coffee consumption in the region, it allows room for our set-up to be successful..As, the Abu-Dhabi Coffee bar is located nearby the university. Major chunk of our customers fall in the age group of 20-35 i.e. both students and staff, that make up to 62% of the population. As it comes to our favor as we aim at providing great coffee experience at affordable prices so as to capture a bigger share in the market. Our marketing strategies are aimed on reaching the university students and faculty, professionals working in offices located nearby and also the sophisticated teenagers. They mainly account to be the target audience. Moreover, cafes are considered to be the spot buzzing with a lot of commotion, as the students’ decide to study here or meet their friends. Such factors, add up to the growth of the set up. As coffee has become a part of the lifestyle of people, 3.5% of growth rate is expected on an average. And also we’re planning on to capture the market share of 54%.



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