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Business Environment Writing Help

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Paul Dukas, a sole trader, owns and operates a small garage providing car maintenance and repair services. Paul is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and has been asked to chair a team, who will study the local Business Environment and produce materials for use by the Chamber and local businesses. He has asked you to support him with this work.

Task 1 – External factors and environmental impacts

You must produce a presentation with supporting notes in which you detail how external factors can impact on a business environment. You should:

a) Describe a range of external factors that may have an effect on business organisations.

b) Explain why business organisations choose to carry out a PESTLE analysis. Describe the three-step crisis management procedure. Identify the factors which contribute towards environmental damage.

c) Explain how factors which contribute towards environmental damage can be minimised.

d) Explain how a lack of care for the environment can impact on business profitability and reputation.

Extension activities

To gain a merit grade you must prepare additional presentation slides.

Using a business organisation of your choice, complete a PESTLE analysis, to describe the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors facing your chosen organisation.

To gain a distinction grade you must prepare 3 leaflets which the Chamber of Commerce can add to the collection of leaflets, which are displayed in Reception. The leaflets must:

Make recommendations for dealing with the external opportunities and challenges facing an actual organisation you have chosen. Evaluate how a chosen organisation has managed a specific crisis.

Make recommendations to a chosen organisation on how to reduce their environmental impact.

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Task 2 – Marketing Booklet

The Chamber of Commerce has asked Paul to produce a booklet on Marketing that can be distributed to small businesses in the local area. The booklet must include the following:

An explanation of the function of marketing and how this is different from selling.

A description of the purpose of:

a}. a marketing plan

b}.marketing objectives

He has specifically asked you to add examples here.

An explanation of the differences between internal and external data and information.

An explanation of the differences between primary and secondary information.

Extension activities

To gain a merit grade you are required to provide additional sections to your booklet that describe: t

1) He elements of the marketing mix, giving specific examples from an organisation that you have selected.

2) How organisations use the information that has been collected for marketing purposes.

To gain a distinction grade you must choose a business organisation with which you are familiar. Using your chosen organisation you are required to provide an additional section to your booklet that: evaluates a specific marketing campaign used by an organisation you have selected. 

Task 3 – Ethics and Culture

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Paul has asked you to prepare a section for a sample handbook for managers in start-up businesses. The sample handbook must include:

A description of the benefits to organisations of behaving ethically. An explanation of the effect of organisational culture on business organisations. The explanation should include a range of examples from different organisations to illustrate the points you are making.

Extension activities

To gain a merit grade you must include the following in your information sheet:

An explanation of why individuals and organisations might make unethical decisions or use unethical business practices. This explanation should use a range of practical examples.

An explanation of how management style would vary in a power, task and person culture.

A short personal case study, based on yourself. This case study should provide an assessment of which type of organisational culture you would prefer to work in.

To gain a distinction grade you must include the following in your information sheet:

A review of the ethical record of a business organisation operating in the private sector. You should use a business organisation with which you are familiar.

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