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Business Continuity Assignment

Business Continuity Assignment

Business Continuity Assignment

The ability of an organization to continue its business activities after a disaster is called business Continuity. The (BC) Plan outlines the steps and processes of risk management. The role of prevention is to stop service interruptions and resume operations as soon as possible. Disaster Recovery (DR) involves anticipating and recovering from events that have a negative impact in British Columbia or finance. Examples comprises power failure, software failure, hardware failure, physical damage for instance, in the event of a fire or flood, human error, or any serious event. The BC & DR includes key data solutions. Prevent and recover from business disruptions. These include: Business impact analysis, strategies and requirements, incident management, testing and assessment, BC program, Politics and performers, Testing and Maintenance.

BC & DR is important not only to the company, but to all of our customers, such as our clients, employees, shareholders, the media and regulators. This is the first step towards meeting the requirements of ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 information technology - security technology - data security administration system. BC, DR policies, procedures and strategies apply (Barnes, 2016). These documents would be classified as confidential DS documents, but will be shared with third parties for verification. BCP team look at the BC&DR plan in the timeline to ensure it continues, adequate and effective. Food preparation is the most important part of keeping it constant insurance. The BCP team will provide information on when modifications are needed and while work is in progress he asked. Our customers are at the heart of what we do and will be trained if necessary.

⦁Program Administration 

1.1 Company Background  

The Data Solutions LLC organization is a Dublin-based Iraqi company that is surrounded by stocks, offices and Wholesale. Data Solutions (DC) as pharmaceutical products, shops automotive. It employs 20 people and is divided into two bodies and leadership Progress. Management is at the fundamental level of the company and includes the following The Department of Finance and Accounting and Marketing and Sales. Development is going over the first section includes the following groups: IT and security, BI management and Work operations. The organization uses cloud system that are cluster server through 7 VM and it is stored in one frame in a data Centre located in Dublin.

When the software's are not working or down due to any reason the customers get affected. In such situation the users data is shifted DS through VPN or SFTP connections. All the data were polled out and pushed each day as the users required to have their reports daily. DS data solution uses MS SQL server DB for storing the customers’ data, Frontend/Data Visualization.

⦁Scope of BC and DR Plan 

         ⦁The IT security Management into relation towards development and hosting.

         ⦁Preparation for receiving the International STD company Certificates that is ISO 27001

⦁Objective of BC and DR Plan 

         ⦁One of the key objective is to obtain ISO certification (ISO 27001)

         ⦁Second objective is to provide highly available and secure (SaaS) for users.

         ⦁Definitely protecting DS data and customers from data breach any unauthorized loss and unauthorized access is also our goal.

         ⦁Another objective is to enable the DS for winning and retaining the customer’s confidence.

         ⦁Make a BC and DR plan that is practical and easily manageable.


          ⦁Media will be dealing with their questions and queries openly

          ⦁Staff and workers would keep their data and job safe themselves

          ⦁The company’s shareholders will ensure the safety of organization’s future.


⦁Business Continuity Organisation 

2.1 Role and responsibilities

In this we have discussed the BCP team member’s roles and their responsibilities.


It is comprises of Chief Enterprise Officer, Chief Customer Success, Chief Data Scientist and System Architect. All the board members are responsible for review and governing of the company.

Head Data Scientist:

They are assigned with all executive responsibility and the approval of policies

IT Security manager:

They are responsible for implementing and reviewing the data security systems. They also deal with security incident response.  They find reports, carry out the audit process and organization policies.

IT Administrator:

They are responsible for Monitoring and implementation, maintaining risk registration and logs of incident etc.

Line Managers:

The Line managers make sure that policies that are implemented throughout the team and with other parties are working properly.

Other Staff:

They are responsible for taking an interest in the development of security approaches. Being mindful of and submitting to all the applicable security approaches. Report any occurrences to the Security office

⦁Functions involved in Business Continuity 

⦁IT and Security:

This capacity assumes a significant job since all IT framework is on Cloud. If something somehow managed to occur with the frameworks, the organization is down and unfit to complete its activity. The principle basic procedures in this capacity are Cluster Server, Desktop framework and Security. 


This is a similarly significant capacity in the organization onto which the organization's administrations are manufacture. The principle basic crucial are Data Acquisition, Data Analysis and Data Visualization. 


The business activity work is the third generally significant in the organization as it is answerable for conveying the support of the client. Its basic missions are to process the information, send the reports and send the membership. 


This is a significant business work, and the procedures included are creditor liabilities, debt claims and finance. In creditor liability, all installments are made while in money due, installments from clients are gotten. In finance, worker compensation are paid. 

⦁Promoting and Sales:

This is the last capacity around here investigation. It is imperative to advance the organization and deal its administrations. A portion of the procedures included are publicizing, potential client deals calls and live demo's

3. Business Impact Analysis

For detailed reporting, BIA report on DS data solution could be found attached with this plan at starting of the paper. In summary the major sections of the organization were Information Security, Development team, Finance team, operation management team and sales marketing team (Barnes, 2016). The major goals of the questions are to finding the data on topics that we will be discussing below.


4. Business Continuity Strategies & Requirements

In this point going to talk about the business continuity strategies and their requirement, so in this we are going to prepare a strategy for disaster and it will takes you to a plan for managing a disaster which can able to prevent in the condition of emergency and also so as to overcome the particular situation. This problem can be of any type so we need to create a system that can handle every type of problem whether it's related software, hardware animal whey any privacy policies or backup policies and other firewall related things (Bazerman, 2004). So, we need to ensure about the policies and implement these policies whenever required to do so.

Here, we going to discuss about the few points that we are taking for this system like:

         ⦁The protection of the data is the highest priority because it has personal as well as professional things stored of the employees              and the customers so it should be protected by firewall through data centers and having a good certification like ISO 9001, IG                SOC.

         ⦁There should be a backup option whenever connection failure or any type of breach has done into the firewall cluster. Cluster                server should be protected behind are multiple firewalls so it can't be attacked by other people or hackers and this happened                  then it could be a backup option in that particular place.

Data Solution required a DR plan that is capable of preventing and controlling the emergency responses and system recovery. Mentioned below are the policies that should be implemented foe ensuring tis activity. There were event logging and system development, Firewall & Malware and Backup recovery policy

         ⦁The Data Center must be all around ensured and have the accompanying accreditation (ISO 27001, ISO 9001, IG SoC and PCI            DSS). 

         ⦁The Clustered Server ought to be behind the back up and firewall set up. When it is a Cluster framework, there is one degree of             wellbeing and a failover framework. 

         ⦁Work area framework, all the PCs must be encoded, antivirus introduced and back up on OneDrive

          Backup must be done on daily basis through MVS Technology. The backup used is gradually incremental sort. Everyday                        scheduler for each VM must be as following:

          ⦁The SQL Server DB – 2PM, data is not utilized.

          ⦁The Tableau BI server - 10PM, data is not utilized.

          ⦁Others different VM, must have daily back up arranged at 9 pm,

Reinforcement maintenance ought to be set to four days and recuperation from reinforcement must be a manual procedure (McCrackan, 2015). Recuperation should be possible to any Hyper-V have accessible to run VM. Our IT supplier has accessible two Hyper-V have servers skilled to the virtual machines. Failover set up and it is checking at an interim of 15 min, so if there is no reaction from the first virtual machine got in 15 min, the failover procedure will begin. The Failover procedure will nimbly or coercively shutdown the first VM and start reproduction virtual machine on our IT Provider.

5. Manual Workarounds

As the DS data solutions are dependent o technology and their systems are formed on the basis of cloud, in that case the manual workaround is very less. The systems of the organization were cluster based systems hence there is very low probability and requirement to work around manually. It’s needed in very few cases. Some of the scenarios are mentioned below that need documentation for all the major steps to make work well. The below cases would be checked and tested for strategy to be truthful.

            ⦁Data focus is down – move the group server to an alternate server farm. 

            ⦁VPN and SFTP associations are down – we can gather the information on HD 

            ⦁Delivery System reports is down – we can download the reports from BI Tool and send them physically.

6. Incident Management

The incident management letter to the security of information that is information security is a procedure of identifying, reporting, investigating, learning and resolution for minimizing the hazard of reoccurrence (Toigo, 2013). Incident policy and log are placed to make sure that the incidents were managed properly.

Below are the list that provides instances of types of incident security that must be stated:

             ⦁Danger of unplanned or intentional revelation of touchy client information. For instance data sent to an inappropriate                                beneficiary or data sent by email without secret word security or encryption. 

             ⦁Risk of unplanned or intentional access of private data by an unapproved individual. 

             ⦁Passwords: An unapproved individual has accessed your record or endeavored to obtain entrance utilizing your secret word;                  for example Secret phrase/login subtleties left open and unbound to other people.

             ⦁IT security break debased IT framework uprightness or loss of framework accessibility presenting danger to loss of data or                      interruption of action. 

             ⦁Unauthorized access to information; for example constrained access, burglary or loss of versatile media decoded                                    workstations  or other convenient media containing secret or delicate individual information

6.1 Internal Reporting

            ⦁All the staff should make sure that they only report that incidents that have accountable belief that it has risk and danger to                    security for sensitive information or private data.

           ⦁The incidents must be stated to data security section/line manager on the basis of its severity. For any corrective action plans                security team can acknowledge over call or on email security@datasolutions.com

6.2 Incident response steps

            ⦁When event learning done, the prior aim is to get the attack or incident.

            ⦁Second is to eradicate the incident and attack traces from the impacted systems.

            ⦁Other is recovering the system again in normal state.

            ⦁Next is data restoration over the necessary recovery stage

            ⦁After that resuming the business.


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