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Task 1 COSTS

In this task, operating costs for Connor, Adrian and Bianca are being assessed. Their payment per year is calculated with respect to pay rate of each salaried person in scarf Design Company. Adrian and Bianca have lowest pay rates and hence lowest pay scale in the company. The total salary for scarf design project employers is calculated to be $103,194.00. While the rent for working place is 9100 and utility cost is 3120. Hence total payment needs to be applied on scarf design employers is $12,220.00.

scarf Design Company


Scarf Designs are divided with respect to material and size for each scarf. Quote amount for each type of scarf is being mentioned against each material and size. Amount varies according to scarf material. Manufacturing costs are where less than quote amount, adds profit to the profile of company. All the data is being tabulated in excel sheet (Pascoe, 2017). And then segregated according to the months. June’s quoted amount and manufacturing cost is tabulated separately and also of July, august, September, and October. Then the graph of quoted amount and manufacturing costs for each month is made and shown respectively. Also the data is segregated according to the employee. Each employees quoted amount is written against it. As you can see in the below tables and graphs.

Graph showing Quoted Price vs Manufacturing Costs.

Task 3 Price Consistency

There is an enormous contrast in the statement of scarf products. They need value consistency. I isolated each size and material statement each group member. Furthermore, I determined the standard of the statement each group member and every material size. I made the quote statement dependent on chronicled standard sum (Binkley, 2015). This quote statement rundown isn't just chronicled standard information yet in addition usable by an individual from the Scarf manufacturing industry. I at last applied the method to chronicled information. At the point when coworker pick the size and material, the quote  sum will appear and they can check their standard quote sum utilizing record and match work in the sheet of excel. They don't have to make distinctive quote sum any longer utilizing the quote list. Additionally, I utilize the validation of data in excel prospects B25&B26 in sheet3 to keep from entering incorrectly size and materials. The edge is sufficient to make a profit considering the standard of the accumulating cost. I determined the edge by subtracting the accumulating cost from the quote sum.

Sales Quotation for Scarf Design

Task4 Process Improvement

This assignment needs to locate the well-known material to begin producing quickly by paying little notice to the request affirmation so as to lessen the time spent on hanging tight for the client. The famous things ought to be produced immediately dependent on the swim lane chart. I determined the popularity utilizing the quantity of quote Sum. On the off chance that the quantity of quote measure of everything is more projecting than the standard number of quote sum, I will think of it as a mainstream thing. The standard number of quote sum of every single material was ------ as indicated by the sheet of excel.  In the event that the quantity of the quote which the group entering is higher than the standard sum, I included 'start fabricating promptly' message. Else, it demonstrates the message 'not so popular'. In the event that they utilize this framework, they can begin the manufacturing procedure rapidly

Sales Quotation process improvement 

Task 5 HTML + JavaScript

HTML and JavaScript for task 1, 3, and 5 are made and run successfully. In order to run JavaScript file in a webpage, we have created external JavaScript file for this instead of writing JavaScript again and again for each task. Also, external file containing JavaScript don’t have any

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