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BUMAR201A Business Research Methods

BUMAR201A Business Research Methods

5. Recommended reference materials 

5.1. Prescribed texts

Malhotra, N 2014, Essentials of marketing research: a hands‐on orientation, Global Edition, Pearson Education Limited, UK.

5.2. Recommended readings

A list of readings to support weekly topics is provided on the subject Moodle

5.3. Online resources

Several videos explaining the concepts are available in the Moodle. 

The following eBooks are available by clicking on the underlined hyperlink below and entering your student login and password when requested by TAFE NSW Libraries online. 

Bourke, J, Kirby, A & Doran, J 2016, Survey & questionnaire design : Collecting primary data to answer research questions, 55, NuBooks, Ireland.


Burns, AC, Veeck, A & Bush, RF 2017, Marketing Research, Global Edition, Eighth edition, Pearson, Harlow, England.


Longbottom, D & Lawson, A 2017, Alternative Market Research Methods : Market Sensing, Routledge, London.


Murphy, J, Dean, E & Hill, CA 2014, Social Media, Sociality, and Survey Research, Wiley, Hoboken, New Jersey.


Wiid, J & Diggines, C 2015, Marketing Research, Third edition, Juta & Company [Pty] Ltd, Lansdowne, Cape Town. 

6. Additional information 

6.1. Subject grading 

Grades for individual assessment events and the subject as a whole are awarded as follows. High Distinction: marks ranging from 85 to 100%


Where the student has demonstrated highly original, relevant and sophisticated applications of research, appraisal, enquiry and evaluation techniques resulting in innovative concepts that challenge existing conventions in the field of study.


Distinction: marks ranging from 75 to < 85%


Where the student has demonstrated a high level of performance indicating depth and breadth in research, appraisal, enquiry and evaluation with broad application of knowledge of theoretical concepts, and applied analytical thought.


Credit: marks ranging from 65 to < 75%


Where the student has undertaken an innovative and creative interpretation of assessment briefs, and has provided evidence of extended research and inquiry applied to assessment tasks.


Pass: marks ranging from 50 to < 65%


Where the student has met all requirements of assessment briefs to a satisfactory level.


Fail: marks under 50%


Where the student has not demonstrated satisfactory performance in assessment tasks or has failed to meet subject requirements.


Fail: Failure of a must pass event


Where the student has an overall mark for subject at a passing level, but has not demonstrated satisfactory performance in an event deemed a must pass event, resulting in failure of the subject as a whole. ‘Fail’ is reported for the subject on the Transcript of Academic Record.


Fail: Withdrawn


Where the student withdraws from the subject on or after the final assessment due date or end of subject examination date. ‘Fail’ is reported on the Transcript of Academic Record.


6.2. Submission requirements/late submission procedure


Your teacher will advise you of the format required for each assessment task and the format for submission, which may be electronically.


Each assessment task must include a cover sheet, with a signed declaration indicating that the work is your own work and has not been previously submitted.

Assessments that are not submitted on the due date will attract a marking penalty of 5 per cent of the total marks for the assessment event for each day the assessment is late, to a maximum of 10 days, or a maximum result of 50 per cent. Assessments submitted later than 10 days after the due date will not be marked unless the student has an approved extension or has successfully applied for special consideration.


Additional assessment information, including provisions for special circumstances and misadventure, requests for an extension of the assessment due date or to resubmit an assessment or sit an exam at a later date, can be found in the TAFE NSW Higher Education Assessment policy and procedures which you can download at: 


6.3. Student conduct and academic standards 

TAFE NSW Higher Education encourages high standards of professional behaviour and academic conduct. You must conduct all work associated with this course in a manner that is environmentally, socially and culturally responsible, so as not to cause harm or disrespect to the environment, people or their values and beliefs. 

You shall hold confidential all information about any specific organisation and their business or business activities, which may be divulged in the process of a work placement, lecture or tutorial, including lectures given by industry guest lecturers. 

It is the policy of TAFE NSW Higher Education that respect and acknowledgement is given to intellectual property created by academics, writers, practitioners and other students whose work is cited in your submissions, or used to illustrate them. It is therefore important to use the Harvard citation system and include a bibliography with every submission, to acknowledge the intellectual property of others that you have used to support your own proposals or position. Penalties apply for plagiarism and other forms of academic misconduct. 

Further information about academic conduct can be found in the TAFE NSW Higher Education Academic Integrity and Honesty policy and procedures which you can download at: 


6.4. Approaches to teaching and learning 

6.4.1. Methods of teaching and learning 

Teaching methods for this subject will include: 


small group tutorials 

guest lecturers and/or site visits Learning activities will include:

independent and/or group research activities group discussions 

case studies and situational analysis work‐based practical activities

Resources will include: 

online learning materials websites 

readings textbooks videos 


You will need: 

a computer for research, online communication and collaboration, to create documents and to complete assessment requirements 

6.4.2. Expected attendance 

In addition to attending lectures, tutorials and other learning activities, you are expected to undertake self‐directed private study including reading, practical application of theoretical knowledge, and completion of assessment tasks. 

If you are unable to attend class‐based learning activities you should notify the teacher and/or tutor and access the relevant learning materials to make up the missed class through private study. 

If you are unable to attend a class during which an assessment activity is scheduled, you must provide a medical certificate as evidence of your inability to attend class. Your teacher will advise you of alternative assessment requirements. 

6.4.3. Supplementary learning activities 

You are expected to: 

complete any pre‐reading specified prior to attending classes 

access resources on the subject Moodle and elsewhere as advised by the subject teacher. 

6.4.4. Student resource requirements 

Students will need to purchase the subject text: 

Malhotra, N 2015, Essentials of marketing research: a hands‐on orientation, Global Edition, Pearson Education Limited, UK.




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