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 BUACC 5930, Accounting Concepts and Practices Semester

 2, 2017 Note this assignment comprises a number of questions, which you must complete all.  This is a Group Assignment, which is to be completed in pairs. 

Question 1. 

(note complete parts a and b) a. Chapter 


BYP1.3 Interpreting Financial Statements:  A global focus, Page 43 Weygandt et al., third edition, 2013.   Note answer all three items. (word limit in total = 400)             (20 marks) b.   The information provided in Weygandt et al., is from Nestle 2010.  The 2016 report are provided at the following web site (http://www.nestle.com/investors/annual-report).  Use the 2016 reports to answer the following four questions.  

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 i.  What are the similarities and differences to the three items in part a? (word limit in total = 200

 ii. In your own words summarise the major changes in IFRS that may affect the Nestle Group after 2016. (word limit in total = 100)

iii.  The web site of Nestle states that “Our strategy focuses on delivering distinct benefits to people through the food and beverages, products and services we provide. Over 150 years we have built a successful business by understanding and anticipating the needs of society, and continuously adapting ourselves to seize the opportunities presented to us”.  (http://www.nestle.com/investors/annual-report).

Outline how Nestle delivers benefits to people through food.  (word limit in total = 200) iv. The web site of Nestle states that “Our

Board of Directors sets our long-term strategy and provides oversight on the basis of strong principles and an appropriate tone from the top. It ensures the long-term success of our company based on a clear strategy and good corporate governance”. Outline how the Board of Directors of Nestle provides “the basis of strong principles and an appropriate tone from the top” (word limit in total 

Question 2.   

Chapter 3, Problem P3.6 Salzar Graphics, Page 126 Weygandt et al., third edition, 2013.   Complete all parts a-c.   (40 Marks)  Presentation (including proper referencing)            (5 marks)  Total Marks = 100  

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