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Management and operations

Task 1: Select a business organisation and briefly explain the type of business you have chosen and identify the product or service produced by your chosen business. And describe the leaders and managers in your chosen organisation using roles, functions & attributions that distinguish the leaders from managers.


Task 1:

My chosen business is the Carroll’s Irish gift shop, they are aIrish owned unlimited company.  An unlimited business is fusion company which issharedand can be with or without a share moneybut where the legal liability of the associates or shareholders arenot limited if the associatesor shareholders have a joint, numerous and nonlimited obligation to meet any insufficiency in the assets of the business to allow settlement of any different financial liability in the event of the business formal liquidation.Once the company is formed or incorporated, an unlimited company can, in some jurisdictions, also re-register and designate itself to limited company status at any time with few formalities, the same also extending to a limited company, which may at any time re-register and designate itself to unlimited company status.

Carroll’s Irish gift shop, they are a Irish owned unlimited company which was established in the 1982 and is now one of the leading retailers.The company sells Irish clothing, gift products, souvenirs and jewellery and provides over 1000’s of gifts and souvenir products in a large range of classifications. The company stocks leading Irish products such as Guinness, trinity, Aran knitwear and many more. Carroll’sIrish gift shop has also celebrated over 30 years in business having delivereda huge range of top-quality product for the best prices and highest standards of customer service.

Manager& leaders

A manager is a person who is responsible for a part of a company. they are managing the company. managers can be responsible for a department and those who work in it. In some cases, the manager is responsible for the entire business. For example, in restaurant the manager is in charge of the entire restaurant, or a retail shop such as carols gift shop the managers are also responsible for the running of the business.A manager is a person who exercises management functions primarily. They should have the opportunity to hire, fire, discipline, perform performance assessments and monitor attendance. They should also have the ‘power’ approve overtime and approve vacations. A manager is considered as the boss.A business manager drives the work of others in order to run a large business efficiently and make a big profit. They will have work knowledge of the areas, and may be a specialist in one or more, such as economics, marketing or PR. Other technical areas where a business manager can have competence is law,and computer programming.

On the other hand, businesses such as the Carrollsirish gift shop also have leaders employed in the shop aswell as managers, sale assistants, security etc. I think that being perceived as a good leader is a good combination of many things. Here are some features I think are essential: decision-making, empathetic, kind, tough, communicative, strategic and good self-esteem.Leaders help themselves and others to do the right things. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and make something new. leadership is about mapping where to go to "win" as a team or organization, and it's dynamic, exciting and inspiring.Nevertheless, while executives set the direction, they must also use management skills to guide their people to the right destination, in an even and efficient manner. A leadership is basically the process of directing and motivating tasks related activities of group associates, as Naylor in the 1999 stated ‘leadership is the process of motivating people to act particularly ways in order to achieve specific goals’. leadership and management complement each other, but they are separate roles. A leader inspires, motivates and encourages people to achieve visionary goals. A manager is, however, about the actual operation of a business.

Mangers vs leaders in business.


Each business will include both executives and managers, and they may sometimes be the same person like in the carrollsirish gift shop. However, there is a clear difference between the two roles. A leader can only inspire a team to success if there is a management structure in place to ensure that tasks are performed. Similarly, a leader who wants to be effective must be careful not to spend too much time management and not enough time-consuming. The difference between managers and leaders are:

·       Managers usually tell the staff what to do, and they have to do it without their managers while a leader will show and demonstrate to the staff how to do the work, while working together as a team.

·       A manager depends on control while a leader inspires trust

A leader is a person who drives employees to achieve their best and knows how to set an appropriate speed for the rest of the group. Where as a Manager is required by their job description to establish control of employees, which in turn helps them develop their own assets to get the best out. Managers must understand their subordinates well to do their job effectively.

·       A leader asks the questions "what" and "why while a manager is looking more at the questions" how "and" when. ". In order to justify its role as a leader, someone may ask and challenge the authority to change or even reverse decisions that may not have the best interests of the team in mind. Good leadership requires a lot of good judgment, particularly when it comes to the ability to stand up to senior management over a concern or whether there is an aspect that needs improvement. If a company goes through a rough patch, a leader will be the one to stand up and ask the question: "What did we learn from this?".

However, managers are not required to assess and look for errors. Their jobdescription requires asking the questions "how" and "when", which mostly helps them to ensure that their plans are properly performed. They tend to accept status quo just the way it is and do not attempt to change.

·       Leading People vs. Managing People: A manager's responsibility is to control a group to achieve a specific goal. A leader, on the other hand, is the individual's ability to motivate, influence and enable other employees to contribute to the success of anorganization. Inspiration and influence distinguish leaders from managers,not control and power.

·       Counting Value vs. Creating Value:  Managers are the only ones who count value, he says. There are some that reduce the value by disabling or otherwise counteracting ideas and people who add value.Leaders, however, focus instead on working to generate a certain value that is over and above that which the team creates - and is as much a creator of value as their followers. asNayarstates that, "Leading by example and leading by enabling people are the hallmarks of action-based leadership." Which think is an excellent statement.

·       A leader discovers or innovates while a leader is organising: The leader brings the new ideas and kicks up the organization's shift or transition to a future-oriented phase. A leader always has his eyes on the horizon, develops new methods and strategies for the organisation. A leader has a quick knowledge of all current trends, progress and abilities and has clarity about purpose and vision.On the other hand, a manager is a person who usually only maintains what has already been created.A manager must look at the bottom line while controlling employees and workflows in theorganisation and preventing all sorts of confusion.



Clearly show how your identified roles of leadership and the functions of management apply to your chosen business.

Task 2:

The Carroll’sIrish gift shop located at 58 O'Connell Street Upper, North City, Dublin 1                                                has many managers and leaders and some work as both a leader and a manager at the same time which I will discuss.  The managers/leaderin the retail shop has 4 basic functions which to plan, organise, lead and to control the work to be done.Here are some examples of scenarios:


·       As mentioned above, the manager of the gift shop must plan the work to be done. Scheduling is a continuous step and can be highly specialized based on organizational goals, division goals, departmental goals and team goals. It is up to the manager to recognize which goals must be planned within their own area. The first of the managerial functions is planning. In this step, the leader will create a detailed action plan aimed at any organizational goals.

Ø  For example, let's say Mr James is the marketing manager he's aiming to increase sales in December. James must first spend time mapping the necessary steps he and his sales representative must take to increase sales numbers. These steps may include things like increasing advertisement, placing some items for sale, so tourists and customers will want to buy, reshape / upgrade the store or try to see if  customers would be interested in buying more products or additional products so they can increase sales such as asking them on a rainy day if they would like to purchase an umbrella. The steps are then organized in a logical pattern so that Mr. James and the team can follow them. Them His next step is to organise 


·       Now Mr. James mustdo the second part of the managerial functions which is organising. This task requires Mr. James the manager to determine how he will distribute the resources and organise his employees according to his plan which is to increase sales in December. Mr James will have to identify the different roles and ensure that he assigns the right amount if employees to carry out his plan. He will also need to delegate authority, assign work and provide direction so that sales representatives can work towards higher numbers. James now has to take the third step which is leading.





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