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BSBWOR502B – Ensure team effectiveness

BSBWOR502B – Ensure team effectiveness

BSBWOR502B – Ensure team effectiveness


Compulsory Reading: The Scenario and Associated Information

A team of 3 has been charged with the task of identifying an ecommerce opportunity for Sink Brands and developing a proposal to put to the board of directors. As an Australian company they have offices in three states. Each of the team members is located in 3 different states, you are located in Queensland and the other 2 members are in Victoria and Tasmania.For this task, the team has decided to propose setting up an online business in which customers select:

1.    sinks from a selectedonline production range – see below:

Standard Sink model                                      Deluxe Twin Skin

Proposed Online Delivery time:

·         2 weeks from order placement to building/house site delivery (Super express order) – say 20 % cheaper than in store retail prices

·         4 weeks from order placement to building/house site delivery (Standard order) – say  35% cheaper than in store retail prices

Note: In normal circumstances,at least 40% of the retail price goes the retailer and it usually takes four to six weeks from the time of ordering to retail site delivery.


You are required to assume the role of the “Team leader” for this project.

As the team leader you are charged with lifting the profile and finances of Sink Brands. In doing this you have a team members Vicky – from the state of Victoria and Tasman – from the state of Tasmania who are going to assist you with this project.


You need to come up with a proposal (your thoughts) that can kick start the online meeting with Vicky and Tasman.

Any proposal made needs to take into account the attribute and skills of the team members which are:

1.    “Team Leader” from Queensland.
You are a junior accountant at Sink for the last 5 years who has been keen to take on higher management and marketing roles. You have previously shown leadership qualities and the ability to get things done. This is one of the reasons why you have been chosen as the team leader.

2.    “Vicky” from Victoria.
Her current role is a junior manager in Sink’s Melbourne depot. Vicky has worked in marketing roles with a previous manufacturer and has assisted Sink’s marketing department when staff were away. She has also recently completed a marketing diploma, a Certificate 4 in Training, and excels in online researching.

3.    “Tasman” from Tasmania.
His current role is a senior store’s person in a small depot for “Sink” in Hobart and is looking for a wider role in the organisation. His background is in IT and he has recently completed a Certificate 4 of Information Technology at his local TAFE College. Tasman struggled a little during this qualification as he is easily distracted from the tasks in hand. He often needs some support to complete tasks.




Assessment 1 – Task 1.1 Procedures

1.    Review all your associated learning materials before undertaking this assessment

2.    Read the Compulsory Reading:  “The Scenario and Associated Information”

3.    Read the Assessment 1 – Task 1.1

4.    Read the Assessment 1 - Task 1.1 Specification

5.    Complete the Assessment 1 - Task 1.1

Assessment 1 - Task 1.1

Prepare a feasibility study of no more than two pages, which outlines the key elements of the proposal you will put to the other team members in an online conference.


This proposal maybe best prepared in conjunction with the agenda you are to complete in Assessment Task 1.3. The key headings that should be addressed are:-

a)    Mission or Purpose - what is the key role or what need will be met if we commence this business. 

b)    Key method for the business operation and any viable manufacturing needed.

c)    Marketing methods needed for successes for the business.

d)    Likely products, pricing and likely timing to establish the venture.

e)    Opportunities available & threats that need considering.

f)     Business strengths and weaknesses (internal assessment).

g)    How do you intend to communicate with your interstate team members in regards to the following:

a.    Meetings

                                               i.    Primary option

                                              ii.    Secondary option

b.    General team communications


Note: Possible student reference: http://digitalbusiness.gov.au/






Assessment 1 - Task 1.1 Specification

Your assessor will be checking that you have:

·         Appropriately completed all of this assessment task1.1

Assessment 1 – Task 1.2 Procedures

1.    Reviewed the following associated learning materials before attempting this assessment:

a.    Student workbook – Section 1

b.    Connect – Ensure team effectiveness, Part 1

2.    Read the following questions and answer accordingly

3.    Read the Assessment 1 - Task 1.2 Specification

4.    Complete the Assessment 1 - Task 1.2



Assessment 1 - Task 1.2 Specifications

Your assessor will be checking that you have:

·         Researched your learning materials for the required responses

·         Appropriately completed all of this assessment task 1.2




Assessment 1 – Task 1.3 Procedures

1.    Review all your associated learning materials before undertaking this assessment

2.    Read the Assessment 1 – Task 1.3

3.    View and use as required, the Agenda Template (see p.12), and the Meeting Agenda Template (see p.13)

4.    Read the Assessment 1 – Task 1.3 Specification

5.    Complete the Assessment 1 - Task 1.3 



Assessment 1 - Task 1.3



You are to prepare, complete, and assign team members/responsibilities using the following templates:

a)    Agenda Template – see page 12

·         Consider assigning appropriate agenda items with the knowledge base of the team member concerned

·         Draft items 1 to 15in this template need to be reworked appropriately in accordance with what you as Team leader are planning and considering.

·         The headings and text in this template can be varied as required.


b)    Meeting Agenda Template - see page 13

The meeting is the key to a successful venture and team outcome.

·         Refer to your completed agenda template when compiling this meeting agenda






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