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BSBWOR501 Leadership Management Assignment Help

BSBWOR501 Leadership Management Assignment Help

BSBWOR501 Leadership Management Assignment Help


• This is an individual assessment.

• The purpose of this assessment task is to assess the students’ knowledge essential to manage personal work priorities and professional development in a range of contexts and industry settings.

• To make full and satisfactory responses you should consult a range of learning resources, other information such as handouts and textbooks, learners’ resources and slides.

• All questions must be answeredin order to gain competency for this assessment.

• You may attach a separate sheet if required.

• You must include the following particulars in the footer section of each page of the attached sheets:

• You must staple the loose sheets together along with the cover page.

• You must attach the loose sheets chronologically as per the page numbers.

• Correction fluid and tape are not permitted. Please do any corrections by striking through the incorrect words with one or two lines and rewriting the correct words.

Resources required to complete the assessment task:-

• Computer

• Internet

• MS Word

• Printer or e-printer

• Adobe acrobat/reader

• Learning management system

Question 1: Read the case study and answer following questions.

Question 2: As a frontline manager, you will need to establish clear personal work goals, so that you remain organised, focussed and skilled.

Question 3: List the four (4) basic functions which organizational goals serve, as per Barney and Griffin theory?

Question 4: List any three (3) skills you will need to work as a frontline manager.

Question 5: Coaching and mentoring are two techniques that can be used to develop individual workers or teams. How these techniques can help measuring and maintaining personal performance in varying work conditions, work contexts and when contingencies occur?

Question 6: Read the case study and answer following questions in your own words.


• Accumulated unresolved trivia

• Ad-hoc interruptions and distractions

• Anticipation and prevention.

• Apparent emergencies

• Boss's whims or tantrums

• Chat, gossip, social communications

• 'Comfort' activities, computer games, net surfing, excessive cigarette breaks

• Daydreaming, doodling, over-long breaks

• Demands from superiors or customers

• Embellishment and over- production.

• Emergencies, complaints and crisis issues

• Meetings and appointments

• Misunderstandings appearing as complaints

• Networking relationship building

• Planned tasks or project work now due

• Planning, preparation, scheduling

• Pointless routines or activities

• Problem resolution, fire- fighting, fixes.

• Reading nonsense or irrelevant material

• Reports and other submissions

• Research, investigation, designing, testing

• Staff issues or needs • Systems and process development

• Thinking, creating, modelling, designing

• Trivial requests from others

Purpose of the checklist:- 

The pre-assessment checklist helps students determine if they are ready for assessment. The trainer/assessor must review the checklist with the student before the student attempts the assessment task. If any items of the checklist are incomplete or not clear to the student, the trainer/assessor must provide relevant information to the student to ensure they understand the requirements of the assessment task. The student must ensure they are ready for the assessment task before undertaking it.

Section 1: Information for Students:- 

• Please make sure you have completed the necessary prior learning before attempting this assessment.

• Please make sure your trainer/assessor clearly explained the assessment process and tasks to be completed.

• Please make sure you understand what evidence is required to be collected and how.

• Please make sure you know your rights and the Complaints and Appeal process.

• Please make sure you discuss any special needs or reasonable adjustments to be considered during the assessment (refer to the Reasonable Adjustments Strategy Matrix and negotiate these with your trainer/assessor).

• Please make sure that you have access to a computer and the internet (if you prefer to type the answers).

• Please ensure that you have all the required resources needed to complete this Unit Assessment Task (UAT).

• Due date of this assessment task is according to your timetable.

• In exceptional (compelling and compassionate) circumstances, an extensionto submit an assessment can be granted by the trainer/assessor.

• Evidence of the compelling and compassionate circumstances must be provided together with your request for anextension to submit your assessment work.

• Request for an extension to submit your assessment work must be made before the due date of this assessment task.

Section 2: Reasonable adjustments:-

• Students with carer responsibilities, cultural or religious obligations, English as an additional language, disabilityetc. can request for reasonable adjustments.

• Please note, academic standards of the unit/course will not be lowered to accommodate the needs of any student, but there is a requirement to be flexible about the way in which it is delivered or assessed.

• The Disability Standards for Education requires institutions to take reasonable steps to enable the student with a disability to participate in education on the same basis as a student without a disability.

• Trainer/Assessor must complete the section below “Reasonable Adjustment Strategies Matrix” to ensure the explanation and correct strategy have been recorded and implemented.

• Trainer/Assessor must notify the administration/compliance and quality assurance department for any reasonable adjustments made.

• All evidence and supplementary documentation must be submitted with the assessment pack to the administration/compliance and quality assurance department.

Purpose of the assessment task:-   

This assessment task is designed to evaluate your following skills and abilities:

• Skill to discuss on managing work priorities and professional development and its content with the audience/trainer and assessor.

• Skill to effectively deliver the presentation with good body language.

• Skill to conduct an interactive and creative presentation/ role play.

• Skill to establish personal work goals by serving as a role model and ensuring personal work goals and activities replicate organisation’s plan.

• Skill to maintain personal performance during contingencies and varying work environment.

• Skill to prioritise and facilitate competing demands, use technology efficiently and manage stress effectively to maintain work-life balance.

• Skill to develop and maintain professional competence by assessing personal knowledge and skills against industry standards and taking feedbacks from stakeholders.

• Reading skills to collect, review, interpret/understand and analyse/review text-based business information from a range/number of sources.

• Written and oral/speech communication skills to organise and deliver information to effectively communicate personal priorities and professional development processes to a range of stakeholders/interested people.

• Numeracy/numbers- mathematical skills to interpret/understand mathematical data when reviewing and analysing scenario/setting-situation business information.

• Skill to work independently/freely as well as collaboratively/together to make decisions about managing personal work priorities and professional development.

• Skill to interact/cooperate with others using appropriate conventions/systems when communicating to, and consulting/discussing with stakeholders/interested parties.

• Ability/skill to sequence/in order and schedule/plan activities and manage communication.

• Skill to analyse relevant/appropriate information to identify scope/range of work, goals and objectives and to evaluate/review options/other choices.

• Skill to use familiar/known digital technology to access/get to information, document findings/results and communicate them to stakeholders.

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