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BSBWHS605 WHS management systems

BSBWHS605 WHS management systems

BSBWHS605 WHS management systems

Support and facilitate implementation and develop WHS policy

The assessment task is due on the date specified in your timetable which is the last date of the unit. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.

This assessment is to be completed in the classroom setting at Harward International College. The required submission should be done by completing the work in your own time within the scheduled period for unit in accordance with specifications and procedure given below.

Performance objective

The candidate will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to consult on and analyse workplace needs to:

     propose an appropriate WHS management system

     develop WHS policy

     build management commitment to the proposed WHS management system (WHSMS).

Assessment description

Using the scenario information supplied, you will conduct an initial review of the workplace. You will then participate in a management meeting (a role-play), in which you will propose the design of an appropriate WHSMS and consult with management. During the meeting, you will present a draft WHS policy for consultation.

Response guidance

Submit the response document(s) with any required evidence asked under specifications below.

Word count Limit: There is no minimum word count limit for this assessment task (unless mentioned), but your answer must address the assessment instructions, points/topics mentioned in the procedure, any other requirement asked in the procedure and documents requested in the specifications.


1.    Review the simulated workplace information for Pitstop Pty Ltd (below).

2.    Conduct an initial review of the simulated workplace, including core elements of the system:

a.    organisational requirements for WHS management

b.    responsibilities and accountabilities for WHS

c.    WHS risk management and procedures

d.   documentation and recordkeeping requirements for monitoring and review and demonstration of



e.  employee capability and need for training.

Note: Some relevant information may be gathered from the simulated workplace information provided below; some information may be gathered through the process of consultation.

3.    Review the summaries of consultation meetings with organisational stakeholders to gain input into proposed WHSMS (you will need to address the stakeholder concerns in your WHSMS).

4.    Conduct any research necessary to support your proposal for the design of a WHSMS, for example on:

a.    Victorian WHS legal framework

b.    NSW or Qld WHS Act, to support your proposal for the design of a WHSMS

c.    relevant standards for WHS management systems, risk management and recordkeeping.

5.    Develop a draft WHS policy for Pitstop Pty Ltd.

6.    Develop a written outline of core elements of your proposed WHS management system and your response to issues raised by Amanda Kaisig and Pat Lee.

a.    Store Manager of flagship store, Amanda Kaisig needs to be reassured that the new system will deal systematically with all health and safety problems, that the board of directors is fully committed and will provide the required resources.

b.    Worker representative from former ISS stores, Pat Lee is willing to communicate the importance and benefits of the new WHSMS to workers, but only if convinced of the benefits to workers and that management has given its full commitment to any new WHSMS.

7.    Arrange a time with your assessor to complete management role-play in which you propose design of your WHS management system and WHS policy to the board of directors and CEO during a meeting.

8.    In a role-play consultation session, propose the design of an appropriate WHS management system and WHS draft policy to the board of directors and CEO. Ensure you lead the meeting and discuss:

a.    core elements of system and proposed changes or additions

b.    relevant standards

c.    relevant legislative requirements for WHS management, including those related to recordkeeping

d.    WHS policy requirements

e.    how policy will be communicated to employees

f.     how design of WHS management system and WHS policy meet internal and external requirements

g.    possible certification option and process of certification.

Note that during the consultation session, you will need to:

a.    answer questions

b.    ask for feedback and input into the system

c.    work to build support and ask for management commitment to policy and WHSMS.

 2.    Incorporate necessary changes into your WHS policy draft and design of WHSMS based on consultation.

3.    Submit all documents to your assessor as per the specifications below. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records.


You must:

     participate in consultation session (role-play) with board of directors and CEO

     submit written outline of WHSMS core elements (revised if needed) including responses to:

    Store Manager, Amanda Kaisig

    worker representative, Pat Lee

     submit a draft WHS policy (revised if needed).

Your assessor will be looking for:

     analytical skills to analyse relevant workplace information and data

     communication skills to conduct effective formal and informal meetings and communicate effectively with personnel at all levels of the organisation

     consultation, facilitation and negotiation skills to gather input and build support for plans

     information technology skills to conduct research, create documentation and present information

     organisational skills to manage own tasks within a timeframe

     knowledge of standards relating to WHSMS

     knowledge of relevant Commonwealth and state or territory WHS Acts, regulations, codes of practice, standards, guidance material and other relevant publications

     knowledge of requirements for recordkeeping that address WHS, privacy and other relevant legislation

     knowledge of WHS management systems

     knowledge of WHSMS certification and auditing standards, processes and requirements.

Simulated workplace scenario – Pitstop Pty Ltd

Pitstop is a privately owned company that until recently operated one independent service station in Melbourne’s north. Jim Murphy, who is the owner, chairman and CEO, has run the company for the past five years. He has operated service stations for most of the last 25 years and relies on his hands-on approach to monitor and instruct staff on what to do.

In the past eight months, Pitstop has raised sufficient finance to buy out the Independent Service Station (ISS) chain of nine stores across Victoria, NSW and Queensland and rebrand them all as Pitstop. Jim plans to continue the expansion until the optimum target of 30 service stations is secured for the Victoria, NSW and Queensland market.

Pitstop service stations trade 24 hours a day. They typically include a vehicle access forecourt with at least six pump stations, a retail shop, a food bar, Store Manager’s office and stockroom. They sell fuel, oil, gas, supermarket goods, hot pies (heated from frozen on the premises) and cold drinks.

Including the retained staff from the ISS buyout stores, Pitstop has a workforce of approximately 60 employees. The employees come from a wide range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. A significant proportion has poor English literacy, including poor reading comprehension. Most employees, but not all, have a high-school level of education.

All stores have computerised point-of-sale terminals that are linked to the company’s enterprise resource planning and accounting systems. The flagship store has an attached office space that accommodates the directors and senior management staff.

Pitstop service stations are currently located in:








    Wagga Wagga






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