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Task 1

Part 1: WHS policy


The objective of the WHS policy is to support agencies to to implement effective work health and safety management system which is consistent with NSW work health and safety legislation.


This policy provide information to clear the duties and responsibilities of the officers and manager in order to bring a healthy and safe work environment. This policy shows the commitment of management and workers to health and safety.

Statement of the policy

Becker & Smidt (2016) has stated that the policy states that there must be cooperation between all the workers, customers and the other persons. WHS policy encourages suggestions for realizing the health and safety objectives with a safe working environment with a zero accident rate.


ISS policy focuses on to provide a flexible and family friendly workplace which reasonably provides external commitments and career responsibilities. ISS smoking policy state that working environment should be kept safe to protect the health of all the employees from any illness or injury that happen from any workplace.

Responsibilities for the implementation

The responsibilities of the CEO and the management team are to manage the board administration and provide them support. They oversee the design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of products and services. The CEO manages the human resource management of the organization (Lingard et al. 2014).

Related legislation and standard

The World Health and Safety Act of 2011 provides a framework to protect the health, safety and welfare of all the workers at work. This act provides protection for the general public so that the health and safety is not placed by risk by work activities.

Part 2: Outline of WHSMS core elements

WHS policy

The WHS policy of Pitstop pty ltd is to provide a healthy and safe work environment to all the employees.

Planning elements

There are various hazards and risk which are present in the Pitstop pty ltd. The employees can be injured if they do not use proper safety jacket in the fuel factory because of fire explosion. The injury can also happen from fire in rubbish bin. Safety shoes should be used by all the employees while working in the fuel factory (Zhang60 et al. 2014).

Hierarchy of control

Risks and hazards can be controlled in the Pitstop pty ltd by various ways. If the fire in rubbish bin occurs then the fire department should use appropriate fire extinguisher. There should not be any inflammable liquids such as petrol near the rubbish bin. The staff should wear appropriate protective clothes. All the hazardous chemicals and fuel should be stored in their original containers (Zhang et al. 2015).


The objectives of WHS management system are to develop a clean and safe environment inside the organization. This system deals relevant legislation, regulation including World Health and Safety Act 2011. The management supports communicating occupational health and safety across languages, workplace amenities and work environment, first aid facilities in the workplace.

Targets and performance indicators

Safety inspection will be done to check the workplace environment. A wellbeing program will be organized for non smoking in interval of three months in the organization (Townsend, Loudoun & Markwell, 2016).

Implementation elements


WHSMS structure of responsibility

WHSMS structure of responsibility

Pitstop organizational structure

The roles and responsibility of the board of directors and all managers is to assess the overall business and policy of the organization. The CEO is responsible for hiring all the employees and oversees the day-to-day business activities of the Pitstop pty ltd.


WHS policy of Pitstop pty ltd is done by improving WHS performance and supporting the WHS system with required resource. The implementation of the induction policy makes sure that WHS issues are systematically managed across all the departments (Lingard et al. 2015).

Training plan

1. Communication and soft skill training for the employees

2.  Training on how to deal risks and hazards.

3. Time management training.

Ways to communication with team members

Every team member should verbally communicate with each other to reduce the confusion about their work. The team members should also use integrating communication with other activities. The team leader should do meetings, briefing and bulletins in order to make the policy and procedure (Khoshtale & Adeli 2016).

Monitoring and evaluation

Plan of supervising

Reporting the system of incidents

Pitstop pty ltd has used the national safety council of Australia to train the managers to make them aware about WHS responsibilities and obligations. If all the employees of this company follows the WHS  policies then the percentage of risks and hazard will decrease.

Review of the management

Part 3: Enlisting Amanda and Pat Lee concern

AmandaPart 4: Role Play

General manager: “Why havenot you clean the unwanted chemicals from the flagship store?”

Employee: “No real training has been given to me by the trainer regarding this”.

General manager: “Then why you have not informed about this before?”

Employee: “I have said my trainer about this several time but he has overlooked this matter”.

General manager: “Ok, I will talk with the trainer regarding this”.

Task 2

Part 1: Role Play

(Refer to above-mentioned Task)

Part 2: Summary report

From this study, it has been found that the WHS policy of Pitstop pty ltd has improved the working environment of the organization and made it more safe for all the employees. The manager of this organization has implemented, monitored and improved the WHS management system. The risk and hazards related to different incidents will be reduced if the WHS policies are maintained properly. The employees must be given proper training so that they can be well aware about all the equipments and tools are are being used in the factories of Pitstop pty ltd.

Part 3: Risk assessment

Flowchart of risk identifiedControl of risk

The  above mentioned risks can be control by using proper equipments and tools. The store manager should monitor all the employees. Manager should aid employees where required. Proper training and coaching must be given to the trainer to avoid risks. Inductions should be provided to the new staffs. All the machines and fuel pumps must be checked on a regular basis to avoid any leakage.

Part 4: Action plans for the Wollongong store

Part 5: Role play with Wollongong manager and HSR

Wollongong manager: “a first aid training has been organised for the employees in next week, so we need help from you”.

HSR: “for how many days the training will continue?”

Manager: “ we are going to provide 5 days training on first aid to the employees. Suggest some procedure for conducting the training program”

HSR: “this training program will help the employees to manage when they will get injured. You can show them different videos on first aid activities. This program will also bring positive  influence on health and safety outcomes on their work environment”. 

Task 3

Part 1: Role play on execution of performance monitoring and the audit procedure

(Refer to the role play of previous task)

Monitoring and measuring the implementation plan

The plan that is implemented is very beneficial for the employees. This program will help to reduce the risk and hazard of the employees. The manager of the pitstop pty ltd has monitored the training report which shows that the performance of the employees has become very good. The report says that the communication of all the employees have become quite good. They are working with everyone to ensure policies, procedure and processes in order to implement the WHS plan. The implemented plan has been monitored thoroughly and  it has been found that the results are quite good.

Part 2: Final summary of report

Recommendation for improving WHSMS

It is suggested that proper training on communication should be provided to all the employees. Induction should be organised for the new staffs so that they can understand their job role. Proper safety should be there inside the factory in order to reduce the risk factors. A health and wellbeing program must be arranged to provide a healthy lifestyle to all the employees and reduce smoking in the workplace.


From the overall study it has been found that WHS policy of the pitstop pty ltd has increase the safety of the workers and reduce the risks and hazard of the workers in the workplace.

Part 3: Role Play

Manager: “The employees are performing quite well after following the WHS policy. Kindly check the data of the performance of the employees”.

Board of Director: “ Ok i will check the data sheet and will send the review to the respective team leaders”.

Executive summary

It has been found that if the company follow the all the policy of WHS then the business will go in a healthy direction. It enhance the safety of all the workers and managers. 




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