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BSBPMG623 Management Benefits Assignment Help

BSBPMG623 Management Benefits Assignment Help

BSBPMG623 Management Benefits Assignment Help


• You need to achieve a ‘Satisfactory’ grade in ALL the assessments items to be granted a ‘Competent’ grade in the unit.

• In case you are not able to achieve a ‘Satisfactory’ grade in any assessment task, you will be given three (3) attempts to resubmit your assessment. Your trainer will be available to assist you in any areas of difficulty. Please discuss the assessment with your trainer to seek advice on how you can achieve competency in the unit.

• Where relevant, oral questions may be asked to gather more information on your knowledge, skills and competence in the unit.

• A holistic approach is used to assess your skills relevant to this qualification. The skills are assessed across the different units offered within this qualification. Where a skill relevant to this unit is not assessed within this assessment pack, please note that the skill will be assessed in another unit.

• This unit may contain a practical assessment that must be signed off by your trainer to be able to gain competency.

Assessment 2:

Skills & Performance Activity – Identify and Analyse Benefits Aligned to the Organisation

Scenario - ABC IT Corporation


Mission Statement

The mission of ABC IT Corporation is to be the Australian market leader in delivering innovative Information Technology (IT) and data security solutions to private and public sector clients. We aim to create unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees and investors.

Company Values:

Leadership: The courage to shape a better future

Collaboration: Leverage collective genius

Integrity: Be real, be honest

Passion: Use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others

Diversity: Value different ideas, strengths and cultural backgrounds and encourage healthy debate

Quality: What we do, we do extremely well

Organisational Objectives

1) Optimise our workforce to meet current and future objectives by providing a supportive working environment and investing in the best training and staff development opportunities.

2) Instil confidence in our clients by ensuring top level privacy and security of data through state-of-the-art data encryption technology.

3) Provide world leading equipment, technology and facilities to support efficient delivery of IT services and encourage innovation to exceed client needs.

4) Maintain organisational growth of 20% net value profit over 5 years.

5) Foster collaborative relationships with private sector and government clients to build, promote and maintain an ongoing client base and stay attuned to changing client needs.

Management assignment help

The current state of ABC IT Corp:

The organisation has grown significantly and is now undertaking more projects than ever before. Until now all projects have been run independently, in a silo approach, with Project Managers, from different sections, running their own projects individually. With business increasing, this has caused multiple issues such as:

• over demand on limited shared resources leading to schedule overruns, staff fatigue and absences; • inconsistent standards and documentation with poor record keeping;

• duplication of tasks costing the company more money than necessary; and

• the Executive Management team receiving multiple individual project risk, schedule and performance reports without having an overview of the big picture.

ABC IT Corp has just been awarded contracts to undertake several significant projects over the next three years. ABC IT is moving towards a Program Management Framework to increase efficiency and enhance their Project maturity to deliver these key strategic projects. New positions making up the Program team are a Program Manager and Change Manager who will be the key contact between the Program, the organisation and the clients to build strong and lasting relationships.

As a senior Manager, you are assisting in developing the Benefits Management Plan and The Program is initially for this three-year period and will then be evaluated to determine if it should continue.

What you need to do participating in workshops with other managers in benefits workshops. You will need to address:

Recognition of the benefits

Priority of the benefits in case there is later trade-off

How the benefits align to the organisational objectives

The long-term outcomes

Benefits evaluation and realisation.


Assessment 2

– Identify and Analyse Benefits Aligned to the Organisation

You are required to participate in a discussion with colleagues to identify and analyse Program benefits. Your trainer/assessor will assist and participate in the meetings.

Instructions – in relation to the case study:

Identify a minimum of four (4) key Program benefits

Determine the long-term organisational outcomes associated with the benefits

Consult of the priority order of these benefits

Agree on measurement strategies and timeframes to realise benefits and

Demonstrate an understanding of strategic alignment

Assessment 3:

Performance Activity – Manage Program Benefits

Part 1 - Case Study A

An organisation needs to manage benefits for a program that involves a series of smaller projects. Each project is run by a separate person; however, there is a program manager who will plan and oversee work.

The program manager must:

Be responsible for leading the overall program and projects and meeting the expected benefits

Plan and organise work priorities, tasks and schedules to coordinate the program requirements

Be able to communicate with all project managers through a mix of spoken and written communications

Share information and knowledge to help facilitate the program and project goals

Be able to negotiate and talk with people to influence and motivate others to meet the program goals.

Assessments will need to take place to ensure that projects are monitored and evaluated for meeting program benefits. Assessing progress will include:

Following a review process

Using analytical and critical thinking skills

Evaluating project/program outcomes and progress and adjusting approaches to meet established needs and goals (in agreement with the pertinent stakeholders)

Documenting and confirming progress and actions

Informing others of progress, outcomes and actions.

Part 2 - Case Study B

Benefits measurement approach:

All technologies must be in place, tested and operating by the end of week 3

All staff must be trained and using the system by the end of week 4.

Benefits delivery approach:

All tasks are identified and planned

Tasks are carried out

The project is reviewed.

The project at week 3:

New hardware has been delivered and installed

Software installed on equipment

Software has been tested

Staff training only given to 50% of the relevant workers.

This leaves the following for the final week:

The system must be fully operational

Staff training for the remaining 50% of workers

Final project review.

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