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BSBPMG617 Leadership Management UK help

BSBPMG617 Leadership Management UK help

BSBPMG617 Leadership Management UK help

Assessment 1: Knowledge Questions

Refer to the Learner Guide and power point presentation for this assessment

Answer each question in as much detail as possible to demonstrate sound understanding

1.Describe the relationship between the program/project manager and the sponsor and how

 alignment with the Program and the sponsoring organisations mission and values are


In accordance with this, the project manager is being engaged by the production company and submits project growth and demand funding changes from the project sponsor. They accept update and support project changes from the mangers that are liable for an instant day to day project effort. The capitals spend to directly influence a company’s overall performance, henceforth boost profitability and overcome avoidable expenditure. Alignment could also assist in improving project growth and address client needs and wants.

2.Winning at all cost is one of the skills involved in negotiation”. Is this statement True or False?

It has been seen that the win-win situation in negotiation is a valuable exploration of getting a more profitable outcome for both their own position. In order to determine mutually suitable results that give the company possible growth chances in the near future.  Establishing a potential position is an encouraging point in a negotiation. Hence, it is true that winning at all costs is essential skills used by managers in negotiation.

3. What is the difference between collaborating and compromising in negotiations?

Compromising is an essential negotiation process in which both parties sacrifice something that they want in respect to get incredible else they want additional.  By following collaborative negotiation it is a vital method that treats the connection as an imperative and valuable component of stake, while also looking for a reasonable and fair agreement.

4. List five things a good vision should do.

A Vision statement cannot have a grand. Small companies may simply aspire to have friendliest customer services in town or offer freshest products. There are certain things which make a good vision for a company such as:

·           To have a clear idea regarding growth changes

·           To provide simple strategic things for an organization performance

·           The vision guide right direction for an organization efforts

·           It is an inspirational statement made by the company that articulate achievement

·     It motivates people or other staff members to perform their roles more effectively for an organization.

5. Describe how you can demonstrate a commitment to the program vision (max. 150 words).

Commitment is crucial aspects ensuring that program vision is maintained as per their start negotiations provide that all engage commitment as a result during a unlike phase of a program. It consists of crucial planned aims and probable outcomes as well as setting a probability for stakeholders, cooperation and commitment. It is a system to achieve an agreement through conversation, feedback and data sharing. The Company considered commitment as stakeholder engagement since they are consulted and educated regarding what is being developed, taking part in the decision-making process to ensure their interest to fulfil the desired goals of an organization.

6.Give a definition of the term stakeholders and list four typical stakeholders in a Program.

A stakeholder is a party that has sole interest in a company and could either affect or be affected by an organization. Hence, it can be internal or external to business and categories as a social group, or the community at a wide level that has a stake in the business. There are certain key stakeholders in a program such as: 

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Investors
  • Communities

7.Describe how to treat stakeholders fairly and equitably when two different stakeholder values are in conflict. Include a process for making decisions with your answer.

Stakeholder groups negotiated the anticipation of others. The company needs to make an ethical choice when the treatment of two stakeholder groups is in conflict. The leadership team is likely to decide to analyze ethical choice according to a real process with on single adjustment that is applied to a stakeholder.

Below mentioned are some essential processes for making a decision:

·           Define the problem

·           Identify the potential cause of the problem

·           Determine and verify the root cause

·           Develop a list of a potential solution

·           Analyze activities that must be enlisted.

8.Describe how you can encourage and facilitate open discussion

An open discussion is situations in which a person can take participate and say anything to its audience. There are certain essential ways through which open discussion can easily be facilitated. Some of them are mentioned underneath:

·           Analyze the behaviour and attitude the company want from group members to employ

·           Encouraging body language and tone of voice along with the words

·           Give proper feedback for joining the discussion

·           Be aware of people reactions and feelings

·           Control individual own biases

9.Identify three sources of difference in the workplace and provide two different strategies you can use to manage differences.

In an organization, a difference arises because of not having proper facilities for their employees because of which goals cannot accomplish according to the decided timeframe. Some common difference is:

·           Poor management

·           Unfair treatment

·           Inadequate training

The above difference can be managed by using proper rules and regulations regarding work as well as by providing an equal right to every employee those are working within an organization. It is essential to provide a reliable amount of training facilities so that the chances of getting more opportunities soon can increase.

10.Why is an issue log/register a very useful and critical tool when managing programs and projects?

An issue log is a document constituent of software project management that includes a list of the continuing and close problem highlighted of the project. It is important to track errors that are occurring in a project. It is an utmost crucial tool used to manage these problems and more useful for the project team to keep regular records of issues that are required a specific solution. The person who is entirely accountable for resolving the issues is also mentioned in the document.

11. When may it be necessary for you to use an aggressive communication style?

It is known as a style in which people come into passive view on the shell but is really drama out anger in a delicate or behind the scenes. They articulate their anger by cleverly depression the object of their resentments. It occurs at the time when frequent complaints regarding feeling or cheated are arising. It generally emphasizes by talking in loud and maintaining strong eye contact or scheming other by blame

12. Explain Kurt Lewin’s participative leadership style

According to Kurt Lewin’s, participative leadership is said to be a democratic style that invites contributions from employees on all or most company decisions. The group member is given relevant data regarding company problem and majority vote conclude the course of action. Democratic leaders generally offer direction to teammates, but they also take an active part in the group and allow their valuable contributions from other members.

13.Identify the Act which should guide an employer’s behaviour when dealing with employee’s personal commitments such as career responsibilities and medical appointments.

Employee’s role to their employers consists of a duty of loyalty. The law in every region requires that employee abstains from behaving in a normal manner that could be opposing to its employers' interest. It is important for employees to behave in an ethical manner as well as have a strong vigorous listening capability that will assist them to attain career goals in an effective way.  In respect to the medical appointment, employees behaviour sees no reason for an employer would seek to attend a private appointment with an employee unless it is essential.

14. Define socially responsible practice and its advantages

Socially responsible practice is said to be those corporate events whose primary motive is to benefit individuals, society or the environment. It includes grant, product donation and community commitment and many more. It is based on an ethical structure and guides an organization to have a responsibility to act for creating maximum benefits for society. 




Provide time for employees to maintain their own initiatives growth and encourage their teammates within an organization towards a bright future for the society.

15.  What type of information should be on a document to protect individuals when reporting suspected breaches of socially responsible practice?

In an organization, information is confidential that consists of anything that could be taken into account to examine the existence of a business.  For an individual, bank account number, social security code, pin, and passwords are some crucial information that is helpful to protect the individual at the time of any suspected breaches of social responsibility practices.

16.  Identify three possible threats to socially responsible practice and explain what techniques you could use to address each of these three threats.

There are certain issues which are associated with social responsibility that is mentioned below: 

· Environmental sustainability initiatives


· Ethical business practices


· Economic responsibility


To overcome these issues, the company needs to make use of appropriate techniques so that its


impact can be reduced up to an extent. 


·Establish a social mission could assist in reducing issues related to the environment by creating


 awareness campaigns among society.


·Educating employees about the benefits of social safety 


·Thinking regarding sustainability development for future generations can also assist in taking over


the negative implication of the economy.

17.  Identify what a project governance structure may include and describe how to establish it.

Project governance generally consists of an outline regarding the relationship between internal and external groups connected to the project. It simply analyzes the proper flow of information concerning the projects to entire stakeholders. It also ensures that consistent evaluation of problems encountered within projects.  It is a crucial element of a project that provides a reasonable as well as a reliable framework for decision-making in the project or an organization. It essential for the business in many ways to determine a risk involved in the project and changes that are required to be done before accomplishing the goals.

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