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BSBPMG610 Program Execution Assignment

BSBPMG610 Program Execution Assignment

BSBPMG610 Program Execution Assignment

Assessment 1: Knowledge Questions

Refer to the Learner Study Guide and power point presentation for this assessment

Please complete all questions below in enough detail to demonstrate sound knowledge.

1.      Describe how to define and agree the description of the desired future state with pertinent stakeholders.

2.      Describe how an internal or external context might need you to change the desired future state.

3.      List five general categories of benefits that may be expected from a program

4.      Describe how to review the description of the desired future state to keep it in alignment with the expected benefits (max.

        300 words).

5.      Describe how to conduct a gap analysis to define and agree gaps between the current state and the desired future state.

       Your response will include a list of steps involved.

6.      Describe how you would approach defining and agreeing changes needed to move from the current state the desired

        future state with pertinent stakeholders. Give an example with your answer (max. 100 words).

7.      List four elements of successful execution of a program.

8.      Describe two approaches to program execution and their advantages/disadvantages.

9.      Why is it important to monitor and evaluate internal and external contexts for circumstances that may require changes to

       the program execution approach?

10.   Explain how high-level Program stakeholders and the Program team can work together to maintain alignment with

       expected benefits.

11.   Define what is meant by a business case and list the six elements that a business case document typically includes.

12.   Describe how you gain approval for a business case.

13.   Describe how to monitor and evaluate internal and external program contexts for circumstances that may require changes to the program’s business case (max. 200).

14.   Identify three internal and three external program contexts which may create circumstances which mean altering the

       business case.

15.   Describe how you can periodically review the program’s business case and confirm or update to maintain alignment with

       expected benefits.

16.   Explain what is meant by the term ‘Program Vision’

17.   Outline what you should discuss with sponsors to define, maintain and refresh the program organisation with the

       sponsoring organisation.

18.   List five things program governance helps to manage.

19.   Explain why it is important to have clear program role descriptions.

20.   Identify the general requirements for a policy.

21.   Define the main elements to include in a policy document (presented in a logical order).

22.   List three potential ways to communicate policies and procedures with relevant stakeholders.

Assessment 2Skills & Performance Activity – Negotiate and document the future state

Refer to your Learner Guide, the program scenario and additional research to complete this assessment.

Your trainer/assessor will lead the group activity role plays and complete the Observation Checklist attached. 

Scenario - ABC IT Corporation

The Board of Directors and CEO of ABC IT Corp have recently revisited the organisation’s mission statement and strategic objectives for their new Strategic Plan. A key focus is to gain more Government projects and build their reputation as a leader in this field.  See their Mission, Values and objectives below:

Mission Statement

The mission of ABC IT Corporation is to be the Australian market leader in delivering innovative IT and data security solutions to private and public sector clients.  We aim to create unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees and investors.

Company Values:

Leadership:  The courage to shape a better future

Collaboration:  Leverage collective genius

Integrity:  Be real, be honest

Passion:  Use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others

Diversity:  Value different ideas, strengths and cultural backgrounds and encourage healthy debate

Quality:  What we do, we do extremely well

Organisational Objectives

1)  Optimise our workforce to meet current and future objectives by providing a supportive working environment and investing in the best training and staff development opportunities.

2)  Instil confidence in our clients by ensuring top level privacy and security of data through state-of-the-art data encryption technology.

3)  Provide world leading equipment, technology and facilities to support efficient delivery of IT services and encourage innovation to exceed client needs.

4)  Maintain organisational growth of 20% net value profit over 5 years.

5) Foster collaborative relationships with private sector and government clients to build, promote and maintain an ongoing client base and stay attuned to changing client needs.

High Level Organisational Structure

The current state of ABC IT Corporation: The organisation has grown significantly and is now undertaking more projects than ever before. Until now all projects have been run independently, in a silo approach, with Project Managers, from different sections, running their own projects individually.  With business increasing, this has caused multiple issues such as:

·        over demand on limited shared resources leading to schedule overruns and staff fatigue;

·        inconsistent standards and documentation with poor record keeping;

·        duplication of tasks costing the company more money than necessary; and

·        the Executive Management team receiving multiple individual project risk, schedule and performance reports without having an overview of the big picture.

ABC IT has just been awarded contracts to undertake three (3) government projects to begin in approximately 6 months and run consecutively (see below).

Project 1 - Website redevelopment and hosting and maintenance services for Destination Australia

This project is for the technical upgrade of the Archives’ website Destination: Australia. In order to ensure the best value for money and optimal functionality (for the website and related exhibition interactive) going forward, it is necessary for the website to be transferred from a proprietary CMS to a commonly available CMS (including, but not limited to, an Open Source CMS).

The website will enable the National Archives of Australia to collect user contributed data about the photographic collection featured on the site. The interface must be modern, engaging and user-friendly, designed to meet the needs of people of all ages, and differing levels of computer and English literacy. The website must interact successfully with an exhibition interactive via an existing API. There is an option for hosting, maintenance and support services to be provided from contract execution until 31 December 2019.


Project 2 – Re-development of Intranet

A redevelopment of the Clean Energy Regulator staff Intranet into SharePoint 2013


Project 3 - Database for community engagement - Software As A Service Customer Relationship Management system (SAAS CRM)

The National Radioactive Waste Management Facility project is currently in Phase 2, best described as the technical assessment and continued community consultation phase. One site has been chosen to progress to this stage while other yet unknown sites may also progress to this stage. The project team requires a database (Customer Relationship Management system) to effectively and confidentially manage large volumes of data, including names, addresses, opinions of community members and contact details.  This will assist in ongoing community engagement.

The system must be fully operational (tried and tested) within two weeks of the commencement of the proposed contract. The project, and related community engagement, will be ongoing for years. Access to maintenance and advice will be desirable.


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is seeking a resolution to the current issues facing the management of projects and the organisation is committed to improving the situation as quickly as possible. They have asked for a range of options to be presented to the Board of Directors.

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) believes that the organisation needs to move towards a Program Management Framework to increase efficiency and enhance their Project maturity.  As a Senior Manager in his team you have been given the responsibility of developing a Business Case for moving from a project to a program management structure.

What you need to do

Your first task is to consult with the ABC IT Corp. Management Team.  You need to consider the 3 projects above, the new strategic direction and the identified issues with the current state in order to identify the future state requirements.  These will later form the basis of the Business Case.

Work in collaboration with a group of your peers (key program stakeholders) to define and agree on a description of the desired future state.

Identify key program objectives – aligned to ABC IT Corp organisational objectives and strategic plan

Program vision statement - Research best practice for creating vision statements and negotiate a suitable vision statement in line with the company mission and values

Identify timeframes – Program Lifecycle (program set up, execution and close in consideration of the projects involved)

Identify process, structure and resource requirements to enable program execution – the future state. Use the table provided        


Future State

Current State

What is the Gap?


What processes are key to the company’s mission?




What systems are required




What policies and procedures need to be revised or developed





How should the company be organized?




How much management should there be?




Where should management be placed?




What addition line staff are required for this structure




Resource Requirements

How much time is needed?




What key personnel will be involved in the change?




Who are the primary change agents




Are there external consultants




What training will be required?




How much money will be spent?





Assessment 2 - Consult with stakeholders on the future state

You are required to participate in a planning meeting with the ABC IT Corp management team to consult and negotiate the desired future state requirements.  Your Trainer will assist and participate in this meeting.


Work in collaboration with a group of your peers (key program stakeholders) to define and agree on a description of the desired future state, including:

·         Identify key program objectives – aligned to ABC IT Corp organisational objectives and strategic plan

·         Negotiate the Program vision statement

·         Identify timeframes – Program Lifecycle (program set up, execution and close in consideration of the projects involved)


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