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BSBPMG522 Project Work Assignment Help


Moving to new office location


Introduction of the chosen organisation

Organization name is “Eko-Vent”. The company was founded in 2004 in North Sydney as a family business. It is engaged leader in ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems. Eko-Vent is a supplier and service provider to big companies and private customers. This company has many customers, at the beginning in New South Wales, but currently the situation has changed and most of the clientele stays in Victoria area.

Office is moving from Sydney to Melbourne because of lower prices and more convenient connections. Most of the clients are now living in Melbourne and it is getting harder to stay in touch with them. It is necessary to move if the organization wants to gain high profit and develop. 


The Eko-Vent’s vision is to be the leading supplier of air-conditioning, ventilation and heating systems solutions in Australia, using modern technologies with environment friendly solutions, sustainable development and energy saving as a priority.


Eko-Vent want to be the preferred option for customers. This needs to be achieved by giving the clientele an advanced, competitive solutions and the highest level of comfort with complex air temperature and freshness control solutions in apartments, homes, offices and any kind of buildings. 


Environmentally friendly behaviour and customer education. Innovation as a must be for organization and constant improvement with productivity of products. Renovating and maintaining equipment is important for a long term for an organization. Increasing cash flow is to be the effect of this actions. The next main organization goal is a social responsibility, to gain more respect in public’s eye. 

Overview/ Scope of the project

·         The office movement will be completed by the end of January 2018

·         It is known that project assumptions may be re-evaluated during the moving process

·         The office building managers will be responsible for all permits

·         The 2016-2018 business plan will remain the same and remain in force for at least 2 years after movement

·         Building construction will be complete by the end of September 2017

·         The interior office space will be completed by the 17th of December 2017, including furnishing 

Relationship of the project to organisational objectives.

The project is due to growing demand for environment-friendly solutions and services in Victoria. The growth in this state is higher than in New South Wales, and because of that the office needs to be moved. All the customers from NSW will still have access to the old office, but it will be no longer the main office, it only remains as a support and cooperation.


The office relocation is a moving to the other state of Australia, where some of the laws and regulations are different from the previous ones. For this office which receive few client visits, this may be is a non-factor. However, when clients interact with Eko-Vent at the office, they may become stakeholders. An office relocation will be an inconvenience for some customers but the benefit overweight that risk. 

Resources needed to undertake the project

·         $200,000

·         Project manager

·         Moving company

·         Architect

·         New hardware, software and office equipment

·         Labours 

Key dates/timelines

·         Gain resources by the end of 2016

·         Buy an office by the end of February 2017

·         Office constructed by the end of September 2017

·         Office designed and furnished by the end of December 2017

·         Office moved by the end of January 2018

Project management tools to be used

The software used to schedule the project will be MS Office (Excel, Access, Outlook), MS Project, Skype. This helps to follow up with deadlines, sending reminders and messages and it is a perfect tool for team meeting either online or scheduling face to face appointments. This software helps to share information with other users and stay in touch with them.


Deliverable is a product or service produced as a result of the project that is intended to be delivered to a customer. Eko-Vent is delivering services of heating, air-conditioning and ventilation solutions, including designing, projecting, production of all the necessary equipment individually adapted to a particular interior customer’s space. There is a materials, all the machines, labours and cleaning services afterwards. 

Budget and allocation of financial resources

The project is partly financed by the investment credit. Due to wide clientele in a new location and low risk of failure it is a reasonable source. Half of the money is from the previous investments savings and the other half from the bank. Budget of whole project is $200,000 AUD. 

Risk management plan

A risk management plan is a document that a project manager prepares to plan risks, estimate their impact, and define action made in response to issues. A risk is an uncertain situation or condition that, if happens, has a positive or negative effect on a project's goals. 

Consultation and communication procedures

Consultations within the team  will be mostly happening at the follow up meetings. All the most important customers have to be informed at the early stadium of the project to ensure and organize their further cooperation. The will be people responsible for communication procedures with customers and within the team and also to advertise the company at the new market.

Strategies to handle disagreement, disputes and change proposals

As with every project there are expected disagreements and changing of the schedule. All the reasonable propositions may be introduced to the team at the follow up meeting and voted before the Thursday next week.

It is necessary to discuss the disagreement and its impact. There is a need for having an open discussion with everyone equal but the decisions can be made only by managers responsible for the highest impact area 

Strategies to facilitate transition

·         change with stability. Leaders and headquarters remains the same 

·         respecting the demands of clients and stuff, helps leaders to engage

·         establish rules about how can people be involved in making decisions

·         leaders communicate information within the team unconsciously in any event

·         how a new leader deals with people at the start in a respected and manured way   

Monitoring the project

The project manager is responsible to monitor the project and consult all the finances with financial department.  Responsibility is mainly about staying up to date and ensuring to minimize delays and pushing the team to achieve the goal before the deadline. 

Follow up

The organization decided to have follow up project meeting every Friday since the first week of project start. It is highly important to make the risk as low as possible to move the office on time, including customers, data, connections and documentary. Meetings will be appointed for every Friday 10am, mandatory presence for project manager and head office. 

Review of project

It was a perfect decision to move to Melbourne from Sydney. The company quickly gained few partners to cooperate and made a lot of important contacts at the market.

Project has gone through smoothly. Although one of the managers had to quit due to his personal issues, everything went according to the schedule. However, there were some circumstances due to which building hasn’t been constructed on time, but with one month delay. It gave the company one month more to prepare all the internal design, so in the end there were only a month of delay. There wasn’t any huge impact on customers, although company lost few of them due to the NSW market situation.



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