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BSBMKG502 Establish And Adjust The Marketing Mix

BSBMKG502 Establish And Adjust The Marketing Mix

 The Assessment Process

Why are assessment tasks important?

To complete your qualification, you are required to apply the ideas you have been learning from this unit of competence.

The assessment activities are an important part of your training program as they provide an opportunity to apply what you have been learning and they give both you and your trainer feedback on your progress.

How will you be assessed?

You will be required to complete a variety of written and practical exercises. Instructions for how to complete the assessments are provided within each assessment task in this booklet.

What is required for successful completion?

Please read this section carefully before commencing the assessment tasks. You must carefully complete EVERY task in this booklet. You must achieve a ‘Satisfactory’ mark for all assessment tasks to be deemed Competent for the unit. If you are assessed as Not Competent, you will be given some suggestions for improvement and asked to redo your assessment.

At the successful completion of the assessment tasks, you will have demonstrated your competence against all of the requirements of the unit.

Submission of assessments

Your trainer will advise you when to commence the assessments in this booklet.

You are required to complete the written assessments on a separate document.  You have access to computers which are equipped with 2010 Microsoft suite of products. You will also have access to the internet at the College to assist with research and resources. Assessment responses should be typed; however, handwritten submissions will be accepted if they are clear and legible. 

On the document please include:

o   Your name

o   The date     

o   The Assessment Number and Task Number.

For example:

o   John Smith

o   10 August 2015

o   Assessment 1 - Question 1 (Record your answer).


Please note that some assessments require additional documentation, such as a form or a procedure, which must be included with your submission.

Make sure you check your material before submission. You must keep a copy of all work submitted.

Access and equity

A student’s access to the assessment process should not be affected by restrictions placed on the location or context of assessment beyond the requirements specified in the training package. Reasonable adjustments can be made to ensure equity in assessment for people with disabilities, including language and literacy. Adjustments include any changes to the assessment process or context that meet the individual needs of the person with a disability, but do not change competency outcomes.  If you believe you have a disability that may affect the completion of these assessment tasks please speak to your trainer.

Assessment outcomes

Your assessment submission will be assessed and you will be given feedback. Each assessment task will be marked as either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory and once all assessments have been marked you will be given an outcome of Competent or Not Competent for the unit of competence.

What can you do if you don’t agree with the assessment result?

If you do not think the assessment process is valid, disagree with the assessment outcome, or believe that you have been treated unfairly, you can appeal. 

The first step is to discuss the matter with your trainer. If you still do not agree, you are able to request a re-assessment.  It is possible to have your assessment submission assessed by a different assessor.

If you remain dissatisfied after the re-assessment, you should contact your trainer.  Full details of the appeals process are contained in your Student Handbook.

Declaration of Authenticity

You are required to sign a Declaration of Authenticity for every written assessment submission. The Declaration is a signed statement from you stating that the assessment submission is your own work. 


Task 2 

Project 1 

This is a Diploma Level Qualification. You must show that you have undertaken independent research in order to answer the project questions. When completing this theory assessment please make sure that you properly cite and reference the materials that you have used. 


You work in the marketing department of a new company.

The company intends to sell European made kitchen appliances online. These include dishwashers, stoves/ stove tops, ovens, exhaust fans/ canopies/ range hoods, refrigerators, freezers, garbage disposals, sinks and taps, microwaves.

They have organised an efficient and effective import procedure for the products they are offering.

They now need to develop an appropriate marketing mix for the company.

This is a new business and it is important to make the market aware, not only of the products being offered, but of the service associated with the products and of the business itself.

    1. Explain:
      1. What you, as part of the marketing team, will need to know about your market.
      2. How you will acquire this information.
      3. How you can make the buying public aware of the company.
      4. How you could promote the products.
      5. What the appropriate marketing mix for the products will be.
      6. How service will come into the marketing mix, what its importance is and what service should be applied.
    2. Justify the marketing mix in terms of the four Ps and write a report that can be submitted to senior management outlining the procedures followed to determine the best marketing mix and the reasons for selecting the different components.
    3. Explain how you should monitor the marketing mix and what metrics you could use. Explain why these procedures have been selected.
    4. Initial market take-up has not been as good as you expected. What will you do? Senior management have asked for a report. What information will you need to collect, analyse and document? What actions will you take? Provide reasons for your answer. How will you present this information to senior management? 

An answer of approximately 3,000 words will be necessary. You will need to present two written reports for management -Question 2 asks for a report on the marketing mix and Question 4 requires a presentation for senior management. 




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